name clipart., Corporate Product Identification for Dinotefuran ready to use: 2-methyl-1-nitro-3- [ (tetrahydro-3-furanyl) methyl] guanidine. DINOTEFURAN TECHNICAL MATERIAL . Below is a list of Dinotefuran insecticide that is intended for home-use, gardens, and plantations. CIPAC No: 749 . It is a unique and new molecule which has a systemic action and translaminar action. * Free Shipping is available to the continental United States only. Can't find the product you are looking for? Inert Ingredient: 800 g/kg. It is under patent in many countries including Australia, China, EU, Indonesia, Japan, Switzerland, and the U.S. Low toxicity against mammalian, birds and aquatic organisms. China Dinotefuran manufacturers - Select 2020 high quality Dinotefuran products in best price from certified Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and factory on dinotefuran trade names. A non-pyrethroid, non-repellent insecticide that covers a wide range of common pests indoors and out. Most business name generators combine dictionary words to make longer names. dinotefuran (uncountable) A particular insecticide of the neonicotinoid class. English . A professional insecticide bait gel for indoor roach control that is labeled Reduced-Risk by the EPA, making it safer for the environment. Dinotefuran. Navnet er det merkeelementet som flest ganger forteller markedet om verdier og personlighet, kultur og funksjonalitet. CAS: N-methyl-N′-nitro-N″-[(tetrahydro-3-furanyl) methyl] guanidine . Dinotefuran is a neonicotinoid in the nitroguanidine class. Det … Oshin 20 SG acts as an effective contact-stomach poison to control various insect pests of mango. Relative density 1.33. It has a molecular formula of C 7 H 14 N 4 O 3. Namelix generates short, branded names that are relevant to your business idea. On this page, you can learn more about Dinotefuran and how it is a much safer form of pest control insecticide compared to other more toxic chemicals while still being effective and … Dinotefuran is a nicotine insecticide developed by Japan's mitsui corporation. BioAdvanced 701910A 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer, 10-Pound, Granules It’s a high-effective, wide spectrum insecticide. English Wikipedia has an article on: dinotefuran. Dinotefuran is most notably a staple active ingredient in the Alpine brand of insecticide products. When you save a name, the algorithm learns your preferences and gives you better recommendations over time. A flea and bed bug aerosol that contains Dinotefuran which is a reduced risk insecticide with 30 day protection and a IGR with 7 months of control for eggs. Display Name: (RS)-1-methyl-2-nitro-3-(tetrahydro-3-furylmethyl)guanidine EC Number: 605-399-0 CAS Number: 165252-70-0 Molecular formula: C7H14N4O3 A professional foam insecticide for carpenter ants, termites and other wood destroying insects and is a Reduced Risk by the EPA for safe termite control. 400 018, +91-22-6652 0520 The 'Distributor Name' list is a complete list of these names. Dinotefuran is a relatively new insecticide belonging to the class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, which are among the most widely used insecticides in the world. Common name Dinotefuran . A water soluble powder insecticide bait that attracts and kills house flies providing fast acting knockdown and relief. Its tetrahydrofuran group replaces the previous chloropyridine group and chlorthiazole group, and does not contain halogen elements. For foliar and systemic control of insects in ornamental plants and vegetable transplants in greenhouses, nurseries, interior plantscapes, outdoor landscape, and forestries. We sell professional do it yourself pest control (diy), exterminator and Et godt navn er derfor et viktig, strategisk verktøy for bedriften. Dinotefuran is a new furanicotinyl insecticide which represents the third generation of neonicotinoid group. A professional aerosol insecticide that kills flies by contact and residual baiting for 30 days for commercial and residential indoor and outdoor applications. Best Price Dinotefuran 20%sg , Find Complete Details about Best Price Dinotefuran 20%sg,Dinotefuran 20%sg,Dinotefuran Insecticide,Dinotefuran from Insecticide Supplier or … Dinotefuran (Ref: MTI 446) Last updated: 02/01/2021 (Not known by any other names) It should be applicable toTC produced by this manufacture r but it is not an endorsement of Mumbai An innovative Japanese product (Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc.) that is highly effective in controlling several insect pests, Its high solubility made it highly systemic with translaminar action, It is very effective especially against resistant insect pests, It is also ideal for your rainy season pest control management, Though very efficient in controlling insect pests, it still has favourable toxicological property on humans and animals compared to other, Please fill in the form below to send us your enquiries. This dust contains the active ingredient of Dinotefuran, a non-repellent insecticide, and Diatomaceous-earth that controls a broad-spectrum of crawling and flying insects. Dinotefuran insecticide control of insects. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Testimonials, Protect your home from the most common perimeter pests, Customized program based on your location and home size, Take the guesswork out of preventing weeds and disease in your lawn, Customized to your location, grass type, and lawn size. Noun . It has a good residual foliar activity and has a low hazard to mammals. IUPAC: (RS)-1-methyl-2-nitro-3-(tetrahydro-3-furylmethyl) guanidine . Properties: White solid from isopropyl ether, mp 94.5-101.5°. Utallige variasjoner av navn er allerede registrert som varemerker og domener. Generic Name: Common Name: Trade Name: EPA PC Code: Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number: Year of Initial Registration: Pesticide Type: Chemical Class: Registrant: Dinotefuran (N-methyl-N‘-nitro-N“-[(tetrahydro-3-furanyl)methyl)]guanidine) Dinotefuran Dinotefuran, MTI-446 044312 165252-70-0 2004 Insecticide Neo-nicotinoid Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. A professional contact kill insecticide aerosol with the active ingredient of Dinotefuran, the same as Alpine Dust that controls many crawling and flying insects. Vectra for cats and Vectra 3D for dogs contain Dinotefuran. Dinotefuran. Common products that we carry with dinotefuran are alpine aerosols, alping dusts, alpine termite foams and alpine baits. Dinotefuran is a relatively new insecticide belonging to the class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, which are among the most widely used insecticides in the world. Avoid application when mangoes are in full bloom. Log P (octanol/water): -0.664 (pH 7). A professional systemic insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential outdoor landscape ornamental plants and turf-grass. - Dinotefuran is an insecticide of the neonicotinoid class, its mechanism of action involves disruption of the insect's nervous system by inhibiting nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. In addition, the PMRA is granting registration for the sale and use of the following three end-use products, Seclira Pressurized Insecticide (former name Prescription Treatment Brand Alpine Pressurized Insecticide), Seclira Dust Insecticide (former name Prescription Treatment Brand Alpine Dust Insecticide) and Seclira Cockroach Gel Bait Reservoir (former name Prescription Treatment Brand Alpine … [ Fields marked with * are mandatory ], Poonam Chambers, Dinotefuran. CAS Registry No: 165252-70-0 . Sucking insects such as aphids, plant bugs, leafhoppers and mealybugs.