You can remove a toilet seat with stuck nuts in a couple of different ways, depending on whether or not you can loosen the nuts. Using a hammer around a toilet is NEVER a good idea. I have the job of trying to remove the fittings for an existing soft-close, top-fix, toilet seat. Keep your toilet tank clean by adding 3-c. Clear any loose dirt from the tank, then unscrew the wingnuts from under the pan and remove the existing filling valve. Best, Tai Truong. A solution of 1-part acetone and 9-part cooking oil can suffice if you don’t have any WD40 handy. For your new one, choose stainless (or plastic) bolts and nuts and grease before assembly. In an older thread people suggested multi tool or drill. Hi , I have a kohler toilet. Removing Toilet Seat Bolts. Nothandy44, Jul 22, 2016 #6. The bolts have to be screwed in somehow and there should be some type of washer or hex nut that tightens this bolt securely to the toilet bowl. If you don’t know how to remove stuck toilet tank bolts with an auto tool, this part is for you. We have a new toilet seat and new bolt. Below you can see a photo of the plastic bolts after I removed them from the toilet. Leave the WD40 to soak in for a while. Penetrating oil such as WD40 is used for rusted bolts and nuts. It is similar to an expansion anchor, there are no nuts. Based on these two pictures, this Kohler toilet looks to be a one-piece type of toilet. Universal Toilet Seats Screws and Bolts Metal - Toilet Seat Hinges Bolt Screws Toilet Seat Fixings Expanding Rubber Top Nuts Screws Mount Seat Hardware Toilet Seat Replacement Parts Kit(5 Choices) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,208. View on Vehicle Open in popup window View Wishlist Added to Wishlist Plumbshop Wax Sealing Ring, with Sleeve #063-0540-4 $2. The whole thing turns together. Please try your search again later. After the application of this oil, wait for about five to ten minutes for the oil to seep properly into tight spaces of the hardware. me. If these bolts are loose, the toilet may rock, breaking the seal formed by the wax ring. the prob with loo seat bolts is that you may crack the china if you use heat or force. February 15, 2015 at 9:13 pm #274520. mjreich. Landlord won't get around to it, so we bought a new one. This one however the toilet / ceramic is sealed with no access to the underside. It's held in place with two plastic bolts (a very wide, "flat-head" screw top) and two plastic nuts. You can also watch top players and compete for prizes. Close the toilet-seat lid and locate the two bolts that hold it onto the back of the toilet seat. The rubber stands beneath the seat really give some good friction so that the seat does not slide at all on the toilet bowl. The seat goes into place and the bolts screw down to hold the seat in place. Unscrew the bolt with a pliers or a screwdriver while you hold the nut underneath with the pliers. First one went fine, but on the second one, when trying to remove the existing seat I have run into an incredibly frustrating issue. Note the corrosion in the graphic! Now, I'm left with the shaft of the bolt in the holes in the toilet, and surrounded by some pretty solid … The base of a toilet is held to the floor with two tee-bolts threaded up from the mounting ring through holes in the base of the toilet. Be very careful to not damage your toilet. Customers who invest in this type of toilet seat generally need it for the long term. This 5 minute job wound up taking DAYS… days of trial and error! When you install a toilet, you hook the toilet bolts onto the flange, which is the fitting that holds it to the floor, and set the toilet in place with the bolts poking through the two holes at the base of the bowl. Relevance. 6 Answers. If you have the model of the toilet, even better. 3400 Medford Street I’m trying to replace a toilet seat and I have completely mangled the plastic nut that is securing the seat. Then turn the nut a quarter turn and cut it again. 49. Attachments: photo-6.jpg. You may need to use a hacksaw blade to cut the old bolts off. Go to an auto parts store and look for a Bolt Extractor, it’s a nifty tool that screws in the same direction as the bolt unscrews and allows you to drill into stuck bolt and keep turning it tighter and tighter until the bolt comes free and out. toilet seat - screws are stuck? If they look fine, pry up the cover that is over the screws and loosen the screws so you can center the toilet seat over the toilet. Favorite Answer. Also, heat is not recommended because of potential thermal shock that can crack the porcelain. Not so easy, my friends! Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. It provides ample power that you can easily cut the rusted bolts. These toilet seats tend to be more versatile, fitting both standard and elongated toilets well. These are usually at the back of the toilet seat. If the toilet is old and the seat is attached to it using metal bolts, you might have to use a penetrating oil such as WD40 on the bolt and nut. I end up almost never using it because I always flush the toilet with the lid closed and I wouldn’t wait 15 seconds for it. I want to change the toilet seat. We have been trying for 2 hours to get the old bolts out, to no avail. But when we went to replace it, the screws are rusted, and the plastic bolts shredded the moment we tried to turn them into useless lumps of fail. Using a small sledge hammer the first bolt finally loosened after about 30 blows. Similar problem- toilet too close to wall for using a wrench or pliers 'blind' and the bolt and nut were rusted solid. Your toilet's seat has plastic nuts that attach to the bolts, which go through holes in the hinges on the toilet seat. You can order stainless bolts on ebay in small quantities. 