Besides the major improvements offered by our customization to Glock pistols. Obviously, any competition shooters will immediately customize their triggers, but even casual shooters may want to decrease the weight for a lighter and more natural pull. This custom Glock is built on a Robar slide, Robar match barrel, and modified Glock frame with grip reduction, texturing, and beavertail. Email this Page. ( No Paint ). In our humble opinion, these companies are absolutely outdoing the competition. Some aftermarket barrels have a huge reputation to match. We all know that everyone here loves and owns a Glock for a reason. If I were to ever (NOT!) Your handgun could be the difference between life and death. The grip angle was one of my biggest complaints about the Glock line and this grip work makes me like it much more. My local 'smith did a grip reduction on my G21 (which included a brass Seattle Slug) and it is now the best handling Glock I own. Glock pistols are striker fired whereby the firing pin is partially "cocked" by the cycling of the slide. In fact, you can customize pretty much every part of your Glock to make it unique with little to no effort.Here are a few handy ideas if you want a quick and affordable ‘bling’ for your Glock: The list goes on! To put it simply, you have nearly limitless options at your fingertips. From national security services to armed forces and police officers, Glock pistols are synonymous with sharp looks, precision aiming, and superior manufacturing. Factory Glock 17, shown center, and its frame-altered brothers. ), Battle worn burnt bronze and black cerakote. Not only it gives your gun a more matte look instead of a shiny coat, Parkerzing your Glock protects it against corrosion and rust. I’ve always liked my Glock 27, so far as reliability, power, and ease of operation go, but I’ve never liked the grip. What really matters is that now you know what reliable and invaluable tools you can add and change in order to enhance your Glock’s performance and quality. We really sweat down here in South FL. OTHER SECTIONS. Turned out pretty nice. Yet again, we’ve noticed that there are KKM barrels that don’t support well 9mm barrels. Many shooters don’t like the hump in the Glock’s grip, and I am one of them. No knock on Robar ('cause I've enjoyed their services, too). There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of places to get these coating jobs done. There are a number of manufacturers offering state of the art custom finishes for glock pistols, the most famous one being Robar Guns.By any chance, do you find the standard pitch-black Glocks to be too bland and boring? GRIP HUMP REDUCTION. These features deliver improved accuracy with the correct ammunition, yet again, there is a trade-off.So the real question is: should you upgrade your stock Glock barrel to an aftermarket one? You can get those finger humps removed with a grip reduction — which is probably the single most common aftermarket Glock modification.A Glock grip reduction modification can significantly diminish the grip’s general depth on Glock devices. Axe is an RMJ Shrike. Just wanting to get some local reviews and hopefully handle one before i make a final decision. I will never run a Glock with out the texture and beaver tail. Turn that OEM Glock into a unique Glock that screams your name. Stippled with RadioShack tool. Polymer frames modification ( Glock, XD, S&W, Kahr,Ruger, Ect. Glock 19 GEN4 ( Grip Reduction +360 degree Medium Textured, Double High Grip Under Trigger Guard And Slide Cut Forward Cooking Serrations ) Glock 19 Frame has been done (Beavertail, Grip Textured,Double Undercut,Magazine Release Scallop,Textured Frame … You can: Honestly, the list goes on. So, having a tactical light can only be an advantage to your night-time adventures or self-defense scenarios. Springfield XDM Frame Textured and Install Magazine Magwell, ) No paint. I don't usually use an IWB carry for the Glock (too thick for comfort), but I have a Bladetech IWB that seems to work well when I do try it. Let me see them. Springfield XD Frames Grip Textured ( No Paint ). And here we’re big fans of custom Glock pistol coat jobs. Moderator Tools: Show Printable Version. The aftermarket slide industry is flourishing nowadays and when we first set out to test out Glock slides, we were quickly met with a pretty big problem: there are so darn many of them. It is an exceptional device of design for someone who had only studied but never produced, firearms alone. But we prefer online personalization shops like: As opposed to bluing, here’s the great thing about coats: you can get your Glock in any color you want. The texturing, grip angle reduction, and Tri-Fit grip inserts added a degree of ergonomics that gave the Glock something it had always been missing: pride of ownership. Like we’ve mentioned before, you need safe and valuable accessories that improve your Glock’s performance and quality. Accuracy Ballistics Fundamentals of Marksmanship Gear Reviews Long Range Shooting Marksmanship training Precision RIfles Riflescope Sniper Rifles. Robar told me basically the same thing. Posted: 2/22/2012 2:54:31 PM EST [Last Edit: 2/22/2012 3:29:30 PM EST by Danj] Who has done them? Glock 17 ( 360 degree medium textured, scallop mag release, double cuts under trigger guard +textured, textured frame flats, mag well cut outs on side for magazine removal, slide cut front forwards Cocking Serration), KAHR P380 & PM9 ( Grip textured, High Grip Under Trigger Guard, Textured Frames flats, textured magazines base pad), Glock 17 ( back strap reduction 360 degree grip textured, Add beavertail, high grip under trigger guard and textured frame flats).