For this reason, you’ll find no greater advocacy for Instapure® products than the fact that the people who make them also own and use them. In a high-traffic environment such as a busy office or family home, this is likely not the case, opposed to a bottleless and countertop water dispenser. BOTH ARE COMPATIBLE AFTERMARKET REFRIGERATOR BRANDS. KleenWater brand fridge filters are made in the USA. Check Price Now . Whirlpool Compatible Refrigerator Water Filters - Made in the USA. Most Common Fridge Filters: Our top refrigerator water filters are the UKF8001, MWF, DA29-00020B, DA29-00003G, W10295370, 4396508, ADQ36006101, WFCB, WF1CB, WF2CB, 4396710 filter and more. Fits Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter for Fisher & Paykel 836848, 836860, E522B, PS2067635, RF90A180DU, EFF-6017A, E402B, E442B, SUPCO WF296 and more! If you have any suspicion of or information regarding suspected fraud or illegal trade activity, please report the trade violation to e-Allegations Online Trade Violation Reporting System or by calling 1-800-BE-ALERT. “We are advising consumers to protect their families by ensuring they are purchasing these products from legitimate sources only.”. Shop our collection of super affordable and premium water and air filters. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agents assigned at the Trade Enforcement Coordination Center (TECC) worked closely to identify potential violators responsible for the importations of these water filters. Each of the best refrigerator water filter models above is compatible with certain brands of refrigerators and among the six listed you will find most of the popular refrigerator brands . KleenWater Brand Whirlpool Compatible, Low Cost, Replacement Filters. $16.99 View Details We want to do the right thing when it comes to helping each other, our environment, and providing sustainable solutions. Learn about the risks of buying counterfeit water filters by visiting the Filter It Out campaign web site: filteritout. The effectiveness of a refrigerator filter relies on the water being in contact with the carbon for extended periods of time. 4.3 out of 5 stars 135 ratings. To learn more about NSF certification visit consumer resources. CBP has established an educational initiative at U.S. airports and online to raise consumer awareness and conscientiousness about the consequences and dangers that are often associated with the purchase of counterfeit and pirated goods. Taste and odor: If you want to improve the taste and odor of your water, look for a filter certified to NSF Standard 42. UKF8001AM *** PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY RECEIVE AN AQUARIUS FILTER OR ROYAL PURE FILTER. This unit does an amazing job when it comes to removing the contaminants in water, and you can rely on it as far as the performance is concerned. Scale and corrosion occurs when lime and iron in water reacts with the metal in your pipes and appliances, resulting in a solid rust. CBP focuses on priority trade issues such as intellectual property rights and health and safety, in order to protect American ingenuity and consumers from harmful products. Kenmore 46-9690 (9690) / LG ADQ36006101, LT700P Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter Sale price 7 93 $7.93 Save $27 Samsung DA29-00020B HAF-CIN/EXP Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter Free shipping on all products. Shop for Refrigerator Water Filters in Water Filters. Made in the USA. Find one of the largest selections of refrigerator filters, for every brand & style of fridge at The use of fraudulently copied trademarks, branding and misleading claims make the filters look legitimate; and while the water may look, smell or taste fine, the counterfeit filters that were tested show that they fail to remove lead from water. AHAM spokesperson Jill A. Notini stated, “It is incredibly difficult for consumers to spot counterfeit filters – and they are widespread online. Products certified by NSF have been tested, evaluated and determined to comply with specific standards, policies and procedures. Fresher, Cleaner Drinking Water for Your Family. Maytag UKF8001 & Everydrop Filter 4 (EDR4RXD1) Water Filter Replacement. K&J Water Filters specializes in coffee, refrigerator and pet water filters. Our PureWater Filters contain special additives to protect you and your appliances (refrigerators, ice makers, brewing systems, etc.) And it is the responsibility of a refrigerator water filter to supply you bacteria free pure water. To get the best results, it is best to throw away an initial couple of gallons of water before you start using the filtered water. “Protecting our communities from untested and potentially harmful imports is paramount for CBP,” said Carlos C. Martel, CBP Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles. These KleenWater replacement filters are a high quality, low cost replacement for Whirlpool refrigerator filters. Are refrigerator water filters worth the cost? It should resist clogging and not slow the flow of water. Waterdrop has designed, engineered, and delivered more than 200 water purification products including refrigerator water filter, reverse osmosis water filtration systems, water filter pitchers, faucet water filters and