(Translation of pita from the GLOBAL French-English Dictionary © 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd) Marcus Jastrow’s Dictionary of the Talmud explains that the Hebrew word פיתא (pita) is the Aramaic translation of the Hebrew פת (pat), which means a piece of bread and the Encyclopaedia Judaica … Language is a powerful reflection of cultural values. Reno’s Sports Bar and Grill: Fiery Feta Dip & Pita. So maybe you'll want to take a pass on that pasta sushi roll, Ίσως λοιπόν, να θέλετε να προσπεράσετε τη μακαρονάδα με διπλή. Wendy's such a PITA – she's always asking … Pronounce word 150. : Serve very cold with pita bread. (La) pita and (le) pain pita are French equivalents of the Greek-English word "pita." ... Greek Pita Bread | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen - Duration: 7:42. Pita Sandwiches, Greek Restaurant, Lebanese, Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant, Healthy lunch options Pakapocket offers a delightful selection of Lebanese, Greek, Mediterranean food. A sandwich made of sliced roasted meat, usually lamb or beef, combined with onion, tomato, seasoning, and often tzatziki sauce, and wrapped in pita bread. Our menu offers Jalapeno Poppers, Chicken Caesar Salad, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and more! Le pita est une spécialité grecque et libanaise. More meanings for πίτα (píta) pie noun. Our pitas aren't the boring, stiff, fold-over-type pitas - they're unique. Did you know? Sign in. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Translation for 'pita' in the free English-Greek dictionary and many other Greek translations. Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country. Why not have a go at them together. They get sold to a baker. attack upon the Spanish mainland in 1589. Translations in context of "pita" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: Spread yogurt sauce over pita bread. bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar. ¶ρτος και θρύμματα άρτου, άζυμος άρτος ινδικής προέλευσης, , παράθας (ψωμί ινδικού τύπου), τσαπάτι (τύπος ινδικού άζυμου σκληρού ψωμιού), άζυμος άρτος, Swap in pork for lamb, and a tortilla for a. , and you've got the Mexican classic, Taco al Pastor. Bell’s Greek Pizza 1135 E. Grand River Ave (517) 332-0858 ... Lansing This Mediterranean bakery bakes pita bread fresh daily. Or learning new words is more your thing? : Serve with tzatziki sauce, pita bread and Greek salad. Contextual translation of "pita" into Greek. ... Translations of pita Add a translation Cancel. We're located north of Sanford Natural Area and McDonel Hall. : The consistency is somewhere between a strong crepe and a pita. Pronunciation of pita with 1 audio pronunciation and more for pita. 2:14) Σήμερα, αυτού του είδους η, , tortillas, bagels, cookies, cakes, biscuits, pies, brownies and pastries. We got Italian bread, French bread, bulky rolls... different kinds of kaiser rolls. Now, add half of the flour amount into the bowl, stirring, then add the salt and the extra-virgin olive oil. 5,270 views. ros. La anciana decía "pitas, pitas" mientras esparcía granos en el gallinero. At PitaPit, we don't do things the conventional way; we never have and we never will. Add thesaurus 100. ... Place the sausage frittata on the Greek style pita bread, cover with baby spinach, cut into 4 wedges and serve immediately. bread, the cakes. This page provides all possible translations of the word pita in the Greek language. Αγγλικά. 100 6. Noun. pains pita. pita f (plural pites) pita (flat bread pouch) Further reading “pita” in Diccionari de la llengua catalana, segona edició, Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Pita definition is - any of several fiber-yielding plants (such as an agave). Order online for carryout or delivery! Translation of pitas in English. : La cohérence est quelque part entre une crêpe forte et un pain pita. Useful phrases translated from English into 28 languages. Add collection 200. κέικ, τούρτα, κρούστα, γλύκισμα, πλάκα. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. Le pita est une spécialité grecque et libanaise. (Translation of pita from the GLOBAL French-English Dictionary © 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd) pain pitta. ουσιαστικό αρσενικό: Αναφέρεται σε πρόσωπο, ζώο ή πράγμα αρσενικού γένους. Accompagner de sauce tzatziki, de pain pita et de salade grecque. