This mattress is fantastic. The Zenna mattress turned up really quickly and was delivered by two friendly and helpful guys.Initially I thought the Zenna mattress was too soft, but a quick flip and all is great!I like the way it slightly molds to you but is still firm and supportive. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Also, with its aerated design and its natural abilities, it is also quite cooling. The latex core means NO allergies, dust mites, mildew, moisture or other nasties. Our natural mattress features 100% natural latex rubber, certified organic cotton and two firmness levels (medium and firm) on either side of the mattress. Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail when I purchased one of your Zenna latex mattresses. The initial latex smell lasted more than 4 days, even though we aired it out for 3 days straight. So will look to buy one for the kids. But now I'm waking up with no stiffness at all. I have not been disappointed. Dust mite, allergy, moisture & mould free. I honestly can't imagine sleeping on anything else. Pure Latex Mattress is an Australian owned company. Easy to handle, lift, move: d-All-latex mattresses weigh 65-190+ lbs depending on size / model with the average queen weighing about 140 lbs. More. Latex mattresses are either made of 100% natural latex, or of a blend of natural and synthetic latex. Now!! But once the smell left, it was pure comfort. Extremely happy, Jeff and Sally at Zenna were helpful and courteous every step of the way, we will be buying another one when our daughter is ready for her first single bed. Layer 2: The comfort layer is one 7'' aerated piece of Oeko-Tex Class 1 Latex, which is medium in firmness and has superior elasticity, responsiveness, and flexibility. Sections of this page. These things are so durable, and are totally supportive and comfortable and I feel so good about my kids sleeping on them. I wish I'd bought the Zenna Mattress years ago. So far after 4 months of great sleeping our expectations of the durability might well be realized as this mattress has retained its comfort and support. It was important to me to find a mattress made from natural materials that was free from inner springs, foam, synthetic materials and other potential toxins. Made in environmentally friendly latex mattress factory in Europe and loved in Aus! We got it for our daughter and are now planning to buy another one for ourselves. 7 comfort zones naturally adjust to your body providing support where you need it. This mattress provides all the support and comfort one could ask for, and has the special benefit of being made of a natural product. Natural latex has a blend of synthetic chemicals and 100% natural latex, while 100% natural latex is 100% free and clear of synthetics. HEVEYA are … published 2 years ago. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Made of Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton and Organic New Zealand Wool, this mattress marks a new standard in Latex Mattresses. This bed really represents the best value that I have ever seen. So I felt confident to try and see if it would work for me.I’m so glad I did because it solved my problem - hot sweaty nights are now a thing of the past. The Zenna mattress is manufactured using the Dunlop method, by the world’s longest running and largest latex factory. The Zenna is comfortable and supportive and I love knowing that it is made from a natural material and does not contain harmful chemicals. The latest technology and design to ensure your And it also feels great: the Zenna is springy and responsive - I describe it as my mattress loves me back. It offers superior elasticity over synthetic foams, which means contour without 'feeling stuck in one position.' Made in Europe, loved in Aus! The profile was actually higher than I was expecting and fits nicely in my sons Ikea bed base. Before buying, I thoroughly researched the product and found Zenna ticked all the boxes in what I wanted from a mattress. I started looking for a new latex mattress to improve the health of my life. Zenna puts a focus on quality materials in their latex mattress design. Latex mattresses, particularly those using talalay latex (more bouncy), generally rate somewhat above average on this issue. Within a week all of that was gone and I wake up feeling my spine is aligned and rested. As to be expected with latex, it is on the heavy side. This company provides a 100 day return product refund.The mattress was not bad just did not suit us.But the public relations was less than satisfactory.From the day of them collecting the returned mattress it was a constant avoidance of giving us our refund. Here are the details: Cover Layer: The cover is made out of a bamboo fibre that is light and soft. Our 100% all-natural latex mattress is a pure, botanical product that is sustainably harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Mattress Fitting; Natural Materials; Oversized Comfort; Videos; Legacy Collection; Locations. Latex-pedic | natural and organic mattresses happiness begins with a good night's sleep. Fast free shipping +$95 latex pillow. No one tests mattresses like we do. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. But alas, I sweated the most in this one due to the memory foam pillow top.I truly wondered what on earth I was going to sleep on because most conventional medium/soft mattresses these days have memory foam comfort tops.After extensive research I discovered that natural latex was a promising solution for hot sleepers.I had slept on a synthetic latex mattress many years ago and remembered it being hot to sleep on. While latex tends to be an expensive commodity because of the process to manufacture it, advocates note its environmental, health, durability, and comfort benefits over synthetic materials. Would not recommend them. I haven't found this to be true. I'm very happy with it. It is very supportive, comfortable and my health has improved. Having no toxic chemicals and no coils is also why I recommend this to everyone especially for kids health. We were after a non toxic natural mattress that would last till she's ready to move out of home and buy her own mattress. Zenna ticked the most boxes for us but until we received it I wasn't sure just how comfortable it would be...well let's just say I was so impressed by how comfortable it was and how well we slept on it (I usually end up in bed with our son) that we just ordered a king size for ourselves!! See what our customers say on So I was hesitant to take the plunge but I had to try something.Out of all the natural latex mattress options out there, Zenna was the only one that allowed a trial. The upward trend in demand has been attributed to increasing instances of back problems and joint pain that are caused by poor quality mattresses. The delivery was quick, well packaged and easy to roll out. My brother- in- law bought me a wonderful natural boutique present for my birthday, a 100 percent pure latex Zenna queen mattress. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and the service and delivery is great. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. The Zenna – the bed of your dreams. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably high time you invested in a quality sleep surface. Can't sleep without my beautiful mattress! 100% Natural Dunlop latex, with a high-quality 5cm latex core for a … Vacuum packed into a roll, it’s easier to transport than conventional mattresses – even in lifts and up stairs – and shipping is free. 100 Day Comfort Guarantee10 year warranty, SINGLE $995 • KING SINGLE $1195 • DOUBLE $1,395 • QUEEN $1,595 • KING $1,795 • FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE *Except WA ZipPay – Pay Later With 0% Interest, We have moved to a larger store and are having phone difficulties – Please contact us by email or live chat. I had researched and have owned many mattresses before but this has been the best one, especially with its use of natural materials, 100% natural latex and bamboo cover. Worth every penny. Zenna. More info. So soft and snugly but at the same time provides huge amount of support.