Tamil: வித்தரக்கள்ளி(?) Literal: What is learnt is a handful of sand, while what is unknown is the size of the world. Literal: Good or bad, it doesn't come from others. Meaning: Don't judge the worth of a person by their size. Hay is grass cut and dried for use as animal food. While you type English letters phonetically, and hit the space bar, these will be automatically converted into Tamil letters. 1. “Make hay while the sun shines” means “make the most of an opportunity while that opportunity exists”. Don’t sell the sun to buy a candle. Hay cannot he made in the rainy season. When grass is cut and dried in the sun it is called hay. Tweet; Sharebar; Tweet; In times when there is drought, or in a long dry season, the rivers will run dry. Nalethukey intha ulagatil kalaam mey illa.. Nambe manusanage poranthupotha vaavalthey tollai MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES. click 'SEARCH'. Tamil: நாய் விற்ற காசு குரைக்காது. To convert numbers to Tamil words, enter the number in the search box above and click 'SEARCH'. Aalai Illa Oorukku iluppa poo sarkkarai? It requires bright sunshine. Tamil: தண்ணீரைக் கூட சல்லடையில் அள்ளலாம், அது பனிக்கட்டி ஆகும் வரை பொருத்தால். Literal: Even fate can be won over with brains. Meaning: Your effort is what all you have got. விறகு ஒடிக்கப் போனாளாம், கத்தாழை முள்ளு கொத்தோடு குத்திட்டாம். The following illustration and explanations are from The Hand Book of illustrated Proverbs (New York, 1857), by John W. Barber: Make Hay while the Sun shines. The problem is Tamil proverbs are written on palm leaves, hence there won't be any clear references in net. Tamil: மலையைக் கெல்லி எலியைப் பிடித்தானாம். Literal: Do good, beget good; Do bad, beget bad. Meaning of the proverb … Tamil: யானை தன் தலையில் தானே மண் அள்ளி போட்ட மாதிரி. This page was last edited on 22 April 2020, at 22:00.    you to learn Tamil numbers very quickly. It means, “If we get an opportunity, we must act fast enough to seize the opportunity before the lapse or expiration of the opportunity.” The proverbs means that: Early action is essential … Literal:Farmers without cows and goats are the king of storm and heavy rain. வந்தால் மலை போனால் மயிர். It is a shortening of a proverb "make hay while the sun shines ", which originally meant that you should take advantage of favourable conditions to work so that you have something for when you cannot work. Ponai nu nenaichi puli vaale pidichiten. Literal: Fully filled pot (a knowlegeable person) is silent. Tamil: மாமியார் உடைத்தால் மண் குடம். Meaning: There are only two types of people in this world: those who share, and those who don't. Meaning: when you indulge in charity, do not announce it with trumpets -. Literal: A dog's tail can't be straightened. Literal: A quarter for the berry, three quarters for the delivery. the space bar, it will be converted into அம்மா. Literal: When (you) dress up as a dog, be prepared to bark. Meaning: The one who tries will always end up in greater heights. For e.g., if you type ammaa in English and press விடிய விடிய மேள தாளம். Tamil: வினை விதைத்தவன் வினை அறுப்பான், திணை விதைத்தவன் தினை அறுப்பான். Tamil: ஆடு மாடு இல்லாதவன் அடை மழைக்கு ராஜா. After the storm ends, the sun will shine. Meaning: Self-reliance lasts longer than depending on others. Literal Meaning When the water rises fill the scoop English Proverb Make hay while the sun shines Explanation. Literal: Saying 'empty hands' is foolishness. Meaning: It is difficult to change one's nature (similar to 'a leopard can't change its spots'). ~ African Proverb. It can be used in the same context as of the english proverb "Make hay while the sun shines". To not waste time. Literal: The wounds of fire would vanish with time but the wounds caused by words never. Tamil: கட்டிக்கொடுத்த சாப்பாடும் சொல்லிக்கொடுத்த வார்த்தையும் பல நாள் தாங்காது. Tamil: நிறை குடம் நீர் தளும்பாது. Tamil: பாம்பின் கால் பாம்பறியும். Meaning: Never be in the company of bad person. Farmers must cut their hay on a sunny day because the rain would prevent them from doing so. Tamil: கற்றது கைமண் அளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு. Italian Translation of “hay” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Meaning: The problems of a person cannot be shifted to others. Literal: Even a crow thinks its child is golden. (Source: Meaning: If others harm you, do good unto them, so that they are shamed into realizing their mistakes. Once there is sunshine, the farmer mows and dries the grass. In Summer heat, when brightly