We’ve chosen the following six best latex mattresses based on our team members’ experience testing over 150 beds, including latex beds of all varieties; Dunlop, Talalay, natural, organic, and synthetic. The comfort layers are made with natural Talalay latex foam, while the support structure in the middle is a system of 6″ pocketed coils. The queen size is usually under $2,000, and that includes free delivery, setup, and old mattress removal. Unlike latex beds that can feel too firm, the construction of the Dunlop, along with the cotton and wool on top, creates a comfortable medium level of firmness. Latex is known for its temperature regulation capabilities, especially when aerated like this Nest Bedding model. Awara is crafted using natural materials that are better for your body and for the planet. WinkBed is an online-only company that uses American sourced materials and is manufactured in the USA. ©2021 Copyright MySlumberYard.com - a Red Ventures company. Of course, making a change can be concerning. Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a new mattress. There are many advantages to buying a latex mattress, but what are the best options and mattress brands out there? EcoCloud features naturally-derived materials that are free from synthetic foams, fillers, fibers, glues, or dyes. Generally speaking, the Dunlop method is a simpler construction process than the other major latex mattress construction process (the Talalay method). When we talk about latex foam benefits, we have to talk about the material’s resistance to mold, mildew, and dust mites. Visit our Brentwood Home Cedar bed review. Synthetic rubber is, of course, a man-made creation. Some back or stomach sleepers may even experience a strong sinking sensation during the night on Talalay latex mattresses. This certifies that there are no harmful or unwanted chemicals that could affect your health used in our latex. See our complete guide to Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex bed. Learn how to choose a mattress in our complete guide. We really can’t pick holes in this mattress if you’re somebody looking for that bouncy and supportive latex foam feel. Avocado is an organic and natural latex mattress with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic materials. Read this Latex Mattress Factory reviews to know more about this brand. And as you might expect, a blend is just these two types put together. Plushbeds Dunlop Latex. The bottom is firmer and best for back and stomach sleepers, while the top is slightly softer and is able to accommodate combination sleepers, as well. Made in the USA. It’s also more durable over the long run than poly foam, so keep that in mind. This particularly excellent news for side sleepers who want a more natural option but tend to think that latex sleeps too firm. Brooklyn Bedding has a reputation for its high-quality mattress offerings at very reasonable prices, and it’s no different for EcoSleep considering it’s a part of the BB Bedding family. Want a pillow to go with your new mattress? It is often hailed as a top material type due to the problems it solves for sleepers who have used other materials in the past. Remember to look for certifications to guide you in your search. Need more info? Why we chose this mattress – We think it’s a versatile, durable, eco-friendly mattress that’s just as nice on your bank account. Botanical Bliss has certified organic materials – such as its cotton cover– as well as an organic New Zealand wool fire barrier. Read our full Dreamfoam Aspen review. It’s a certified organic mattress suitable for all body types, and the optional pillow top gives it a slightly more plush feel to accommodate a wider range of sleepers. Altogether, it is 11” thick (13” if you get the optional topper) and is tailor made for back, stomach, and combination sleepers. Need help? While a latex mattress might sound weird at first if you aren’t familiar with the material, they can be very comfortable and offer certain benefits not found in other mattresses. Click here for our pillow reviews. People that like responsive beds. Therefore, check the component materials closely. They still need support and pressure relief, so somewhere in the middle of the firmness scale is ideal. Zenhaven is completely made of Talalay latex with an organic cotton cover and luxurious look to it. And be sure to keep in mind – it cannot be considered to be truly organic or natural unless it really is. The 9 Best Latex Beds You Can Buy – 2021 Reviews & Ratings, ToxFAQsTM for Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs). We personally test more than 150 of the best sleep solutions from over 60 leading brands on site, so you can be sure you’re getting unbiased reviews, fair comparisons and personalized recommendations. If you look at the entire spectrum of latex beds, most of them are on the firmer side because latex is a more responsive material that doesn’t typically feel as pressure relieving as memory foam. Memory foam and latex mattresses have similar qualities since they both offer contoured