under sink water purification systems. The filter should have a strong, leak-proof gasket. Information about the Truth Behind Counterfeits public awareness campaign is available at fakegoodsrealdangers. According to a study conducted by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), counterfeit refrigerator water filters pose a serious risk to consumer health and safety. MADE IN USA Purelli Refrigerator Water Filter - Compatible with 5231JA2006A, LT600P, 5231JA2006B, 5231JA2006A, 46-9990, 9990 - Clear, Clean, Filtered Water Brand: Purelli. ICEPURE UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter. At the heart of Instapure is our desire to make a difference in the world around us. Free same day shipping available! NSF International is an accredited, third-party certification body, which tests and evaluates products to public health and safety standards. An old filter can mean you’re drinking unfiltered tap water, or worse, could slow down your refrigerator water supply.For clean, fresh tasting water, replace your everydrop ® Water Filter every 6 months †. *** $25.95. The total estimated MSRP value of the seized goods, had they been genuine, increased to nearly $1.4 billion from over $1.2 billion in FY 2017. If genuine, the seized filters would have had an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $224,202. The water filter is compatible with several commonly used models of refrigerator filter models including Kenmore, Maytag, Puriclean II, Kitchen Aid, and Viking and various refrigerator models. LOS ANGELES— U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers assigned to the LA/Long Beach Seaport, in coordination with import specialists assigned to the Machinery Center of Excellence and Expertise (Machinery Center), seized 5,202 counterfeit refrigerator water filters. Official website of the Department of Homeland Security, Performance, Accountability and Financial Reports, The Water Filters infringed Brita, GE, Frigidaire, PUR and NSF Certification Protected Trademarks. We’re proud of what we do, therefore we stand behind what we build. If genuine, the seized filters would have had an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) CBP is charged with securing the borders of the United States while enforcing hundreds of laws and facilitating lawful trade and travel. Everydrop® refrigerator water filters are certified by NSF International to reduce a range of impurities and contaminants. By purchasing a Made In USA product, you are helping employ hard working Americans, as well as the employees of our American manufacturers. With over 100 patents from multiple countries, the team of professional product designers is committed to a quest of excellence. Frigidaire. At the heart of Instapure is our desire to make a difference in the world around us. The items were seized on July 2, after Machinery Center import specialists confirmed that the filters infringed Brita, GE, Frigidaire, PUR and NSF certification protected trademarks. When it’s time to replace your refrigerator's water filter, it’s important to buy a replacement filter that is designed to work specifically with your fridge. We are grateful that CBP officers were able to stop this large shipment of counterfeit water filters from finding their way to online markets. from the … Many refrigerator water filters are made of durable plastic and use a carbon-filtration system. Our Frigidaire refrigerator water filter has the ability to filter 200 gallons (about 757 liters). At Instapure®, we still build many of our products in the USA, utilizing good ol’ American know-how to achieve the highest levels of craftsmanship. Water filters help remove contaminants like iron, chlorine and rust from your drinking water. 4 EPTWFU01 Compatible Refrigerator Water & Ice Filter OPFF2-RF300 + Odor Filters $ 91.99 Add to cart; Zuma Filters™ Brand Water and Ice Filters compatible with Frigidaire® / ELECTROLUX® EPTWFU01 OPFF2-RF300 Get Details; GE XWF Compatible Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter … But did you know off-brand and generic filters aren’t the only potential risk in buying a new water filter? So when you buy a Instapure® product, you’ll know you’re getting something built to last. 5,200 counterfeit filters equates to more than 33 million glasses of potentially unsafe water that could have been put into the hands of Americans across the country.”, “Counterfeit water filters have brands and logos that make them look authentic, so the public could be easily mislead, especially if the product is bought online,” said LaFonda Sutton-Burke, CBP Port Director of LA/Long Beach Seaport. For example, The Clatterans refrigerator water filter 1, filter 3, and filter 4, all of them are capable of delivering water capacity of 300 gallons (1136 liters) which equals about 2271 bottling water. Our refrigerator and ice maker water filters carry a 90 day unconditional guarantee and are manufactured to meet or exceed the performance of the original filter specifications. CBP officers discovered the filters while conducting an examination of a shipment arriving from China with a final destination in the state of Washington. And using a water filter not only keeps your water clean, but it's also good for the environment.