This ultra-small and light-weight instrument comes with an optional belt bag, an alternative for wall-mounting. SunRADON Continuous Radon Monitors are trusted and used every day by radon professionals worldwide to test air quality in homes, schools, office buildings & health care facilities. Radon testing Louisville KY homes is a privilege, because not only do we get to share this information with them so they are more educated about the potential risks of long-term radon exposure, but we can also have a hand in relieving their fears by installing a professional remediation system. SERVICE TYPES: Radon Measurement Professional – A professional who deploys and retrieves radon detectors and provides a report of the associated measurement results which are generated by a Radon Analytical Laboratory. 1 (800) 644-6999 ... "Professional testers need to be used for a 48 hour test. Radon usually disperses at three stories above ground, so placing a test on higher levels won’t catch higher concentrations. Compare; Find My Store. Amazon has Airthings Corentium Home Portable Radon Detector (233) for $137.13 -> $136.39 -> Now $135.45. CDN$ 91.99 CDN$ 91. This device is a professional-grade monitor, known for its extreme accuracy. Item number: 12-251. Bertin AlphaE - professional radon gas detector. Corentium Pro, a favorite of home inspectors and radon professionals, is fully AARST-NRPP certified. Most new devices on the market are tested against the results of the AlphaGuard. In the case of radon detectors, the reference device used as the "truth of truths" when it comes to measuring radon levels is the AlphaGuard professional radon detector. Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings 223 Portable, Lightweight, Easy-to-Use, (3) AAA Battery Operated, USA Version, pCi/L 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,791 $152.38 $ 152 . Shipping is free. Sun Nuclear’s Model 1027 Continuous Radon Monitor is a high reliability, professional grade Continuous Radon Monitor. This is a wall mounted electronic unit which most people find quite easy to use. AFTER YOUR DIY RADON TEST KIT OR PROFESSIONAL RADON TESTING. Family Safety Products, Inc. offers the Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector, which will continuously monitor gas levels. For example, the Corentium Pro is our professional device, and is fully AARST-NRPP certified for the North American market and beyond. For use in instances when fans will be installed away from a power source, the KTA systems allows for fans to be placed up to 100 ft … Make sure that your detector is working by replacing batteries and testing it as needed, then call in a pro when it indicates that the radon gas levels are too high. 30. Follow the directions on the packaging for the proper placement of the device and where to send the device after the test to find out your radon level. This detector has been designed to meet the highest professional standards and has a proven track record within the Radon Industry. The RAD7 uses electrostratic precipitation with a sophisticated silicon detector and high-resolution alpha spectroscopy to clearly differentiate between signal and noise. Airthings Wave (2nd Gen) - Smart Radon Detector with Humidity & Temperature Sensor – Easy-to-Use – Accurate – No Lab Fees – Battery Operated - Free App. Further, periodic testing using conventional test kits should be done in conjunction with the detector to ensure it is working properly. Thanks to community member Shurak for finding this deal. Bertin AlphaE - professional radon gas detector. 9.First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit Review. Editor Note: This is a highly reliable professional detector of radon gas. RADON DETECTOR: Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and kills more than 6x the number of people than home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning combined CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Radon gas fluctuates daily and is highly dependent … The Radon Eye RD200 is a smart radon detector providing at least 10 times more sensitivity compared to other radon test kits and detectors available for consumer use today. The model 1028-XP is SunRADON's most advanced professional grade Continuous Radon Monitor. Professional radon testing costs around $150 to $250. 38 $169.34 $169.34 $115.00. This is a great option for those who need to retest frequently. ... Based on a silicon diode diffusion chamber, the sensitivity of the detector is 3 cph at 100 Bq/m³. Shop Airthings Corentium Professional Radon Detector in the Radon Detectors department at Lowe' Professional Radon Gas Test Kit by PRO-LAB. Item #1273070. SARAD offers the world-wide largest range of radon instruments for every application—starting from inexpensive monitors for home owners over professional instruments for home inspectors, geologists and radiation protection officers, sensors for building automation up to complex stations for volcano and earthquake research. It utilizes an efficient, large chamber design, which is humidity independent, and its patented sensing technology allows for high sensitivity while greatly suppressing measurement noise. Radon Mitigation Professional – A professional who interprets radon test results, and determines the most effective way to manage radon concentrations within buildings. 