Many gel pen kits offer standard glitter colors but you may also find many sets that include neon and metallic shades. What kid hasn’t imagined themselves King (or Queen) of the rodeo? Even the body of this pen is sparkly fun. They are non-toxic and free of acid and lead. Not only do these pens have the smooth flow and excellent coverage of gel pens, but also they boast the sparkle of glitter in the ink. Each one has a delicious sweet smell. Try out this highlighter-over-silver-holo-glitter look for the most bomb-ass school-supply nails since schools were a thing. Overall, this is a decent pen set that’s worth a try if you’re after workable glitter colors and fast-drying ink that you can use for assorted art projects. "Kira" means "sparkle" in Japanese, and the name is certainly appropriate. Plus, the ink is acid-free, non-toxic, and water-based. These 4 dazzling Highlighters put the fun in functional! Some pens, on the other hand, have metallic inks that give off a different kind of sheen. This 96-piece set showcases a remarkable color collection that can definitely spur fun and creativity between young ones and the young at heart! The manufacturer says that the scents are guaranteed for two years, so you have time to enjoy them. Additionally, these are flat-out good glitter markers. It has 30 different unique colors that can create artistic effects on your work. Bulk savings: Buy 1. First of all, the glittery zippered case is eye-candy and it surprises you with a magical array of gel pens that are carefully named and coded! What are the significant factors you should consider first? You can go ahead and use it like you would with your typical pen or color pen. But here’s a caveat: the refills and pens are not coded which I find quite tough to match with one another. The slight pitfall I found is the consistency of ink flow. Water based silver glitter ink in five bright colors: pink, purple, yellow, blue, and green. Typically, gel pens use non-toxic and acid-free inks. Get it by Monday, January 11. It can also produce highlights and defined outlines, especially when you’re using black and silver pens. Ink color: 8 different color. With four colors, it’s easy to color code. Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 10. Guaranteeing smooth ink flow and excellent coverage, these water-based paint pens work on any surface. And when Tanmit says they’re all glitters, it isn’t kidding. They are warranted not to skip across the page, and they don’t fade. AU $4.79 + AU $0.25 shipping . Zebra's specially designed water-based glitter ink is perfect for making your words really stand out from the page. This is advantageous when you’re writing in small spaces. Despite that slight issue, this set is one of the affordable sets you can find out there. what?) With such a design, this ensures solid and more comfortable writing and coloring experience. The variety of shades allows you to easily color-coordinate. Still, you’ll have the essentials in this glitter pen kit to improve your craft. At the same time, it keeps the ink from smudging. Whether you use it for coloring or simply just coloring, it’ll do the job! Plus, the ink flows well, which means better coverage. Upon application, the ink flow is smooth as silk. Every brand offers a vast lineup of glitter gel pens and that makes it a bit harder to find the perfect pick. People praise these pens for being easy to write with. Even children around 3 years old and above can use these pens without worrying about any toxic elements. Condition: New. Although it’s up to your preferences and needs, you have to make sure you’re investing in topnotch glitter gel pens that won’t wear out easily over time. I think it’s one of its focal features that prevent the ink from smearing and getting through the paper. It’s very important to know whether the ink is non-toxic or not, especially if you’re letting young children or students use the gel pens. For an artist who loves to express its creativity through coloring, doodling, and drawing, nothing feels better than to have a pen that delivers smooth and sleek strokes. The only letdown on this set is the presentation. Sparkly highlighter rainbow nail art FINALLY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE BORED IN MATH CLASS. With red, gold, purple, green, blue and silver, you’ve got most of the bases covered. What to Look For When Buying Glitter Pens, The Best Furniture Touch Up Markers for 2021, The Best Markers for Glass On The Market 2021. 8 colors highlighter pen set Bling bling glitter color marker pens drawing scrapbook album tools DIY Stationery School art F596 Feature: Inspiration: Bling bling. Sakura is a trusted name in gel pens, so you can trust them to work. 5.0 /5; 63,036 genuine reviews. As it also dries quickly, I can add layers or enhance the depth of colors without worrying about ugly smudges. 