Posted Feb 20, 2011 10 Questions - Developed by: Adam Abdul - Developed on: 2015-05-02 - 9,955 taken Being religious is the belief that there exists a Super Human power above you. Add Amidha Buddhism to your cart at no cost before checking out of life. Popular Quizzes Today. I accept there is a higher being, one who has a greater plan for us all, There is a higher being, but it also began with man, just like us, I believe there is something spiritual but not necessarily a higher being, It was created over a number of days by a higher entity. makes it easy to get the grade you want! The quiz below is designed to help you do just that. But have you ever wondered which beliefs are right for you? Am I Religious? Judaism, Taoism, Confucianism . Why do you believe there is suffering in the world? Here’s your chance to find out. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1. Take this quiz to find out which religion may best suit you. And how do you use a proper noun? Are you a spiritual person but find that your religion is lacking? These revealing quiz questions will probe into your personality and habits to reveal what your true religion is! How strict do you think religion should be? What religion should you belong to? See what others are saying about religion and this selector. Quiz: Are You A True Star Wars Series Fan. Choose the most appropriate answer. Maybe you want to consider another faith or reaffirm your beliefs? However, bear in mind that the social resistance is inevitable if you are to change your religion. equality, anti-poverty, education) should be fundamental to my belief group. There’s nothing wrong with stopping in, looking around, and seeing what, say, Islam is all about. Quiz sur les religions Reliez le livre sacré à sa religion 1. What three religions focus on the same God which was also the God of Moses? Shéerazade dit : 30 mai 2014 à 17 h 32 min. Take our short, 15-question quiz, and see how you do in comparison with 10,971 randomly sampled adults who were asked these and other questions designed to measure the public’s knowledge about a wide range of religious subjects. This quiz can be given as a "pop quiz" or even as start-of-period bell work. You must WORSHIP: 9. As of Dec 12 20. SALVATION, HEAVEN, EXALTATION, ETERNAL REWARD, ULTIMATE LIBERATION, FULL ENLIGHTENMENT, COMPLETE SPIRITUAL HARMONY, MERGER WITH GOD, ETC.).8. Are you a fan of figuring out layers of your personality you didn't realize were hidden from the rest of the world? If you don’t have a religion yet, then you should ensure that you get one that best fits you. Check out your family and friends' opinions on your idea of becoming religious. Je voudrais savoir mieux encore pour la culture générale car j’aimerais bien connaître tous les religions. Faith is a lot like optimism. 13. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. Choose one. Let's see if we can guess your faith! What are your feelings about a higher being? 0. With just a few pieces of information, we believe we can guess which faith is in your heart, so take this quiz! Religion Test: What Religion Should You Be? Without it we could have no hope. 15. 7 Minute Quiz 7 Min. Choosing religion can have various consequences for your social life. Answer: Angkor Wat. WHAT IS THE NUMBER AND NATURE OF THE DEITY(IES)? NEXT> 2. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . How much do you know about religion? Do you enjoy discovering more about yourself? Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But have you ever wondered which beliefs are right for you? There are ten multiple-choice questions asking information about the world's major religions. Which religion should I choose? should be fundamental to my belief group. Choose a Religion Quiz Stats. - Q1: Quel mouvement est le plus éloigné de toute religion ? If so, read on and answer honestly. 5 réponses à Quizz : Religion (4) nouria63 dit : 8 juillet 2015 à 11 h 41 min. Open/Close Menu teach the faith by making fun of stuff Which core beliefs appeal to you the most? By Admin On Jul 7, 2018 Last updated Apr 28, 2020. Many religions share roots -- Christianity and Islam both stem from Judaism, for example -- and every religion has similar tenets. And I definitely believe that GOD has a sense of humour, I know I've experienced it. Quiz De A à Z : Religions : 26 questions sur (presque) toutes les religions. Choose one. Thank you for becoming a member. Sometimes we just need to not take ourselves so seriously. Religion Quiz Questions. Religion is one thing that gives people hope and a sense of belonging. 20. 2. It is the world’s largest religious structure. Once you are certain of a choice, take it, since no one beside you will bear the responsibility for your choice of religion. Well, given that there are thousands of nuanced religions and faith groups and countless individual beliefs, you are right - it is impossible. Je le trouve assez intéressant, 12/15 Aurais pu mieux faire :o) Merci pour le quizz. 