trap bar deadlifts are more quad dominant and are definitely easier on the lower back. Video, post with discussion, Naterman's safety advice. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, New: one leg to parallel with arms overhead. I was particularly intrigued by quad blasters w/ straps. Or single leg, and the theoretically hardest version would be single leg, straight body, arms overhead. Sometimes resources are scarce and its okay, it stimulates creativity. The Capoeira Angola player who kicked me did not have extremely developed quads, but because his leg's (and importantly, the hip) momentum was going one way, he was able to lay back pretty damn far and kick me. Significantly more knee flexion but slight hip bend. The leg press has a lot of advantages, but as with any exercise it also has its risks and limitations. movements. For doing the front squats, you need to have an excellent physical posture so that your core gets more activated during the exercise. 4. I get pain at my patella tendon. Video demonstration and thread with form cues and other advice. Not to be confused with how far forward the knee travels over the toes, which is not a problem. New: One leg and the other knee not supported. It’s called the barbell hack squat, very similar to reverse hack squatsand it is an advanced move that will take a fair amount of strength, practice and core stability. (That’s in … Hardest quad element currently unlocked, harder than the natural one leg press according to Matteo Spinazzola. This move combines a squat and full extension of your lower body, making it a great leg press alternative. I've also got some resistance bands. New: 5 elevated repetitions with the wall in front and not by the side. Even unweighted it's harder than pistol squats. For adductors sliding from splits to standing. New: one leg sissy with some wall assist, partial range. Stand inside with one leg and do a biceps curl. Safety squat bar squats. I've got a home gym with a power rack, bench, weights, and a few kettlebells. The only thing that has come close to helping is my pilates work. If you pause at just the right time, it is very similar to Roye's instagram. An interesting addition to a true minimalist routine could be ring deadlift isometrics, with wrist straps to eliminate grip limitations, with these you could also potentially challenge the spinal erectors long term. While a barbell takes up considerably more space — and a dedicated home power rack or weightlifting space — it allows you to really pile on the weight and work a lot of different muscle groups all at once. Straight body, arms overhead, maximum knee flexion at the top. This seated sled leg press is a great option for home gyms. Relevant stuff: Ross Enamait's isometric tool and training with resistance bands, which is similar because the tension is maximized in a narrow range of motion. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. 2. Hardest quad element currently unlocked, harder than the natural one leg press according to Matteo Spinazzola. New: inverted Nordic curl, on stall bars with inversion boots (the link above, a few seconds later), partial range of motion. Weighted step-ups. Current Goal is Weight loss,... ^Info | /u/tj_lightning can ^delete | v2.0.0. Proof of concept for an assisted single leg version. Extra range of motion on the sissy squat bench. You can add more and more decline until you do inverted Nordic curls. Here’s how you can do this move. Single leg sissy squats and kneeling leg extensions. New: one leg sissy squat from horizontal shin position, 3 reps from mat, one rep with no support at the bottom. The encouraging thing is that I did not see people talking about trying these ideas unsuccessfully (aside from Nordic curls being a popular exercise already, great for injury proofing the hamstrings and running faster), but rather they haven't been tested much at all, so maybe there is good potential. Start your fitness journey with our Recommended Routine and wiki. The glute does some work too but not a lot since the lever arm on it is short. 1. The hardest leg exercise currently unlocked, at least when done on that surface with high friction. The only difference is that Ido supposedly starts from the bottom to eliminate the stretch reflex. Leg Press Alternative Exercise at Home. Press J to jump to the feed. I can definitely still do squats, but now I can diversify a bit. New: Kneeling one leg extension. Not easier to balance than unassisted, but requires a lot less strength. I ask because one, if you have an injury people need to know before suggesting exercises and two squats are the best exercise for building lower body strength that's still my suggestion unless you physically cannot do them. Arms overhead descending to parallel, this is the hardest possible leverage on two legs but more range of motion would make it harder. A lot of info to read and process. They will target your hamstrings in the exact same way as the leg curl, so this exercise is an ideal alternative. However, in using a barbell, there is an increased chance you might injure yourself from working so many groups. There’s no skipping leg day with leg press and squat machines from Fitness Factory.