I had a GE digital timer that I assumed was the cause of this problem. Glowing LEDs can be particularly noticeable when light bulbs are fitted with two-way switches, i.e. The reason for this can usually be found in the electrical wiring. In some cases, an LED lamp may flicker even though the light switch is turned off. I have three Blackstar 240W lights and I've just switched to flower a few days ago. I had some LED strings doing the faint glow and looked at my controller power, This controller had a non polarized plug, took the plug and rotated it 180 degrees and the lights went out. If you turn off your lights and the bulbs are still glowing a little bit, or one of the bulbs in your circuit doesn't want to shut all the way off, you have what we call a "ghost current" in your circuit. When a two-way switch is used to operate LED lights then the glowing of LED lights can be noticed more particularly. Why does the residue of electricity make LEDs glow and not other bulbs? This low level induction from the live wire causes the bulb to glow. I suspect that timers allow a small amount of voltage through even when they are set to the off position because my LED Christmas lights (~1200) are glowing faintly. the same bulb is operated by two different light switches. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 27 Posts. when i turn the switch on the light come on as expected. I took the light out and put a adapter to plug in an extension cord to run LED Christmas lights. The room is a guest room that typically doesn't have anything plugged into the outlets, so that could maybe explain why the lights glow there but not in the other room, which is occupied and has a bunch of stuff plugged in. LED lights flickering when switched off. The LED shop light fixture has a glow to it. I recently added a room in my basement, all new wireing, lights, switches. Luckily for your client you’re an LED professional (you’ve read this very blog post) and you know how to solve LED flickering issues.-Flickering is caused by a handful of different reasons, and once you’re aware of the causes it’s easy to identify and solve the issue. The power switch is turned off. LED bulbs create light with the current of a very low level due to the diodes in them which are not available in other bulbs. The diodes in your LED bulb can use the very low level of current to create light (other bulbs can't do this). When I turn the switch off, just the first strand of lights glows very faintly so I wonder is my switch used as the ground and the lights are finding ground at the tree they are hung at. It's not bright enough to see during the day but this morning it was very eerie. An incorrectly connected light switch or a switch with a night light can be responsible for flickering. Don’t know why I did this but I took one of those three prong adaptors converters to two prong and to my surprise the light fixture didn’t light up. Why won't my LED lights turn off? I've been checking each night when the lights are supposed to switch off and my LED lights are staying slightly on, even when the power timer has switched off. LED lights glow dimly instead of turning off. when i turn the breaker on to that room all of my led lights glow when the switch is off. Looked like the LEDs were turned on, but not all the way.