1. Elective abortion should be a woman's choice. Especially after proving you were meant to be Jewish with this quiz! 3. 17 Comments. WHAT ARE THE ORIGINS OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE AND LIFE ON EARTH? Privacy statement and explanation of selector methods. Quiz Les religions : Testez-vous sur la connaissance des religions. Maybe you can, but I can't. Share. World Religions & Traditions – Learn about Religions Around the World Part 1 . Nowadays they do much more harm than good. Answer: Jainism, a religion with many adherents in India, observes the principle of ahimsa , which means "without taking life." Coran 4. Répondre. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. How willing are you to devote yourself to your religion? PERSONALITY. It is commonly regarded as consisting of a person's relation to God, gods, or spirits. Do you believe in God? Which religion should I choose? And how do you compare with the average American? We're simply organisms living on this earth, We are here to worship God and to live our lives without sin, To love and serve God in his creation of this world and his plan for it, It tests our belief and is a result of sin, It serves the greater plan of God on our way to salvation, We cause our own suffering because it's evolutionary, we're all still animals really, That there is only one true almighty and he created the world we have today, There are a trinity of beings, physical and spiritual, that we should look towards for guidance, Man is his own person and is able to develop its own codes to live by, The we should follow the standards set by our elders and that no state in life (happiness, suffering) is constant, I'm willing to pray/meditate/embrace my religion multiple times a day, I'm willing to pray/meditate/embrace my religion once a day, I want to have something I can turn to if I need it, I'm willing to pray/meditate/embrace my religion semi-regularly, Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Homosexual behavior should be regarded as immoral, or out of harmony. Roles for women and men should be prescribed. Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism. 4 réponses à Quizz : Religions (3) Selwa dit : 13 février 2014 à 18 h 28 min. 4. 6. Choose one. PERSONALITY. by Pilgab Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. You can even believe in God without going to church. 8. Question: What religion practices nonviolence? 1) What is the largest religious structure in the world? World Religion 101 Quiz. QUESTIONS 13-20: HOW SHOULD YOUR RELIGION OR BELIEF SYSTEM REFLECT THE FOLLOWING ISSUES? You must participate in certain sacred rites of your faith group. WHAT HAPPENS TO HUMANS AFTER DEATH? How do you feel about confessing your sins? Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. Un quizz à ne surtout pas manquer : Qui est le Messie pour les chrétiens ? 17. How to Choose a Religion, What's Your Flavor? Organized religions are leftover evidence of the human tribal instinct. Take this quiz and we tell you. What Religion Am I? Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe. Choose one. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SUFFERING IN THE WORLD? Non-violence (including pacifism, opposition to the death penalty, etc.) Give it a try and tell us what you get. Played 7,962 times. Islam. Veda A. Bouddhisme B. Christianisme C. Islam D. Judaïsme E. Hindouisme 8 1D, 2E, 3C, 4B, 5A, 6E My response is the same every time: You may not believe me, but I didn't choose any such thing, and I can't just 'choose' to start believing. The world is full of colorful and fascinating religions, some ancient, some modern. 19. Upanishad 3. A temple dating back to the early 12th century, Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia. In which religion a number of Gods called ‘Kami’ are worshipped? ONE OR MORE SPIRIT BEINGS EXIST WHO CAN CAUSE HUMAN SUFFERING. How much do you know about dinosaurs? Torah 2. Can We Guess at What Age You Became Religious? Sometimes it's just good to believe that things happen for a reason. 5. Free to print (PDF file). 14. Choose ALL that apply. To achieve the Ultimate Reward or Reality, GOOD WORKS (DEEDS) AND COMPASSION are: 12. c’est bien de connaître l’islam et de savoir les autres réligions. Revering (and/or worshiping) nature should be fundamental to my belief group. Do you want to get in touch with your spiritual side a bit more? Any way to pray is fine, as long as you allow everyone else to pray however they choose. Faith is very important. 1. Name the ethical practice in Jainism of not causing harm to any living thing: Answer: Ahimsa. Post your own comments too. Répondre. If your religious beliefs stem from multiple sources, then you could consider foregoing church and organized religion … Start Quiz Choose one. 18. An overview of the world's religions. Here's a simple and quick quiz … The questions mimic those typical on state proficiency exams.