It may also give stressful reactions if not applied well. My cat died 2 days after using Frontline Plus for cats. Decided to try a “different” treatment for our dog and within a couple days, our active dog developed paralysis in rear legs, a couple hot spots on hind quarters, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea. different brand names for the same product. How long has this lasted with your cat? It is intended for use on kittens and puppies over 8 weeks of age and can be used on pregnant or lactating animals. used and stored with caution to prevent accidental ingestion. I have used Frontline Plus every 2-3 weeks in some cats before with very severe cases of fleas and have never seen any problems at all. I know it is the problem. Frontline is available in several different size dosages for different size pets. single spot and left to dry. Since it leads to certain drug interactions, it's also Buy fairy dishwashing liquid from the supermarket and keep washing your dog in that. Avoid getting Frontline in your pet’s eyes or allowing them to ingest it. I applied Frontline Gold on him on 06/22/20, by 06/23 he was writhing in pain and his back legs were paralyzed. They sent me home with a IVDD diagnosis and a bunch of pain and anti inflammatory drugs and also strict instructions to keep him from climbing stairs or walking too much (his legs were working again). Lethargic, inner eyelid out of whack. And it wasn't the first application, the first application he just lost his appetite. Related posts: 12 Month Frontline Plus for Cats Are there any Frontline Plus for Cats side effects that...; Frontline spray for cats side effects Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis when applied monthly to the affected...; What are the side effects of frontline for cats Kills fleas AND ticks: Frontline flea and tick treatment for...; Advecta 2 for cats side effects Monitor your cat for side effects. The key to avoiding side effects when using Frontline Plus on your pets is to follow the packaging instructions to the letter, and seek advice from a professional if you are unsure of the dosage to use on your pets. It kills the fleas! She was 7 years old. I have used it for years. Your pet may drool if they lick the treatment before it has dried. infections are common. Hopefully it will happen this year . I washed him and he’s resting now, I hope the washing will work. After 24 hours, Frontline is distributed entirely over your pet’s skin and hair via their oil glands. I applied Frontline on my dog 13lbs a month ago. I will not be using this again! It’s hard to say as each reaction is different. Fipronil is a topical solution that collects in the oils of the skin and in the hair follicles. Mary, I applied Frontline to my car three days ago - she has same symptoms. Often cats get away with this and you will see nothing but in some cases side effects are possible. I gave him his next application of Frontline yesterday morning and 6 hours later, all this started again. ; It works by interfering with the brain and spinal cord of insects, resulting in death. Yes Donna please bath it urgently in a degreasing shampoo or use blue Dawn dishwashing liquid or fairy dish washing liquid. We have used this for about 1 yr. My partner really didn’t want to but our cats were flea ridden last year. Lastly, Frontline Plus for cats … INERT INGREDIENTS: 99.71%. pet's body. After 1 hour, it opened it´s eyes and we washed again. Can anyone tell me how long these symptoms last.. After posting this comment the next day I noticed my fur baby’s bald spot is now an open wound and is still losing her hair. Frontline is crap, I have treated my dog and cats as I do monthly all of them still have fleas and scratch more then they did before. He is back to Frontline Plus with no problems. He is a little better today. A review of Frontline Plus side effects and the safety literature on fipronil was done on behalf of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). did ur dog ever recover my dog is the same age currently going through this :(. I turned on the light and her eyes looked crazy. I was so scared she was going to die. Fleas are bad - very bad - and ticks are even worse! These toxins irritate your pet’s skin, cause dermatitis and anaemia and can even lead to paralysis or death. Bravecto® for Cats Review | Ingredients & Side Effects. CAUTION. cat's body and is stored in the sebaceous or oil glands of the skin. This was not the first time I've used FrontLine on them and if I had known about these side effects I would NEVER had subjected my furbies to this poison. Today she has to be picked up to go outside to potty. I bathed my dog and he immediately got up and started acting normally, Fantastic news. Fleas have a four-stage life cycle: adult, egg, larva and pupa. Strange. Please also report your pets reaction to the manufacturers. After using Frontline Plus for cats during the last week of August 2019 our beloved cat Annie died on September 1, 2019. I put it on one of my