Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If you are not willing to do this, get her spayed. The truth is I wish I could own more – but my first responsibility is to Laika, my beloved canine companion that I currently share my home with. we are constantly... (10641 views) Broken leg in puppy? We acted before this became a critical situation. Her mother had been bred twice to a stud out of state. But why do people choose to get a puppy? This is from a child’s view and description. I wouldn't breed a dog until it was at least 18 months-2 years. There is a lot to factor in when breeding dogs. Of course, you've now bred this b**** twice, so she's reached the end of her reproductive career. IT HAPPENS.just to let you know it is not bad for your dog to have too many or too less it is just what happens. They are retired from breeding from a wonderful breeder who loves her dogs. Other puppies may interpret the yelling as an excited invitation to play. My point is this. first your ***** was too young, shouldn't breed until at least 2 yrs old then first litters are often small. why is that because usually its an instinct that they let go when the other dog yelps but my puppy does not do that and i dont understand why. She did not convieve either time. Ranging from just napping in the sun, to trying to carry the Sunday edition newspaper that is 2 times bigger than they are--it can make you long for getting a new puppy! So, really, what could be better than a dog? She has milk dripping, shes sleeping more, her meals are smaller, I took her to the vet almost three weeks ago, the vet felt her tum and said it was a phantom pregnancy. The average puppy has a voracious appetite, which is why a puppy that is not eating is cause for concern. Be happy with what you have. Your dog may not even necessarily want to play but might simply want you to engage with them. “They say ‘Here comes Humping Taz,’” the Atlanta resident says of her 5-year-old, spayed female, Taz. She seems to be young still so wait until she is a bit older first. I breed my chocolate lab with another male chocolate Lab, three whole times the got stuck together, and two months later she had two pups and the other one died shortly after it's birth. The breeder that I got her from paid $1000 stud fee to use this male. I think you shouldn't put both the female and male together when she is in heat. Why? Around the dog's due date, watch for signs of labor, such as enlarged teats, a … If you give your dog more food in response to his whining, the behavior will only get worse. What’s more unhealthy for dogs—Peanut butter or fish? It is possible. Are you breeding a pet? It's possible to just have one puppy. Harry is a climbing animal. If you've ever walked your dog and noticed another dog approaching in the distance, only to have your dog drop to the ground and refuse to move until the other puppy gets to you, then you … Usually the problem of sudden onset peeing in the house falls into two categories. He might have an upset stomach, he might be experiencing pain due to an injury, or he might be experiencing anxiety or … Hi, i have 2 German shepherd puppies. Dogs are the same. Had three and i wouldve thought she would have more for her second time but she only had two, WELL IT IS NORMAL FOR SOME DOGS I MEAN SOME DOGS HAVE 11 AND SOME HAVE 1 IT DOESNT MEAN SOMETHINGS WRONG. As a result, they dart away, and then suddenly, an impromptu game of chase occurs. thats why good breeders find it so nessicary to have xrays done on the monther to get an idea of how many puppies to expect, theres no way to predict, and as retained puppies can be deadly, if your vet saw 6 skull/spines, and your dog only delivers 5 puppies you KNOW theres are least one puppy stuck and that you need to intervein.