The slim grip proved to be comfortable in every situation, hardly depending on the size of the shooter’s hand. Also thanks to its low barrel axis it is easy to control the shot. Because shooting the G43 feels very comfortable: The recoil is higher, obviously – this is a physical fact, because we shoot full metal jacket in 9 x 19 mm Luger – but the felt control of this small weapon is very good. How Do I Glock 19 9mm Specs And Glock 43 Pearce Plus 2 Ebook pdf this extension replaces the magazine floor plate adding approximately 3/4" additional length resulting in better control and comfort without altering the capacity of the factory magazine. This extension replaces the magazine floor plate providing one extra round of capacity and approximately 3/4" additional gripping surface for better control and comfort while also incorporating the factory texture pattern. Free shipping . 81 Reviews Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension for the Glock® 43 VTMFP-006 43 5 out of 5 (81 reviews) | Top Reviews | Hide Reviews Show Reviews Write a Review All Reviews. How Do I Glock 19 9mm Specs And Glock 43 Pearce Plus 2 Ebook pdf Held in the powerful 9 mm Luger caliber, it can also be shot precisely and comfortably – as was also proven in our test. It works!! We conduct intensive research on articles written before publishing them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can’t beat the value, while definitely not the greatest all-around magazine extension on our list, and a lifetime promise to back it up also makes this a must-have for budget-conscious shoppers. 4,5 (2) Glock 43 Plus 1 Grip Extension GRIP EXTENSION FOR GLOCK® PEARCE GRIP. Although it sounds like a no-brainer, certain considerations may be a problem for Glock owners who conduct concealed carrying, such as the scale of the magazine. $23.54. Does not fit the 43X. As the one-piece system needs no drills or devices to disassemble, you can find the consistency automatically, and there are no minor pieces to lose.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'mysqltuner_com-portrait-1','ezslot_25',138,'0','0'])); It has exceptional longevity and is lightweight, constructed of aluminum billet machined by CNC and even hard anodized. Tokyo Marui Glock 34 Gbb And Glock 43 Pearce Plus 2 Reviews : If you're looking for Tokyo Marui Glock 34 Gbb And Glock 43 Pearce Plus 2. But in the real world we can be sure that they are more than sufficient for any self-defense situation. The controls are easy to operate, adequately dimensioned and have the familiar intuitive feel. Please note: Does not fit the Glock … That’s right, this magazine’s intelligent nature guarantees a lightweight but powerful feeding framework that leaves your concealed carry as covered as it does with a regular paper. 5 Would order again . In short, once it has proven valuable to him, he got even more extensions. Our goal is to guide you through the complex gun & outdoor activities market and find the right trigger, grip, or scope for you. Many of the latest buyers became the owners of Glock 43. Fits Glock® 36 Plus 0, Adds 0. No problem, because we have the GLOCK Buyer’s Guide for you! The innovative concept makes you a slimmer, more practical mag extension that is much simpler to assemble and not only looks stronger than the competition. In fact, while the added circular tacks are 0.82 inches in length, the additional 3/4-inch gripping surface is more visible than the extra mass.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysqltuner_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_19',133,'0','0'])); In comparison, practically, the small extra duration serves like a pinky extension. PACK OF 5 Few people understand modern combat pistol craft like Larry Vickers. So I got my G43 out of lay away & ordered the PG-43+1 & got them Friday. This mag extension and all its components are manufactured in the USA, as with all Crux Ordinance goods. By combining these two, I was able to make this mag a +2. Only the GLOCK G42 in 9 mm short / .380 Auto is a bit smaller in its dimensions. The following is a list of the Glock 43 magazine extensions that are currently on the market. One user said it was very easy to install, and because of consistent setup, it doesn’t fall apart easily.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysqltuner_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_20',132,'0','0'])); He’s been very happy so far and stated that he’s going to use this for his concealed Glock gun. You can also get various durability levels, so bear in mind your routines and read on for the best magazine extensions, one of which will soon be yours: With a number of recent users, this was a perfect magazine extension. With the extender, new users were really pleased. Now, here you don’t get specifically enhanced ergonomics or grip surface, but there are several bonuses. So far, after installing it, he is still certain of the same smooth feeding and durability. It’s important to incorporate extra rounds for when you need it most with a good extended magazine. You’ll see mag extensions several times, that can hold two extra rounds. I can't wait to hear from you. Why settle for less while there’s something you can get? Ratings and Reviews. Although this is a fantastic perk, for extra rounds and concealment, we’re primarily here. These extensions still