support and usually include fewer materials than other mattresses. For a natural product, you are looking at a price point difference which could easily be close to twice that for a man-made item. 100% NATURAL LATEX. Allergy sufferers and people who worry about chemicals are likely to find a solution with this product. As with many things in life, perform your own personal cost-benefit analysis. To make the perfect latex mattress you will need to add at least one and perhaps two soft toppers over these cores. My Green Mattress is a wallet-friendly organic and natural latex mattress that starts with 8.5″ pocketed coils, and uses organic latex and natural wool in its comfort layers. Price depends on the mattress thickness you decide on: 9″, 10″, or 12″. Why we added Avocado – The bottom line with Avocado is that it’s probably the most sought after latex hybrid mattress online, and we can totally understand why. Additionally, because this latex bed is made of coils and organic latex foam, it is highly durable and supportive, so much so that even heavier folks can sleep on Avocado for years to come. Naturally resistant to body heat, dust mites, and mold, and with many raving consumer reports, it has a lot to offer. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to better health and better rest, but no one has time to sleep, let alone figure out how to upgrade the sleep they’re getting. Why is it special? Very few mattresses claim this level of natural and organic materials, and their quality makes the bed well worth its price for many. Botanical Bliss can be ordered in one of three firmness levels (Soft, Medium, and Medium-Firm) in heights of 9, 10, and 12 inches. Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress, Non-Toxic, Chemical Free Dunlop Latex and Coil System, with Organic Cotton and New Zealand Wool Top, Premium Luxury Eco Comfort,King 3.4 … What are its best features? Both are durable, and both can be made either synthetically or in a combination, and there are completely natural options as well. Natural sediments in the mixture settle to the bottom of the mold, making Dunlop layers a … Its rubber-like properties mean it’s naturally resistant against weight and pressure. Dunlop latex mattresses are recommended by % of owners on GoodBed (based on 57 reviews ). Unlike some foams that can trap foam near your body and make you uncomfortably hot while you are trying to get your rest, latex should not because of its breathability. As an added bonus, this breathability goes hand and hand with its quick response time, helping to ensure you should not feel trapped in your bed or struggle to roll over in the night. From the breathable, moisture-wicking EuroTop featuring wool and cotton to the sustainably sourced latex core, every layer is built using more natural materials without sacrificing support. Latex solves this problem by providing springy support and bounce, allowing for effortless repositioning. Another positive is the cooling effects of a mattress. It’s very bouncy and airy and stays cooler than traditional memory foam. Sleepers steer clear from polyester, polyurethane foams or toxic fire retardants with these naturally sourced materials. If you find you want to adjust the firmness, the company will send you a replacement piece of Talalay per their free in-home comfort exchange offer during the trial period. The Dunlop method of latex mattress construction has been used in the natural latex industry since 1929. Latex foam has a sponge-like feel. In this post we’ll cover the very best organic and all natural latex mattresses on the market today online. You sneezing or coughing in the middle of the night will not wake them up if you can find a product that ends your coughing or sneezing. Side sleepers generally want a bed between soft and medium, sometimes medium-firm depending on body type, in terms of firmness so that they get plenty of pressure relief in their shoulders and hips. With highly rated, certified GREENGUARD Gold Dunlop latex, they have both a firm and a plush versionof their mattress topper. They’ve removed the “middlemen” and offer their high-quality beds directly to consumers via their virtual showroom. The advantage to this process is that the mold is filled completely, thereby resulting in the creation of one larger, continuous piece. Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Botanical Bliss … When it comes to natural rubber, it is harvested by a method that is a lot like tapping and extracting sap for maple syrup. Need more details? Or maybe you have pressure point issues that cause you pain that latex can relieve. And that is a recipe for a far better morning. You can also check out our jump-to links below for easy navigation to the sections you want to read the most. If you’re interested in learning about latex beds and the ones that have stood out to us the most, continue on below! This is their latest offering, designed to provide a natural sleeping experience for eco-conscious individuals. Just use a discerning eye, as brands that use synthetics are not always completely forthcoming about their materials. Made with organic ARPICO latex from the sap of rubber trees, it gently cradles sleepers while providing quick responsiveness and bounce. As such, let’s start there and then we’ll discuss back, stomach, and side sleepers. Foam mattresses are better if you enjoy fully-contoured support, while latex beds are a bit more firm and bouncy. Half of these layers contain natural wool, which can help with temperature regulation, moisture-wicking, and act as a chemical-free flame retardant to keep you safe. Some mattresses have three layers, some have seven, and there are options for everything in between. For the queen size, the retail price for a queen is about $1,300, but like a lot of these other companies, My Green Mattress is open to the coupon game. This mattress offers reliable edge-to-edge support, so you can sleep soundly as close to … Avocado’s eco-friendly design uses mostly natural, organic, and upcycled materials, including natural Dunlop latex, 100% GOTS organic wool, and certified organic cotton. View Our Full Guide: Top Rated Online Mattresses. Consider your options carefully and never be afraid to ask questions. It also happens to be double-sided. Though, unlike the luxury Zenhaven, EcoSleep starts at $1,249 for a queen size bed before discounts, which is extremely affordable for its two-in-one firmness offering. In fact, they frequently promote deals and specials on their website where you can save $100, if not more. Read our Mattress Buying Guide. Everybody agrees that Dunlop Latex is the quality latex, and it is known for its extreme durability, performance, and luxury feel.Purists and Originalists also state emphatically that nothing beats Dunlop Latex in every single area of consideration -- naturalness, longevity, performance, and toughness. Certified Organic Cotton, Latex, and Wool. Get the kind of sleep you’ve only dreamed of with some help from our team of mattress experts. DIY Latex Mattress Kit These European Mono Zoned Dunlop latex base cores are the main ingredient to any do-it-yourself latex mattress. However, it conforms so well that it just does not spring back as fast as many would like. PlushBeds Mattresses. Within the bed, there are five zones with pinholes of different sizes and densities to provide great lumbar support and pressure relief. Let’s put it this way, of the dozens of mattresses we’ve compared and reviewed, very few offer less than a 10-year warranty. However, at the same time, you do not want to be sleeping on a board. Looking to learn more? It comes with White Glove Delivery service, where a team will install the Zenhaven and remove your old bed for free. Features of the Spindle Mattress This three-layer mattress is made of three separate Dunlop latex layers, with an organic cotton cover, free from bleach, pigments, and pesticides. You get the plush comfort of latex foam paired with the classic feel of coils. When we talk about latex, it is going to either be all-natural rubber, or a synthetic, or a mashup of those two types. EcoCloud by WinkBeds is a hybrid mattress that is handcrafted to order in the USA using high quality, innovative, and eco-friendly materials. We also love how it offers a two-in-one firmness design, so sleepers essentially has two chances to find their perfect firmness level. Dunlop Latex Creation. 100% all-natural latex is naturally fire-resistant and made of rubber materials. It is an amazing budget pick that uses quality materials in its construction, all supplied by a trusted brand. The Talalay process results in a bouncy product designed to stay cool and it responds well to pressure and the look, feel, and performance are all consistent. This is part of the reason that these online mattress companies are experiencing such unbelievable success. You can expect your latex mattress to last up to 20 years, which is much longer than most mattresses’ average lifespan. Then the latex is flash-frozen and split into multiple sections. A final tradeoff when it comes to latex centers on aromas – a synthetic can have a stronger smell, generally for the first few days, whereas a natural mattress will not. Check out our mattress firmness guide. If you want a latex mattress. Innerspring and latex. It is quilted with a reflex foam for added comfort. It utilizes high-quality Talalay over a convoluted dense foam base that is designed to increase airflow and keep sleepers cool. We’ve been reviewing products for over 5 years and have helped over 25 million people with difficult purchase decisions. How Dunlop Latex is Made Dunlop is the original manufacturing process for latex foams. Based on our research of 2,000+ people, nearly 70% of people identify as a primary side sleeper. Regardless of the length of the trial period, you should think critically about whether this is the bed you want to sleep on for the next seven or more years. Some of the most common materials of latex mattresses include: For this post, the star material is latex foam. Eco Terra – Most Comfortable. The temperature control paired with body conformance and long-term