The course … The 160th SOAR actively seeks and assesses the best-qualified aviators, crew members and support personnel in the Army. Asymmetric Warfare Group. Assessment and Selection Phase I All Marines must attend the 3-week Assessment and Selection Phase I Course held at Camp Lejeune, NC. When it comes to warfare, brute force doesn't always do the trick. Operational Advisor (U9) Assessment and Selection takes place at Fort AP Hill, Virginia. The Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group is a task force of soldiers trained to identify and exploit weaknesses in an enemy combat unit. It is based at Fort Meade, Maryland and comes under the command of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). By: Saskia Traill, Senior Vice President, ExpandED Schools ExpandED Schools helps schools and partnering after-school providers create a shared vision for working with young people. Special Forces Assessment And Selection (SFAS) Special Forces Assessment and Selection is designed to test your survival skills, and places an even stronger emphasis on intense physical and mental training. Assessment, Selection and Training . A&S Prep Course. The A&S Preparatory Course precedes A&S and is designed to prepare applicants for the rigors of assessment and selection. Center and School Special Forces Assessment and Selection. All land navigation courses are conducted day and night under heavy loads of equipment, in varied weather conditions, and in rough, hilly terrain. This is considered the first proper phase of Special Forces training which continues onto the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). The first phase of the Special Forces Qualification Course is Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS), consisting of 24 days of training held at Camp Mackall.. Events in SFAS include numerous long-distance land navigation courses. Attendance at SFAS will require you to perform physical tasks such as climbing obstacles, by use of rope, 20-30 feet high, swimming while wearing boots and the Army Combat Uniform, and traveling great distances cross country while carrying a rucksack with a minimum of 45 pounds. Members of this unit are three-time volunteers: for the Army, for airborne training and for the regiment. The Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) is a special mission unit of the U.S. Army. A&S Phase I is a comprehensive program that teaches and conducts fitness-oriented events around the MARSOC Performance and Resiliency Program (PERRES). How to Join the Army Asymmetric Warfare Unit. Sometimes a bit of finesse is needed. Candidates should be expected to complete multiple PT standards before starting A&S, to include: The Asymmetric Warfare Group provides operational advisory support globally and rapid solution development to the Army and Joint Force commanders to enhance Soldier survivability and combat effectiveness, and enable the defeat of current and … C Squadron was the unit's selection and training element, handling training and assessment of AWG members, as well as providing linkages to service and joint training entities. The course lasts seven days and is offered twice a year, in March and September. For detailed information on Prep, check out our Prep Course page..