share this. This Laccha Paratha is made with 100% whole wheat flour and hence called Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha. Now roll it into a circle of appox. Lacha or Lachedar paratha recipe is a popular Pakistani snack enjoyed with evening tea or doodh pati chai. May 15, 2011 By Aarthi 17 Comments. Time 10 Min. So enjoy the taste of delicious multi-layered paratha at home. Lachha paratha is a north Indian layered paratha recipe. 5 to 6 ” diameter using dry flour. Serves 1. It’s loved by my fam About This Recipe. Step by step detailed pictures post. Lachha paratha or lachedar paratha is a layered flat bread prepared with wheat flour. This recipe of Lachha Paratha is healthy and is made from pure whole wheat chakki atta .Different regions of Indian call it by different names, from lachha paratha to kerala paratha. Lachha Paratha, is a popular multi layered Indian flat bread which is made with just four ingredients, all purpose flour, semolina, sugar and salt. I have made a Flaky paratha post previously,That paratha is made with maida..But this is a flaky lacha paratha made with wheat flour.So it is a healthy one.. garlic paratha recipe | chilli garlic lachha paratha | lahsun In North India this paratha is also known as lachedar paratha. Lachha paratha is a popular Indian flat bread that’s flaky with multiple layers, crisp on the outside with soft interiors. Not to worry, the seemingly difficult plain flour paratha will be completely under your control after you try this recipe. Lachha paratha also known as lachedar paratha is the north Indian variation of south Indian parotta. Lachha Paratha. Difficulty Intermediate. While the parotta is made of plain flour this lachha paratha is made of whole wheat flour. Lachha paratha is crispy, flaky and soft buttery Indian flatbread recipe. laccha paratha recipe is a popular Punjabi lachedar paratha. Lachha paratha recipe (Multi-layered Paratha) For making dough. Lachha paratha recipe with step by step video: I have put together 5 ways of making lachha paratha or multilayer paratha that I find very easy and fun to try. Other than this difference most of all the preparation remains the same. If all the ingredients are ready then we will first knead the dough. Make dough out of whole-wheat flour (atta), 1tbsp oil & salt, as you would do for any paratha/roti. Do try my Tawa Paratha too. Watch and learn to make Lachha Paratha and do post your comments below. There is no better one than the other and I recommend to try all of them and find your best one (s). Another popular variation of this recipe is pudina lachha paratha. I have enjoyed this lachha paratha in restaurants many times and I wanted to try my hands on it. The secret of making perfect Laccha Parathas lies in rolling them the right way. While I made my first lachha paratha it made almost flat simple paratha but after 2-3 times practice it’s become very close to real restaurant like lachha paratha. Take a Ping-Pong ball size lump of dough. The first experience I had Lachha paratha was not a … Lachha Paratha Recipe | How to Make Lachha Paratha. Soft, flaky, layered, and crispy- those are the words that describe a perfectly made lachha paratha which is a hugely famous North Indian dish and a delicacy in Kerala as well. As I suggested in my previous post (“Tawa Chicken Leg Recipe“), this paratha is best suit with the chicken leg and I also love to eat this paratha with chicken curry. You can make these paranthas with various methods and fillings. Lachha paratha recipe – How to make lachha paratha Lachha parantha is the most popular and relished Indian flatbread recipe from Northern India, prepared with wheat flour. Making a lachha paratha is art and require practice; as say practice make a man perfect; in lachha paratha its goes very true. Literally Lachha means multilayers so this is a multilayered flatbread. Many Pakistani women lack the trick of making lachha paratha therefore is sharing it's recipe here. What can be more good than homemade lachha paratha with chicken. This Lachha paratha are layers separated by ghee give a crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture. February 2, 2012 by Raks Anand 88 Comments / Jump to Recipe. Lachha Paratha is a preparation of maida flour with good amount of ghee or oil. The Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha Recipe is a classic Indian Layered Flat bread that is most often made with maida or all purpose flour. The Laccha Paratha is generally considered tricky to make, and if you can prepare it well, you are considered an expert cook! Lachha paratha recipe,Learn to make lachha paratha recipe.Lachha paratha was on my to try list since a year.Lachha Paratha is a multi layered flat bread or to make it simple it is Whole Wheat Paratha which is famous in Punjabi Cuisine.Lachha paratha also called as Lachedar paratha…’Lachcha’ is a hindi word which means a group of strands so that explains it all why this paratha … Recipe > Lachha Paratha. Lachha Paratha Recipe / Wheat Paratha Recipe. Lachha Paratha is a multi layer shallow fried flat Indian bread. Share. Take wheat and all-purpose flour in a large bowl as per the above-mentioned quantity, add a spoon of butter or oil to it, now add a little salt and sugar to it, mix it well. A multi-layered, crisp paratha that is truly irresistible! Make dough 30 minutes before and cover it with moist muslin cloth. Today, we have a very basic lachha paratha recipe for you […] Lachha Paratha. Lachha paratha recipe, Step by step, Lachedar paratha. The lachha paranthas usually have multiple layers. Learn how to make Laccha Paratha recipe, that can also be made for your everyday meals or even to pack in your lunch box.