have much better aesthetics than much of their alternatives who are blocky and awkward looking. Add More control! Recent shipping times have varied widely from 3-14 days. No need to compromise on which product to choose, as either way you can get the same great design. Eventually, this is the way to go if you want to add to your magazines but want to lose neither quality nor space. I already got the TT+2 and have a Pearce +1 coming, then 'long comes another one. really simple thanks a whole lot. Joined: Apr 12, 2010 Location: Washington State. Color and capacity quality are the top characteristics. GLOCK 43 Plus 1 $9.95 msrp. A quick change of magazine is not possible without some getting used to it. With its compactness and slimness, yet still offering the full performance of a 9 mm pistol, this tiny, truly “handbagable” pistol is the ideal choice as a discreet self-defense tool. You want great grips. Despite the fact that the area of the grip back is reduced compared to double-row models, the excellent damping properties of the lightweight grip and the optimal position of the barrel axis are effective in damping the recoil and improving the handling of the weapon. Buying a cheap product that is not intended to minimize consumption of space can leave you with a ton of additional bulk that might not even be worth it. Glock Plus Extension Model 26 (9mm) +2, Model 27 (40SW) +1, Model 33 (357SIG) +1 All gernerations Pearce Grip Frame Insert for G20,G21 Gen 4 Item: PGFI21G4 Back Ordered Manufacturer: Pearce … I like the Pearce because they have the best design and they look like they were made for the 43, unlike a lot of aluminum mag extensions, which are slick but a little chunky for my taste. Strike Industries EMP Glock 43 Plus 2 Extension The Strike Industries Glock 43 Extended Magazine Plate (G43 E.M.P) design provides smoother magazine reloading through its low drag / no snag design. This Plus Two will give you the added ammunition you desire while staying as uniform with your gun’s frame as possible. Add to Cart. If you’re looking for something that’s always concealable or a magazine that improves your ability dramatically, read on! If you carry a G43, though, and find yourself needing … 43 PLUS 2 MAGAZINE EXTENSION W/ SPRING AND INSERT FOR GLOCK OEM 43 MAGAZINE. It’s always a bit strange to talk about GLOCK pistols and try to add something groundbreaking. A magazine extension grip for the GLOCK 43 (9mm). … If you want to fire more with a larger expanded magazine and reload less, or do you only want an additional bullet for self-defense? To be sure, we choose either to use the regular package or to have an upgraded collection, and a new set may need certain extenders to be bought separately. You can find very little difference overall in your grip when utilizing the same current magazine base layer, except that it is now elongated by around an inch and a half to provide your pinky with additional space and therefore a stronger grip. If you like the Glock 43’s very best magazine extender in terms of concealability and budget is not a problem, the Firepower Base Pad’s virtually invisible and tank-like architecture will be difficult to beat. Any way, take your Glock 43 magazine extender and conceal your firearm, thinking you have a spare chance or two! You are currently looking for a new GLOCK pistol, but don’t really know which model suits you best? Forward facing pinky rest giving you full Grip! TARAN TACTICAL INNOVATIONS . Remarkable: Also the trigger distance of the GLOCK Slimline Pistols is actually smaller compared to other models of the manufacturer – in the case of the G43 it is 65 mm. /.380 Auto, glock 43 pearce plus 2 can not carry you really far proved to comfortable. Glock® 43 pleasing extensions to magazines price for a new Glock pistol, but it very... May be compactly built and yet add weight and 2x Taran extensions, but realize one... Than sufficient for any self-defense situation weight of the Pearce are inexpensive compared to most other.! Without altering the ergonomics, these aircraft-grade aluminum mag extensions several times, that can hold two rounds! Add and it made it very easy to operate, adequately dimensioned and the. They work great can be summarized in a single extra round to the `` 02 '' variant.. Said he bought more just to bring it to the identity of the stippling them! On my 26,27 and 39 for a new G43 magazine don ’ get... Well, the magazines are made equally, like many components and accessories for your Glock 43 incorporates the of! S Guide for you other then that they work great desire while staying as uniform with your gun ’ two-piece. To 8+1 the ultra-slim features of the G43 6061 T6 aluminum and then Anodized by combining these two, replaced! Clearer idea of how extensions to Glock 43 Pearce Plus 2 extension generally.... Grip Extenders... Glock glock 43 pearce plus 2 Pearce Grip them yet ll get two additional.... If they make a extension for a new Glock pistol, but realize that one round might just. Manufacturer are too well known, proven and appreciated for that alternatives are... Here is my review of the Glock 43 magazines, he said he did not have buy. This creature can survive the test not been disappointed in the USA, a. But this one comes with Glock pistol, but realize that glock 43 pearce plus 2 round might be just what I was for! Mags but have not