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. Many translated example sentences containing "pita bread" – Greek-English dictionary and search engine for Greek translations. All rights reserved. Sign in to make your opinion count. All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time. US, figurative, vulgar, slang, initialism (pain in the ass) μπελάς ουσ αρσ. Even more translations in the English-Hungarian dictionary by bab.la. Ελληνικά. Translation of "pita bread" in French. How to say pita in English? μπέργκερ και το ντόνατ σάντουιτς με μπουρίτο. [From Modern Greek gýros, a turning, gyro meat (partial loan translation of Turkish döner (kebap), turning (kebab), from the turning of the meat on a spit ), from Greek gūros, circle; perhaps akin to Armenian … cake noun. Copyright © IDM 2020, unless otherwise noted. See 3 authoritative translations of Pita in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. Το πλιεσκαβίτσα-- μείγμα αρνιού και μοσχαριού, ψημένο με κρεμμύδια και σερβιρισμένο ζεστό σε χοντρή, -- είναι ένα από τα παραδοσιακά πιάτα της Σερβίας, εστιατόριο στο κέντρο της Αλβανικής πρωτεύουσας κατά τη διάρκεια του καλοκαιριού. I may be biased but this is my FAVORITE dip on the list. In this version pita bread is substituted by tortillas. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.. Sign In Wow!). καρακάξα, τυπογραφικά στοιχεία ανάμικτα. How to say pita in Greek? Ultimately, this approach starts with our bread - the pita. , by the way, because I know you're a wild woman. υπεράσπιση της Κορούνια στη Βορεια Ισπανία. Translate pitas in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. Other translations. I absolutely love feta and Reno’s feta dip has just the right amount of kick. Add a comment 10. Translate Pita to Spanish online and download now our free translation software to use at any time. A flat bread pouch used for making sandwiches such as gyros or falafels. Αντάλλαξε το χοιρινό με αρνίσιο και την τορτίγια με. Pita bread would draw its origins in the Babylonian Talmud. I got you a grilled veggie pita, by the way, because I know you're a wild woman. Emotion and passion are central tenets of Greek culture, imbuing the Greek language with untranslatable concepts that only a Greek can truly understand; these are things that need to be felt and experienced. English Translation. Add word 100. Bread and bread crumbs, rotis (Indian flat bread). This page provides all possible translations of the word pita in almost any language. Στρογγυλά ψωμάκια, μακρόστενα ψωμάκια, μικρά κέικ αγγλικού τύπου (μάφιν), φραντζόλες. Pita bread is a Greek and Lebanese speciality. (María Mayor Fernández de Cámara y Pita, 1565 - 1643), περισσότερο γνωστή ως Μαρία, , ήταν ηρωίδα της Γαλικίας που πολέμησε το 1589 ενάντια. Contextual translation of "la pita" into English. The old lady said “cluck, cluck” as she scattered grain about the coop. Pronunciation of pita with 2 audio pronunciations, 6 synonyms, 2 meanings, 7 translations, 18 sentences and more for pita. ta Would you like to know how to translate pita to Greek? PITA n. noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Σου πήρα μια ψητή χορτοφαγική πίτα, γιατί ξέρω πως είσαι άγρια γυναίκα. Human translations with examples: πίτα. Online ordering menu for Bell's Greek Pizza. Έχουμε Ιταλικό ψωμί, Γαλλικό ψωμί, πίτες... διάφορα είδη από κασερόπιτες. Bon Appétit (enjoy your meal) or Greek (Good Appetite) καλή όρεξη or Arabic (Good Appetite) شهية جيدة Want to see or hear more translations? An interjection is a short utterance that expresses emotion, hesitation, or protest (e.g. Pita bread is a Greek and Lebanese speciality. 99. Fancy a game? The Creole: Smoked Salmon Dip Welcome to Bell's Greek Pizza in East Lansing, Michigan! pita f (plural pites) century plant Synonym: atzavara; pita (fiber obtained from Agave americana) Etymology 2 Noun . No better match for this spicy dip than a slice of warm pita bread, the ultimate dynamic duo you do not want to pass up! Add translations. Translation for 'pita' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. grilled with onions and served hot on thick, -- was just one of the traditional Serbian dishes, restaurant in the heart of Albania 's capital during the summer. ta Would you like to know how to translate pita to other languages? Visit a page 5. If you guys wanna make fun of me, just come down to, Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands. Like this video? pain pita. pie. Pita (Spanish to English translation). , was a Galician heroine in the defense of Coruña, northern. How many times have you felt something you just couldn’t put a word to? They are custom-designed to wrap around our delicious, lean grilled meats, fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. Vote & Rate 5. και έχεις το κλασικό μεξικάνικο τάκο αλ παστόρ. Translate Pita. Servir très froid et accompagner de pain pita. , τορτίγιας, κουλούρια τύπου μπέιγκελ, βουτήματα, κέικ, μπισκότα, πίτες.