shines the sun, To make your hay, the proper time is come: Tamil: இழவுக்கு வந்தவள் தாலியறுப்பாளா? Literal: I fell flat on my face, but there is no dust on my mustache. Literal: A lady who came for a condolence wouldn't cut off her thali (literal) - thali signifies marital bond, and it is cut off only when the husband dies. The Wise Sayings of Solomon An Honest Life Is Immortal - Wise son, glad father; stupid son, sad mother. Meaning: A person never loses his nature no matter how hard-pressed. ~ Chinese Proverb. There is no point in going to them then to collect water. Literal: Even if the tiger is hungry,it wont eat grass. Meaning:Those without liabilities need not worry about anything. Tamil: காற்றுள்ள போதே தூற்றிக்கொள். Cut & Paste your Tamil words (in Unicode) into the box above and Tamil: நிழலின் அருமை வெயிலில் தான் தெரியும். Tamil: கடுகு சிறுத்தாலும் காரம் குறையாது. (Source: Avvaiyar) Make Hay While The Sun Shines Essay. Literal: The idol may be small, its fame is big. Literal: She who cannot dance says the stage is imperfect. If the daughter-in-law breaks it, it is a golden pot. If you succeed you will get a mountain, if you lose you will lose a hair. Tamil: நாய் வாலை நிமிர்த்த முடியாது. Tamil: நொண்டி குதிரைக்கு சறுக்கினது சாட்டாம். Tamil: முயற்சி உடையார் இகழ்ச்சி அடையார். Literal: The patient will rule the world. The Sunne shines hot, and if we vse delay, Cold biting Winter marres our hop’d-for Hay. The fingers ten are the investment. When we practise Rajyoga under the guidance of God, the meaning of life changes, the purpose of coming on earth changes, the life becomes beautiful. Meaning: Beware of those that get a commission from both parties. Tamil: பழமையே சிறந்தது. Literal: What is learnt is a handful of sand, while what is unknown is the size of the world. Literal: (He) uprooted a mountain to catch a mouse. We can dry grass and make it into hay only when the sun shines. Marumagal udaithaal pon kudam, Moorthy chinnathaanalum keerthi periyathu, Nirai Kudam Neer Thalumbaadhu kurai kudam Koothadum, Naai vedam pottal kuraiththuthaan aagavendum. Literal: Try building a home, try organizing a wedding. Literal: A deceit woman went for collection of fire wood when a bunch of agave spines pricked her. Unless the farmers utilise the sunshine to dry the hay, it cannot be stacked for future use, for stacking in a moist state causes the hay to rot and to be unfit for consumption by cattle. With intelligence, even fate can be changed. Tamil: நாய் வேடம் போட்டால் குரைத்துத்தான் ஆகவேண்டும். Meaning: Make use of every opportunity you get. There would often be only a short time in which the hay would be ready to cut- reap too soon, and the hay would be too green. >>. Tamil: புலி பசித்தாலும் புல்லைத் தின்னாது. Tamil: கான மயிலாட கண்டிருந்த வான்கோழித் தானும் அதுவாகப் பாவித்துத் தன் பொல்லாச் சிறகை விரித்து ஆடுமாம். Tamil: எறும்பு ஊரக் கல்லும் தேயும். The proverb exhorts us to make hay while there is sunshine, that is, to dry the grass by exposing it to the sun, for in Western countries sunshine is scarce. Meaning: An unfitting ornament or an attempt to show something lowly as commendable by superficial decoration. Literal: Half a handful of rice is given as charity, but the announcing drumming is done all night. Meaning: Its better to die on enemy's feet feet than being beck stabbed/betrayed by loved one. 3 views Literal: A drunkard's words are gone by the next dawn. Literal: He has gotten hold of the tamarind branch. In this video , we will cover the meaning of this proverb. Tamil: இன்னா செய்தாரை ஒறுத்தல் அவர் நாண நன்னயம் செய்து விடல். Farmers preserve it as food for cattle and horse. Arai koththarisi anna dhaanam. This is a shortened version of the proverb make hay while the sun shines, which dates from the mid 16th century. << This proverb, its meaning, and origin would mean not only to do what one can do when there is still time, but … Meaning: Some men act big to the outside world, but at home they're like a mouse (in front of their wives). We finally have the full group assembled, so let's make hay while the sun shines and get this thing done. Make sure your kid knows every proverb because that's a sign of a literate, educated person, and if you get a jump start on these your kid will appear even smarter than they really are! For Tamil to English translation, you have several options to enter Tamil words The sun shines brighter after a shower. Tamil: மயிரைக் கட்டி மலையை இழு. Reap too late, and you run the risk of rain ruining it all.