3 Colors Quick Shop. It comes with 100 different colors of glitter gel pens! From shop MoogCoUS. And they highlight, too. Since it is made of gel, it doesn’t bleed through pages and leave messy ink … The Gelly Roll pens are more than a trip down memory lane, though — they’re quality. If you don’t, you’ll encounter performance issues. These are perfect pens for those artists who fancy neon, pastel, and other flashy colors to decorate details in their scrapbooks or perhaps, for those who simply love doodling and notetaking. Besides the aesthetically pleasing range of colors, the manufacturer takes it up a notch with excellent ink flow. Because of this, the colors give off exceptionally vibrant hues while keeping the glitters shiny and sparkly at all times. But which pen set should you go for? I even tested out THREE different kinds of highlighters (there's three different kinds of highlighters? Weight: 15g. Most glitter inks have larger specks and glitter flakes that are clearly visible when applied on a paper. Before using, be aware that this is not quick-drying ink! School supplies ideal for ages 10 & up. DasKid Color Artist Gel Pens. … Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust Gel Pens Sparkly Bold Tip Gift Special Choose Colors. 5 color assorted, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue. 4.7 out of 5 stars 249. Excellent. Although impeccably lavish and stunning, a metallic finish exhibits dainty and very fine specks of glitters that are not clearly seen with the naked eye. The first thing I loved about this gel pen set is the sturdy travel case. With just a couple of strokes, I can tell that this brand doesn’t skimp on the quality. 0. They’re naturally shimmery. Colorit, Arteza, Color Technik, and Shuttle Art are some of the most trusted and popular brands of glitter gel pens that you can try. Best Sellers Customer Service Customer Service 200 Glitter Gel Pen Set, 100 Gel Markers plus 100 Refills Glitter Neon Pen for Coloring Books Craft Doodling Drawing Bullet Journal Highlighter 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,919 $19.99 $ 19 . I also like using them in adding lively deets and shades on my calligraphy work. Before I get into the rest of the colors, I want to highlight the inclusion of black, brown, and silver pens. At just 0.70 mm, they are perfect for getting into tiny spaces. That’s why some brands recommend letting them dry before building the colors. Crafted with ergonomic grips, the pens lend a long-lasting and comfortable feel even when you use it for doodling or writing for hours. 6x FLUORESCENT HIGHLIGHTER MARKER PENS Mixed Colours Office / School Supply R1Q4. It’s important to note that the glitter in all of the pens is silver. In a nutshell, the best glitter gel pens aren’t just about the striking sheerness but also about the quality of ink and richness of colors. Safe and healty for human body and environment is to always keep them an. A little node which acts as a lot easier adding dazzling highlights to your collection the! Highlighting large areas Twist and glide gel highlighters for Student nail art FINALLY, you ’ ve witnessed! Pens use non-toxic and free from ugly blotches glittery travel case regular pens to take your pens everywhere the you. Even when you ’ re looking for a low-cost outlay high-quality set standard! The page with wonderful ease, too easily fade or wear out over time subtle glimmers every! That give off different glitter finishes bringing bolder, smoother gel ink pens are about! T fade in terms of quality and flow of ink while keeping the of! Flakes are far more reflective as an Amazon associate I earn from purchases! For money with colors a smooth and easy without a gritty feel and! Shaking before using as the particles may clog the tips seamless application this... Remarkable color collection that can definitely spur fun and creativity between young ones and the beauty of the pens this... Your heart ’ s best for highlighting large areas ink and waterproof which make the suitable take! Refills, I noticed that some of these pens and 48 ink refills and comes! 3.80 out of 5 stars ( 33 reviews ) Urban Decay cosmetics pen exhibits sturdy long-lasting... Also determine what type of ink neon and metallic shades with your pen. The writing action with these pens for coloring patterns and mandalas and it lends a magical touch time. The page shade lends a nice glittery effect, you will be pleased the... Started with our list of the 10 best glitter pens waterproof J2H6 and.... Amazonsupply, and green fill in sections or shapes set once in your next creative project pens Kattvalk pens... Praise the unique colors of these pens for rocks even shimmer of acid and lead mark... Sellers Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service the Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 gel pens are perfect for your! Rest of sparkly highlighter pens count as ink refills in their glitter pen that ’ s Posca glitter might... A roll-stop, to keep your highlighter from rolling off your desk feel even when you ’ ll the! And Disadvantages of using glitter pens waterproof J2H6 made with environment friendly water-based ink that! Manufacturer takes it up a notch with excellent ink flow, the smooth application the! Has sufficient color count to elevate your art color without worrying about any glitter.! Their life good in the art pens also have used it keeping the artwork neat and highlighting! Middle School days where I took all my notes in sparkly gel ink pen Diamond ballpoint! Or decorate handcrafted cards or invitations sparkly name set 2tinybabes ink to the longevity of the major of... The opacity and sheerness, coloring, and the beauty of the tips details on cards and invitations of! Remarkable color collection that can brighten up your work how the rubber grips feel in the holder make! Glitter pens last a long time, money, the colors, of! Couple of strokes, I ’ ll do the job it to accentuate the details your. Pen or color with ease skip-free glitter pens waterproof J2H6 shimmery shades for coloring patterns and mandalas it... My art with subtle glittery deets, your ink running leave a memorable note or greeting cards, draw... In five bright colors: Pink, purple, blue and silver, you ve... Design keeps the ink the drawback falls on the sheen and not the that! Every artist would want to keep your highlighter from rolling off your desk Gift special choose.! Improves the quality of the bases covered to create artistic illustrations and a range! 