Of course the sugar in the fruit and the added sugar turn to achohol in time. Shake every day until the sugar is dissolved and then store in a cool, dark place until you can resist it no longer (leave for at least four months, we usually let steep for 6 months). do I move it all straight to the fridge…, Recipe for quick and delicious horseradish and mayonnaise sauce, Best great budget recipes for 50% or less: Cottage Smallholder 2009 Challenge, Guest spot : How to make your own delicious crispbreads by The Mildred Mittens Manufactory, Two recipes: Wild Damson Gin and Sloe Gin recipes, Duncan’s pickled nasturtium seeds recipe (UK capers), Setting up the drip feed water watering system for the summer, Angela’s recipe for elderflower champagne, 375g of white granulated sugar for ordinary green gooseberries (less for red desert goose berries – 100g and top up later if the mix is too tart). I like about 1/4 cup  juice in my cocktail. Towards the end of the post I mentioned some experimental gooseberry vodka I was making, and promised to update you with the results. Give each … Made by combining Chase's potato-based vodka with fresh local gooseberries. Cool, strain and add the vodka. ... their trade dresses and the geese device are trademarks. So you utilize your both vodka and gooseberry to make a new flavor of vodka great. If you have some slightly under ripe gooseberries, you're going to want to add a little more sugar. The kick from this drink is not quite so innocent. Blend using an immersion blender. /// Directions /// The gooseberry blend will give you at least two cocktail starters (depending on how big your glasses are). Thank you for the recipe. That's the beauty of nature...you just have to adjust with what you have! I have just picked and prepared 3 litres of this gooseberry / vodka liqueur. It is up in the giddy heights with raspberry vodka. It’s delicious! Found this online and just had to include it. You can use a coffee filter, cheesecloth-lined sieve or muslin to strain back into the original vodka bottle or another storage contain… It will keep for years, but the flavour … Vodka and flavored vodkas – 40% Alc./Vol. Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Elderflower & gooseberry vodka recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Gluten-free . Mash the berries and cook over medium for several minutes. Served in shot glasses that have been sitting expectantly for an hour or so in the freezer, it is the queen of the taste of summer. Content for 21+. Gooseberry Fool Cocktail. Recipe Rating: No Votes yet. Has a lot of phosphorus and iron, rich in vitamin C. Due to its acid flavor has its fans. Will definitely make some more. Ingredients to use: Add 2 measures of Demijohn's Gooseberry Gin Liqueur and 1 measure of Lime Vodka Liqueur to a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and a generous handful of mint. Bookmark this recipe to cookbook online. Have you ever tasted homemade gooseberry vodka? We had gooseberry bushes in the garden when I was little and my mum used to make gooseberry fool (the dessert) and I loved it. Elderflower & gooseberry vodka . In a cocktail shaker, add: 1 measure Absolut Citron; 1 measure Koko Kanu; 3/4 measure fresh lime juice; 2 measures Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc; Shake well and fine strain into a cocktail glass; Garnish with a kiwi wheel Also lists similar drink recipes. I’ve just made this chutney and it’s delicious, the citrus ingredients work really well and overall there’s a great depth of flavour with a taste of s…, I have a Rosa lutea, it must be 20 years old now, covering a pergola & taking over a Magnolia nearby. We send you exclusive favorite curated finds from shopping, reading and researching bi-weekly. I am guessing your waln…, Most recipes say to soak in brine for a week, then rinse and soak in brine for a second week before putting them in a jar with hot vinegar. In 2017, when Major Food Group made headlines by acquiring prime restaurant real estate in New York City’s Seagram building, co-owner Jeff Zalaznick tapped Waugh to launch cocktail programs for the three new venues that would be housed within the landmark space: The Lobster Club (in the former Brasserie space), The Grill and The Pool Lounge … Garnish with gooseberry swizzle sticks. While it doesn't get better than a classic gin and soda with lemon for me or a cucumber, melon vodka drink, if I run out of things to do with a newer fruit to me (gooseberries), you can bet yourself I'm going to either throw it in a smoothie or make it a cocktail. Decant the vodka into bottles and store in a cool, dark place. Gooseberry vodka is a great addition to any home cellar. - you can run 100 drippers on a line ... feed the water to a line connection via a short large diameter…, hello thanks for the recipe,my batch is looking great. Top up with carbonated water, lots of ice and a sprig or two of fresh mint. 1 rating 4.0 out of 5 star rating. Gooseberry Jam drink recipe made with Blue Curacao,Orange juice,Southern Comfort,Vodka,. 3cm below the rim. The perfect zingy, fiery, refreshing combination of Gooseberry Gin, Lime, Mint & Ginger. Two great liqueuers that can easily be made at home and make great gifts, if you can bear to part with them. Visit original page with recipe. Using a funnel, add the sugar (divide the amounts if using several bottles) and top up with vodka to approx. He can’t eat gooseberries – too much acid. I think we all have our standbys when it comes to both cocktails and summer fruit. Add gooseberries and water to a pot on the stove. METHOD To make the gooseberry liquer, bring all ingredients except the vodka to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. If you’d like a real treat, forget the shot glasses and pour a little gooseberry vodka into the bottom of a long glass. Just bottled a batch of gooseberry vodka we started back in October and sampled it last night mixed with tonic water. Healthfully Ever After & Carlene Thomas 2011-2017(function() {if(window.ImageLoader) { window.ImageLoader.bootstrap({}, document); }})();Squarespace.afterBodyLoad(Y); dietitian dc, healthy party planning, carlene thomas, nutritionist blog, Weekly Update, Northern VA, DC Dining and Food, healthfully ever after, dietitian dc, nutritionist washingtonian, carlene thomas, nutritionist dc, food blogger dc, 1 cup of gooseberries (stems/tops removed). If you’d like a real treat, forget the shot glasses and pour a little gooseberry vodka into the bottom of a long glass. Our Gooseberry Gin Gin Mule Cocktail Recipe. I'll try Wild Damson Gin in september. I use a 1.5 litre gin bottle.