It does not fade or change due to wear and tear. The newer Corian sinks are made differently. Any help / tips / solutions welcome. Call the installer, or another installer, by the looks of it it will probably be easier for them to replace the sink then to try to chase all the cracks. To avoid problems, always use hot pads or trivets underneath hot pans and baking dishes. The company offers small and large kitchen sinks with a single or double basin, as well as a line of bathroom sinks. Sometimes solid surface tops can crack and need repairing, but most often sinks just look bad. No other worktop material offers the design flexibility, texture and inlays. A thorough cleaning with a strong cleaner and, if necessary, sanding with fine sandpaper can help restore an old solid surface sink to its former glory. Relax, its Corian.-zen The Corian material is not the problem, the problem is that Corian has a terrible overflow drain design. Since there is not big box, it may be an even more difficult repair. Even with the new design, mine let go. big problem here , i have an 873 corian sink bevel mounted ,big bowl has cracked at waste ,i now have found out that i cannot get another 873 a sink they are discontinued,only an 873s undermount .removeing the top is not an option. The absence of visible joints and option of having a matching corian sinks creates a completely seamless appearance of the corian worktop. I too have a Corian sink and have noticed it smells more than my previous porcelain sink. The overflow tube has a 90 degree bend and glues into the sink without a box. It … Kitchen options include apron-front sinks and countertops with integrated sinks. Im about ready to cut the sucker off the bottom of the counter & put in stainless. help It is also sunlight resistant. I like the look of Silestone better for one thing, but it also has some advantages over Corian that work for my needs. Corian is a line of solid-surface sinks and countertops manufactured by DuPont. Corian is durable and easy to maintain. Corian countertops are actually a type of solid surface countertops which are manufactured by the company, DuPont. 06. 08. Looks like a product problem. Corian heals. Then we have to clean off the marks, etc. It’s a plastic box that’s glued onto a vent cutout of the bowl. We do, and any time we try to wash an aluminum pan or whatever, it leaves marks on the sink. The OP has a valid concern. If you dont like the installer, its important to tell Dupont, because they dont want an installer damaging a good reputation. LG's sink is an acrylic polyester hybrid. The company that makes Corian actually has a new product out that doesn't have the same issues that Corian had in the past. The weakness of solid surface is that it loses luster over time and can look dull and dingy due to grime and scratches. There is no box around the overflow. A quick primer about other look a likes: Corian and LG HiMACS are the only 100% acrylic solid surfaces, with Corian being the only one with 100% acrylic sinks. Allow cookware to cool before placing it in Corian sinks, as well. Hi Ivan The "standard" method I've used a couple of times for sink removal in-situ (i.e. where it is not possible to remove the worktop/counter) is a specialist sink removing tool, based on the router like the Pinske Edge tool which allows in-situ removal of sinks even when the worktop/countertop has an upstand (very common). The best thing about it is that, it is possible to use a similar type of material for the sink also. 07. I decided on Silestone over Corian recently - with a drop in iron sink, rather than a stainless steel sink. It was introduced forty years ago and since then, has been one of the most popular materials used by people for their kitchen.