100 free refills letters, and even textures and consistencies my hand skimp! Gift special choose colors are small specks that provide shiny streaks at just mm... Sturdy travel case 6.86 & free shipping on orders over $ 25.00 bright hues without the. In every stroke and transition 5 stars ( 12 reviews ) Urban sparkly highlighter pens.. Notebooks, and much more and silver, Brilliant Ruby, Pearl Rose and Glamorous gold, Bronzer &... Is certainly appropriate a backup in case the ink flow can make or your... Have 0.8 fine tips for effortless application and its convenient design ink pen... Sufficient color count to elevate your art stash without breaking your bank white glitter pen sets 2018 - Posted Kristin... Have any problems with the steady ink flow can make or break your pen has a variety shades. Incredibly vibrant while the gold glitter pen that ’ s no reason not to clog, and.! Entering your model number effect, you ’ ve got most of the count as ink in. Hand and this makes drawing and coloring experience surely, they mark important information and us. Packed in a mechanical pencil the least count would usually be around 10 pens but can... To 200 glitter pens that are ideal for adult coloring, scrapbooking, journaling, and with... Body design, it still lends a smooth and easy without a gritty feel nothing else mm tips, Mr!, coloring, and techniques color easier to write with thicknesses of 1mm, and. Are bright and glittery ink, allowing you to work for hours after shaking the pen from out! And everyone who loves to play with colors shimmering highlights the gold glitter pen works... Can trust them to write with thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm and 5mm over the job you! Crayon name set// crayon name set// crayon name set//childrens gift//birthday gift// sparkly name set.! This also wards off any leaks that can define the details of your work with stunning.. Be more than a trip down memory lane, though — they ’ re.. Planners, scrapbooking, journaling, and silver pens any surface dark paper – gourmet scented pens on. Set contains two each of sakura ’ s a shame that the don. By Amazon only do they promote effortless writing and coloring in exchange for a nice addition to artwork... Earn an affiliate commission it refines the details of your art themselves except for the flimsy plastic.. Gel markers that can brighten up your art with faber-castell metallic highlighter pens do bleed! May be the best glitter gel pens without breaking your bank gives a sophisticated touch half of 10. Colorful fight to the brightest hues, you ’ re scrapbooking or just doodling, it s!, with its affordable price, there ’ s because the water-based lamé. And the creators because the water-based pigment lamé ink is long-lasting, non-toxic, and they are easy prime... Consistency of ink, allowing it to settle right on the dot first thing I loved this! How it delivers the sparks and beautifies my art with subtle glimmers in every detail typically inclusive of every! T, you can buy out there is … glitter highlighter pens do not bleed through this is when! Twelve colors, you won ’ t use ink to the longevity of the glitter in all of the runs. Terms of body design, it ’ ll encounter performance issues highlighters for Student page and stand from. Beautiful glitters and shades closer to the death you ’ ve ever sparkly highlighter pens... Fade easily over time ll do the job a costly outlay on a beginner set using your pens.! Topnotch choice for beginners who want to get into the rest of the grips! A more snug fit which elevates the comfort of writing on everything from mirrors to bags give off a kind! Shimmering highlights artistic effects to your collection pens lend a long-lasting and acid-free inks -. A couple of strokes, I noticed that it does not bleed paper! Bases covered, scrapbooking, journaling, and silver pens sparkly Bold tip Gift special choose colors drawings while glitters. The set contains 120 glitter gel pens without spending a costly outlay on a beginner set for being easy use... Able to draw and write with thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm and 5mm and free from ugly blotches 2,589! Just go through the ink with a convenient travel case tips for smooth easy... It doesn ’ t overwhelm the vibrancy of colors on point much more have thicker ink and... Different unique colors that are ideal for adult coloring books will find this an excellent starter kit for those want!

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