1 (800) SOS-RADON (767-7236) National Radon Helpline: Get live help for your radon questions. The Sun Nuclear Professional Radon Monitor is a continuous radon detector that’s extremely reliable and offers very accurate results of the level of radon gas in a particular area. Radon levels are measured in picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L). Model 1028-XP is our most advanced professional grade Continuous Radon Monitor.Its detector technology is based on the trusted 1028 design that utilizes advanced detection algorithm resulting in high sensitivity, while also providing superb immunity to external radio interference. This packaging offers a cost-effective option for large-scale radon testing projects and for professional testers. Contact your state radon program for information on how to obtain a test kit from a radon measurement professional. National Radon Hotline: Purchase radon test kits by phone. $1299.00. Many radon test kits can be found online or in home improvement stores. The radon detector is user friendly and provides one day, seven days, and long term averages readings. This tester is equipped with a chamber that can be used to detect the radon level and works with the help of a patented sensor technology with high sensitivity. Field tested for over 30 years, it's one of the best selling systems in the country. Radon Scout Professional from SARAD is the new technology for monitoring and measuring radon gas both short and long term. For this home unit, it should run at least a week to … Radon detector by Airthings for $140 Lowest price I ever saw. The Corentium Home Digital Radon Detector by Airthings is a simple and easy to use radon gas detector. It uses a photoelectric alpha particle detection process to assess the concentration of radon gas in the air. This item: Battery Operated Corentium Pro Digital Radon Detector. Radon Centres Limited are validated by the HPA Our detectors are track-etch open device using Kodak LR115 film & provide extremely accurate results. The Safety Siren Pro Series 4 is the latest version in the Safety Siren Pro Series Radon Gas Detectors. This radon detector now allows us to continuously monitor the status of radon in the basement and other rooms throughout the house to help us ensure the radon mitigation system is still working satisfactorily. Corentium Professional Radon Detector. Our Corentium Pro contains the exact same radon sensor that you'll find in the Home, Wave and Wave Plus, except it contains 4 of these sensors instead of just 1. After you use a DIY radon test kit or perform professional radon testing, you'll receive your results. Active tests are more expensive than passive. 4.2 out of 5 stars 117. Got it when first came up, for over $200. Place the detector in a discreet location away from windows and doors because outside air can affect its reading. 1 (800) 55-RADON (557-2366) National Radon Fix-It Line: For general information on fixing or reducing the radon level in your home. Installing a radon detector is more economical and less of a hassle than having a professional team do radon level testing for you regularly. for pricing and availability. Corentium Pro, a favorite of home inspectors and radon professionals is fully AARST-NRPP certified. The Corentium Home was developed by in-house CERN scientists with the average homeowner in mind. Testing is easy! Install your radon detector at the lowest occupied level in your house. It’s especially recommended for those who want to keep track of fluctuations throughout the year when they’re trying to decide whether it’s time to get a … Each AT-102 detector is individually serialized. Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector. Airthings’ Corentium Home Radon Detector is one of the priciest of these, but it can provide you with results within 24 hours. AlphaE is a professional meter for Radon concentration, personal exposure and doses. Klein Tools Carbon Monoxide Meter. About the Model 1028 XP. It uses the same radon sensing technology that is found in professional grade products used by radon mitigators and home inspectors. The AT-102 is a low-cost, compact, filtered radon detector packed in pouches of 5 detectors. Home » TEST & MONITORING » Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs) » Corentium Pro by Airthings – Professional Radon Detector Corentium Pro by Airthings – Professional Radon Detector … So we’ll let the pros explain, “Why Sun RADON?” A new detector technology defines a new level: outstanding sensitivity at … The KTA Low-Voltage Radon System is the original low-voltage Radon mitigation system. Product Overview. Powerfully fast, accurate, and reliable, Radon Eye RD200 is the optimal choice for homes, offices, and buildings. The sensing technology comes with high sensitivity while vanquishing the noise. Its detector technology is based on the trusted 1028 design that utilizes advanced detection algorithm resulting in high sensitivity, while also providing superb immunity to external radio interference. mehr Details zeigen . I have it for number of years now, good device. This test kit comes under the Radon Gas Detector Reviews since it is used at offices or commercial housing to find out the level of radon. 99. 4.3 out ... Temtop P600 Air Quality Laser Particle Detector Professional Meter Accurate Testing for PM2.5/PM10 TFT Color LCD Display. Corentium Pro contains four highly accurate radon chambers The PRO-LAB® Radon Gas Test Kit utilizes the most advanced liquid scintillation, short–term detectors, which contain silica gel desiccants (patented) necessary to remove all moisture in order to make your test results accurate and reliable. The device is suitable for monitoring home radon levels only after an initial assessment has been performed using conventional test kits or by a radon professional. Model #236.