feral kittens after she was spayed. Frontline can also be used to treat Flea Alergy Dermatitis. When you say wash the cat, is this sufficient or should I be washing more of her than just the area where it was put on? But with some dogs and especially sickly or old ones, it does! I used a small amount of advantage for cats 1.5 lbs on my 3 lb cat that I had split between all 3 of them about a month ago however she still had issues with fleas so even tho i still had a week of so to go b4 it had been a month I went ahead and applied about the same amount of frontline on her (again splitting it between them) a couple days later I started noticing a terrible rotten egg smell and finally figured out it was coming from her shes passing gas and it is the worst thing ever. Frontline is a medication Help what should I do? After almost $400 of fluids, anti nausea, and blood panel, she is still not meowing, eating or moving around much. I immediately bathed her in dish soap. Frontline Gold has caused my dog to start having seizures. They have products to spray in your house or yard also. Wish I never switched. For Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens. I can pass on a message if you haven’t heard from her. Let us understand the functionality of this ingenious product in detail. I don't understand why the stand up for it. I washed her a couple of times and she’s happily back to normal. And when he is outside his symptoms seem gone. She is still not able to move her rear legs or even support herself after 4 hours. Our cat reacted after being treated with Frontline. Side effects also differ depending on which animal is being treated, as dogs and cats have different reactions to the treatment. Pet owners should read and follow package instructions before a vet check. I put frontline on my 11 year old cat and couldn't find her for two days. hypersensitive to flea saliva, they also develop dermatitis and By the next morning I noticed her scratching like crazy. I put her in another of her beds and she laid down and stayed there and went to sleep. Unfortunately, with almost otherworldly contortion abilities, she may reach it anyway. The only problem is because of the cedar oil, it made her fur clump and I had to brush her frequently to keep that from happening. But if it has had a reaction it’s important to never put any chemical based treatment on it again as the side effects will get worse with each treatment. Go to the product’s website and you’ll find all the info you need. By that night she was having problems walking. Heartguard had no negative effects on my cat or dog. They said that wouldn’t cause this. thank you, Yes my dog still doesn’t seem to have improved. i thought he looked tired, but he really alert i must say i was worried for nothing. Frontline Plus Cat, 8 Single Doses For use only on cats & kittens 8 weeks and older and weighing over 1.5 lbs Kills fleas, flea eggs & larvae, ticks, & chewing lice Fast-acting Long-lasting Waterproof It’s not dangerous and goes away on its own. She’s very lethargic too. An. Last night. The little dog recovered very well after that and loved having the cedar smell on her. My little dog began to have seizure-like symptoms which worsened over the months. Ticks also carry Lyme disease. The treatment comes in pipettes which is squeezed through your pet’s hair directly onto their skin between the shoulder blades where it can’t be licked. I have no idea what to do. But we didn’t, and it took 6 weeks in a dog baby buggy and hand feeding because she was blind and couldn’t hold her jerking head still enough to eat on her own. Cats should also be prevented Overview of Fipronil (Frontline®) for Dogs and Cats. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: fipronil: 0.29%. It seems that every time I apply front line to my Westie she looks really unhappy, I'm thinking she is old enough to be showing that she experiences dome adverse reaction mentally. averell1841213279 over a year ago. My dog was treated with frontline,since then hes scratching more,over salivating and has chronic diarrhoea. from roaming outdoors, as ticks and fleas mostly latch onto the body Secondly sphe begins to start itching and losing fur as soon ASD winter comes and the ground freezes, I stop giving front line to her and the itching and hair loss stops. She cannot go up and down any steps. This medication can have a number of side effects though, and these usually appear when the medication is not administered properly or when an overdose is given to your pet. The ingredient fipronil affects adult fleas, lice and ticks, and methoprene affects the flea eggs and larvae. He started being very lethargic, vomiting and not moving. As a cat owner, there is every likelihood that your furry friend may get unlucky enough to attract fleas and ticks. weeks of age. Vomit, diarrhea, loss of appetite, hid behind furniture, issues walking upstairs. important to avoid using the treatment along with other pesticides. He still refuses to believe that was the cause.