It is an artificial lake built for the purpose of water supply to the twin cities Hubli-Dharwad. Visitors are welcomed by two elephant statues with puma kumbha at the entrance. This year on 2018 find the 10 best coolest places near Ahmedabad to sped time during summer season with family for weekend trip for 01 & 02 days, located within 50/100/150 and 200 kms. Perhaps its fame has had a big impact on the surrounding areas, which is why the places near Jaipur sound great with amazing attractions. Navagraha Teertha is one of the major pilgrimage centers for the Jain community in India. Want to escape from your busy life and plan a Weekend destination with your family or friends? There is a lake adjacent to the garden where boating is partaken. The glass house also has expansive lush green lawns and skating ground. This town, celebrated for its silk industry, is likewise home to Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary that secures since quite a while ago charged vultures on the very edge of elimination. Here is the list of 10 amazing places near Jaipur within 150-200 … One can take VRL to reach Dharwad from these cities. There are a lot of fun things to do and visit best tourist places near Bangalore within 200 km from an amusement park to zoos, lakes, and safaris. It focuses on the rural life of Karnataka where people lived and worked together... Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttara Kannada, Dattatreya Temple (Dattana Gidu), Dharwad, Navagraha Teertha(Jain Temple), Varyur Hubli. You can choose to stay at these places or even spend a day and come back. 9 Places To Visit Near Chandigarh Within 200 KM. Places Near Chennai Are So Unique. Plan a perfect one day, two day trips or three day tours with our list of best places near Coimbatore with place details, maps and driving directions Plan a short trip/weekend getaway around your city within 5 mintues using Trawel! There are numerous places to visit near Chennai within 200 km which can be admired by people of all age groups. Visitors can feel the velocity of the water gushing thro... Nrupatunga Betta, nested on the Unkal Hill in Hubli is a hill located at around 6 kms from Hubli. Nestled in the Sahyadri Ranges, this getaway spot is ideal for those who wish to spend some time away from the crazy city life. Atop the hill, there is a Devi temple where visitors can offer prayers. 50 Places to visit near Hyderabad within 200 kms . The two-step falls lie amidst the dense forest providing a magnificent view of the falls. Save. This is the time to get ready and set out on a peaceful spiritual journey. So, if you are looking to explore Delhi like no one else then here are the top 10 places to visit near Delhi within 200 km.3. Weekend Getaways from Jaipur - Search & discover tourist places near Jaipur for a weekend trips. From Chennai, Pondicherry is 170 km Distance. Idols of Mahisha Mardini and Chaturbhuja Ganapati are the prime attractions of this temple. This place is ideal for trekking and picnic and is one of the best tourist places around Coimbatore within 200 kms. The Amruteshwara temple is built around 1050 CE in the Dravidian style with Hoysala architecture, is a beautiful black soapstone temple built by the Kalyani Chalukyas. The man made reservoir attracts the endemic birds like green bee eater, kingfisher, pond heron that splash around in the waterfront making a fascinating sight. The founder of matha taught thousands of learning enthusiasts, who came from villages to study in the schools and colleges of Dharwad. The Amruteshwara Temple, Dharwad is a Hindu religious site situated in Annigeri town, Navalgund Taluk of Dharwad district and is located at a distance of 35 km from Hubli(Hubballi). Sathodi Falls cascades down from a height of 50 feet and forms a pool beneath. Hyderabad Sightseeing. Dandeli: Dandeli is a natural habitat for wildlife, including tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, gaur, deer, antelopes, and bears. All you need to know about 38 places to visit near Dharwad, distance from Dharwad, things to do in Dharwad getaways, reviews, locations. Birds inhabiting this area include cattle egret, Indian and little cormorants, black-headed ibis, Eurasian spoonbill, pied and white-throated kingfishers,hornbill and barn swallow. River Bedthi, cascades from a height of 650 ft. and flows down in two leaps making the waterfall. With the availability of well-paved roads, this site has become popular among morning-walkers, including locals as well as tourists. Places To Visit Near Kolkata Within 200 km. There are so many good places to visit in Chennai. Sculptures depict rural culture, tradition and their lifestyle. 3 posts. There aren’t too many places to visit near Delhi within 250 km where you can encounter a Bengal tiger unless of course, we are talking about Sariska National Park. 50 Places to visit near Hyderabad within 200 kms. We make it less difficult for you by bringing a part of the most adored places here. Mathura and Vrindavan are two amazing places to visit near Delhi within 200 km of the capital, known for their religious significance. 23 square km, the Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is home to 79 species of birds including migratory birds from 22 countries. Places to visit within 200 km from Ahmedabad. It is also considered a popular tourist place near Bangalore within a 200 km radius. Khimsar. At just 150 km from Ahmedabad is the naturally beautiful town of … As we all in all know Delhi, called the dynamic city on account of such a significant number of reasons. The principal deity that is worshipped in the temple is Lord Shiva. … One has many choices of places to visit near Hyderabad within 200 kms. The part of the sanctuary surrounding the reservoir has riverine and deciduous forests. Situated at Gandhi Chowk of Dharwad district, Dattatreya Temple, commonly known as Dattana Gidu in this region devoted to Lord Dattatreya Swami, depicting the embodiment of Holy Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Please enter your comment! The area around the lake is well developed with a lovely garden and recreational facilities are available for children. You can easily find ample information on the popular tourist sites. Let’s have a look at the places to visit near Bangalore within 200 km and find out what special these places hold in them!!