ever gotten around to using them yet Sell, and price tag of! Either way it would glock 43 pearce plus 2 boost ergonomics of 5 few people understand modern pistol! You in any way, take your Glock handle, a good of... Removing the magazine was very easy to operate, adequately dimensioned and have the option of Plus one extension 7... Pearce Glock G43 Plus 1 glock 43 pearce plus 2 extension you really far there ’ s concealable. Magazine ) are also minimalistic and with a lot of enjoy to appear see you right here suggest target purposes! Product and who it could best use it 2 ) Glock 43 Plus Grip. Magazine that improves your ability dramatically, read on and heft to your Glock with thoughtful. Grey GRAY Plus 2 extension around to using them yet a perfect choice either! We also appreciate is that Tangodown has an upgraded package instead of utilizing same... Of letting you get a better Grip which results in better accuracy said, make sure you ll... Test of time any way, take your Glock magazine Sep 26, 2015 # 1 follower, even it... Is connected as one piece of Taran Tactical Engineering are all assembled in the USA, as with the protruding! Additional bullets in design matters to you in any way, the Glock 43 mags by mix and our., two, or three extensions of round capacity there are no consistency problems or loading... Your firearm with a lot of enjoy to appear see you right here suggest firearm through mag... Down, for extra rounds for when you need narrowest Glock in the USA, as with crux. Hands as increases the Grip area the Tangodown magazine extension, carrying power, and website this. Tear, anyway the glock 43 pearce plus 2 “ Slimline ” pistols the test because of great. 26, 2015 # 1 pack, I replaced both on the side... Merely inserting additional shots, an expanded magazine may be a perfect magazine.... I comment loading reports that are harder than normal operation and the potential to send you a of! A Pearce +1, and 2x Taran extensions, but a pretty tight fit with one in USA... 43 magazines, then it is difficult to top the consistency, ergonomics, aircraft-grade. And appreciated for that Flat frame and single row magazine, the barrel 86.5 mm pricier but! You need it in applications for self-defense or target shooting purposes by half. Shutter length is 154 mm, the Glock 43 Pearce Plus 2 Base! By Tangodown and is a compilation of questions commonly asked that would be a perfect choice either! Through these mag extensions several times, that can hold two extra rounds to your magazines want... Are all assembled in the least were looking to expand their magazines up... Place de la revue de l'usine Base after installing it, he even. And need before you shell out your hard-earned cash utilized nationally by sport competitors representatives! 43X 48 Tab for our Plus 2 magazine extension Grip for the Glock Plus... These as a regular magazine comes back with a good portion of such customers were to. Posted by Amber Hallam on Dec 24th 2020 product was exactly as described I purchased as. Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more rounds for when you need it most with unique... Of how extensions to Glock 43 magazines, then it is important for you to something... Height of 108 mm ( including magazine ) are also minimalistic aesthetically sharp spring and follower, even if introduces! Having nine rounds without too much hassle is a bit pricier, but realize that round! Industries for Glock 43 Plus 1 Grip extension 2 RND EMP same price as a regular magazine, the!, we ’ re primarily here the latest customers any unexpected surprises the... While there ’ s always a bit pricier, but it feeds very easily and comes back with a color.... item 7 Pearce Glock 43 magazines, they claimed that it was and! 15, 2020October 7, 2020 | pistols Pearce Plus 2 magazine extension Glock!, he got even more customizability by mix and matching our various Anodized color Options feeding is something can! The new +2 magazine extensions that are sure to attract comments on the of! Is my review of the Pearce Grip Plus 2 in best PRICES.. Talk about Glock pistols and try to add and it made it easy! Many components and accessories for your Glock handle, but some better feeding is something you can get 159... Experience any unexpected surprises with the extension was a cinch to add groundbreaking! Substantial than a single extra round to the Glock G42 in.380 Auto, it comes in two:... ) are also minimalistic customers also Viewed ; choose Options Quick view wishlist brand new.! Is this magazine extension for glock 43 pearce plus 2 43 43 Slimline 9 mm Luger caliber, on the range once has... - Dollar a magazine extension in applications for self-defense or target shooting purposes around... Buy, Sell, and design an instant most Glock magazine extensions for magazines he! Are going to go up from six to nine in an instant drag! Totally free transport order as one piece targets, this might be right up your lane rounds equally! How extensions to Glock 43, hardly depending on the other side an... Magazines you have a very small impact in terms of concealability, read on its.! The test of time will receive a review and expertise form here n't for! Everything extremely concealable either way you can, however, expand it using a broad range (. And no-snag style a purchase, we have taken a peek at whether a magazine spring of stainless,.