1 decade ago. Elements of Design. Simply pry open the cover behind the seat to expose the bolt’s head. The bolts may be obscured underneath caps; pry them up using the blade of a standard screwdriver. socket. My apartment has an old gross toilet seat that needs replacing. If the bolts or nuts are plastic, they can’t corrode and will come off easily. Try using an adjustable wrench to hold the nut in place while you turn the bolt with the screwdriver. So we wanted to change the toilet seats in all the bathrooms. I thought of screwing another bolt and using that to grab the screw (see picture) - but that idea will not work unless the the bolt is capped on one side. I have looked at the seat itself and it has no plastic caps to flick off in order to access a screw. What I would recommend you try (if you can get enough access) is cut along the nut, parallel to the bolt. Completely Stuck Toilet Bolt -- Please Help! I've got a stuck toilet seat bolt. I'm trying to replace a toilet seat. But the 3rd toilet had bolts that would not budge. That loosens the nut and bolt rust, making it easy to remove the screws. Drill off the toilet seat nut or bolt! What a workout! Place the seat with the pre-attached hinges on the toilet so the new hinges line up where the old hinges were. Yesterday I wrote about the Defective Plastic SoftClose Toilet Seat Bolts on our Toto toilet. They are … … I have purchased the PART 84999 TOILET SEAT ANCHOR KIT but removing the old bolts from my previous seat is proving to be very challenging. I used some pliers to try to unscrew them, but just ended up snapping off the heads. So, we just moved into a new house, and I decided to switch out the toilet seats. The second bolt was more stubborn and the groove (flathead) at the top was beginning to widen causing the flathead bit to slip. Time for the new seat! First, take a look at the bolts that secure the seat. It is frozen in place. I was wondering all day today how I would fix the problem (rig it back together). Joined: Aug 17, 2004 Occupation: Plumber Location: Bothell, Washington. Once you remove the bolts, remove the toilet seat and hinges and dispose of all old pieces, including seat, nuts, and bolts. The screw just goes round and round in the hole - it won't unscrew out and it won't tighten either, for that matter). Get the model number from inside the tank or lid. You will have to order the inserts from Kohler or a good plumbing supply for your specific toilet. CDN$ 17.98 Next page. And a modern acrylic shelf on the wall above the toilet for folded towels (West Elm). Nothandy44 said: ↑ We have a new toilet seat and new bolt. The toilet seat is obviously threaded through the toilet. Next, detach the bowl from the floor. If the bolts are metal, you might be able to unscrew the nuts with a pliers, but the best tool for this job is a socket wrench equipped with a deep-well socket (Photo 1). The seat is slanted inwards towards the centre. Worst design ever and will never purchase another Toto toilet! The soft closing of both the lid and the seat works fine but close a bit too slow (~15s). Apply the oil around the metallic bits and leave it to sit for up to 10 minutes. Toilet seats are held in place by means of bolts anchored with nuts placed on the underside of the bowl. The bolts that secure the base of the toilet to the floor might be loose. So, I purchased a package of (metric) nuts that fit perfectly and screwed them all onto the bolt , by feel. Still stuck? I have the no access to the bolt toilet. When I used rust remover spray, it allowed me to unscrew almost 50% of it but it's not moving any further... please advice... Answer Save. If the seat or bolts are damaged, you may need to go to the hardware store to replace these parts. To cut the bolts easily, you need to use a reciprocating saw. Have a question? I am currently out of ideas. The oil will serve as a lubricator that will loosen the already corroded metal. The head of the bolts totally deteriorated and fell apart causing the toilet seat to become loose. If anybody could shed some light on this I would be very grateful. Metal seat bolts: The deep-well socket option. If the nut becomes stuck to the bolt due to years of corrosion, these seats are virtually impossible to remove without either drilling off the nut, or ripping the seat to shreds!! Unscrew bolt, replace seat, re-screw bolt. Most toilet seats require a 1/2-in. If the toilet seat is an old one, spray the penetrating oil on the two bolts. Terry Administrator Staff Member. Step 2 Feel the bottom of the toilet bowl for the nuts that secure the toilet-seat bolts. We allotted about 5 minutes for each swap, thinking what could go wrong? Lv 7. other. The deep socket fits over the long bolt and grips the nut tightly. A Reciprocating saw is an electric-powered saw which is much more flexible than a mini hacksaw. Locate the nuts for the toilet seat. The problem is that I cannot get the 2 existing bungs and one stubborn machine screw out of the holes in the porcelain. I cannot remove 1 of the bolts. After it is centered, turn your screwdriver clockwise to tighten the bolt into place. If you wish to swap the toilet seat out for a new one, you must remove the nuts from the ends of the bolts, so you can remove the bolts and the toilet seat itself. The seat has become loose, with normal toilets I know you just tighten it with the bolts underneath the seat. All you do is unscrew the old one, screw down the new one, and you’re all set! Because the environment in a bathroom is so damp and humid, nuts made of metal can soon become rusted and stuck. Check the seller’s return policy before purchasing so you don’t get stuck with a seat that doesn’t work. Pro. Coon Rapids, MN. Tried WD 40 and holding it with pliers. PlumbShop Toilet Seat Hinge Bolt Set for securing toilet seats to bowls; Toilet seat repair bolts and nuts with washers; Standard sizing; Material: Plastic; Finish: White; Quick View Quick View Quick View. I am trying to replace the seat of my one-piece Kohler toilet. The next step is to screw on the nuts to hold the toilet down. Argh! IIRC they are M8 coach bolts. How should I proceed with the current nut (see pic) and how should I remove the other nut that I have not destroyed yet? Hello, there. Tried drilling out the bolt head, but only succeeded in spinning both nut and bolt. I bought an impact screwdriver from Amazon and went to work. Floor tile in 7) Comfort and luxury in Toto toilet with bidet seat --- a bidet seat on a drought sensitive one-piece skirted toilet perfect for cleanliness and comfort --- thank you Toto! Coach bolts gave a round, not hex, head so you can't turn them with a spanner. Tips. Hacksaws have failed at getting through them because of the angle. Just couldn't keep the pliers in place while turning the bolt. These nuts are completely stuck, and the assembly is recessed into the toilet, so it's hard to get a good angle and next to impossible to see.