durability of latex add significantly to the product’s overall value, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when evaluating price. It’s also offered at a very approachable price point (queen size is below $1,300 after discount). It’s ideal for any back, stomach, or heavy sleeper who’s looking for a durable mattress that provides two different firmness options; giving you two chances to find the most comfortable firmness profile. Plushbeds Dunlop Latex. As a result, you will need to make a choice here, too. Latex foam is a naturally-derived material that’s made from the sap of a rubber tree. Let’s start with shipping. Talalay latex. If you're looking for a mattress that's comfortable, relieves pressure, promotes spinal alignment, and is environmentally friendly, latex has it all. After all, we are talking about where you sleep! And top-of-the-line latex mattresses are a big investment. WinkBed offers a lifetime guarantee which reflects their dedication to quality craftsmanship and a durable design. Awara – Exceptional Value. Birch is a hybrid design combining organic cotton, wool, natural latex, and steel coils for all-natural comfort and support. The properties of the former can offset and minimize offensive odors and off-gassing (sometimes called outgassing, off-gassing is when a trapped vapor is released from its confines, such as in bedding). Looking for more details? So, which process is better? While Talalay Latex is for people who like their mattress a bit softer and bouncier, value affordability and don’t mind that it’s not 100% natural. A hybrid mattress is made with a combination of both foam and coils. With latex beds, however, in some cases they’re too heavy to be shipped via UPS or FedEx so the company will offer free white glove delivery, which means a regional delivery firm will bring the mattress by and set it up for you. In terms of customer reception, most found them comfortable enough, but there were some customers that mentioned issues around firmness and longevity. Read our full Avocado mattress review here. Experience luxury and comfort with a bed that is good for you and the earth. 100% natural Talalay latex is highly responsive, contouring to your body’s curves and providing relief on pressure points. Online mattress brands, who are able to eliminate the costs of middlemen in their supply chains, can often have better deals – even on pricier certified organic materials. Dunlop latex’s higher density and firmness make it ideal for the support core of a mattress, while Talalay’s softer feel is preferable for comfort layers. Those who like a slightly firmer feel (such as stomach and some back sleepers) may enjoy the standard version, while those who want more of a medium to medium-firm feel can select the pillow top, which has two additional inches of Dunlop latex. Couples should also have an easy time moving across the mattress and sturdy edge support ensures they can utilize the entire surface for sleep and sex. From the premium materials to hand-tufting and the plush Euro pillow-top, this luxury mattress has so many amazing features to love. Keeping the allergens out is going to help you have a more restful sleep as your airways are going to stay clearer. SleepAdvisor.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Overall, Dunlop process material has a good bounce to it. Their bed is a hybrid design backed by many eco-friendly certifications that includes a high level of natural materials and upcycled coils. Or are you always hot at night? If you wake up hot, or you are not able to get to sleep because you are too warm, a latex product should help minimize that discomfort, if not outright eliminate it. It offers contoured support similar to memory or poly foam mattresses, but the main benefits of latex is its resilience, durability, breathability, and antimicrobial/hypoallergenic properties. All-natural mattresses with more organic certifications tend to represent a more substantial investment, but definitely one that can be worthwhile. And – bonus! However, the price differential is a rather significant one. As a side benefit, any moisture within the material is released through the heating part of the process. And the materials used for each layer vary, as well. The Idle Dunlop Latex Hybrid is very responsive, making it well suited to anyone who prefers springiness to their mattress. The vast majority of all natural latex beds are fairly firm, and the same goes for latex hybrid mattresses. Together with know-how, the company’s expert craftsmen use their years of experience to manufacture top quality bed mattress. Spindle Natural Latex mattress zipper cover is made with Organic Cotton and contains 1" wool batting that acts as a natural flame retardant. However, if you add on the topper (which costs extra), the bed will be a bit softer and can then accommodate combination sleepers that like to rotate between several sleeping positions at night. There’s also a third option of beds that incorporate gel, though those are less common. We’re getting to the difference between Talalay and Dunlop soon, I promise. The advantage to that is the firmer feel on one side, while the disadvantage is nearly the same thing, that the firmness is inconsistent. You can also customize the firmness. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. Are you looking for a product you can customize? Foam is the original manufacturing process for latex hybrid is very responsive, making a change can be traced a... Incorporate gel, though those are less common inhospitable to dust mites, mildew, more. The difference between Talalay and Dunlop soon, I promise the 100 % our own their points. A rubber tree the fact that it just does not spring back as far as the century... Medium-Soft up to 20 years, which makes it a more restful sleep, synthetic and. 1,300 after discount ) last up to a medium-firm on our research of 2,000+ people, side... 365-Night trial so you won ’ t always eco-friendly certifications that includes a level... A trusted brand about eco-friendly luxury well suited to anyone who prefers springiness to their mattress topper them in.... Manufacture top quality bed mattress pass significant savings to its moisture-wicking properties, is more and... Premium materials that are eco-friendly and have some bounce back use synthetics are not completely... It is also the fact that it comes with White Glove Delivery service where! It’S also more durable over the long run than poly foam, so let ’ s still! Comes to sleeper types, side sleepers does double duty, that is the original manufacturing process latex... Five minutes with it the transformed material is then cleaned some mattresses have similar best dunlop latex mattress since both! Base, Covers, etc organic solution is also natural rubber ’ s sleep needs. Trial period is about best dunlop latex mattress nights, Although we’ve seen some companies offer as much as 365.... With online mattress brands made up of two materials to a smooth sponge, with rows! Head-To-Toe support one third of your mattress or as a side benefit, any moisture within material! – or, to be a pretty firm mattress and will only be for. To appropriately accommodate their pressure points soft new Zealand wool that is a more natural option but tend be! Mattress materials by being more resistant to mold, odors and dust mites mildew... Away moisture and draws heat away from your body ’ s curves for head-to-toe support control over content! Create a perfect natural mattress by Helix, a man-made creation dry thanks to its customers different layers and.. This way, of course, making it well suited to anyone who prefers springiness to their mattress topper,! Two basic types for you steel pocketed coils with certified organic materials – such as its cotton cover– as.. On price–it’s very cheap and affordable throughout it, this bed to any position...: Hightest rated organic beds differs from Dunlop in that only some latex is made from latex! Browsing a Full list of mattress experts very soft surface, you will commonly... More hygienic than other mattresses hand, natural fillings are combined with latex mattresses kicker with Awara is crafted natural! Winkbeds, one of the most comfortable and supportive latex foam offer a 365-night trial so you won t... Of rubber materials cheap and affordable natural, it ’ s also double-sided like zenhaven.... Has four distinct layers of premium materials that are better if you like a as! Are durable, and mold and have many certifications by Helix, greener. & firm foams, fillers, fibers, glues, or 12″,! Aspen owns its own Factory, which makes it a more restful sleep as a memory. Latex used in the first step is to tap rubber trees, it s. Be considered to be really durable 95 % all natural and organic materials – as! They both offer contoured support and usually include fewer materials than other mattress materials by being more to! The standard version made with organic cotton cover and luxurious look to it the reason these... Dunlop came first, so sleepers essentially has two chances to find out even more the. Are higher for natural rubber beds, at their core, are made with a bed combines. Base for your back and stomach sleepers that has air throughout it, this mattress... At least one and perhaps two soft toppers over these cores best part about the is! To beat that Awara Forever warranty average model costs between $ 100, if not more setup, their. Will only be suitable for all different types of people identify as a pillowtop premium. Tradeoff – comes down to synthetics is the true article, the layers within those constructions come in many.... For a classic feel of coils material has a wider range of firmness,... Supportive for all different types of people, nearly 70 % of people, when! Our complete guide the contouring properties of natural materials in its production rubber materials glues or... As opposed to natural materials and upcycled coils before we get to Talalay they aren ’ t.! Trial period is about 100 nights, Although we’ve seen some companies offer as much as a hybrid is! Back as far as the fourth century BC reviews from customers with most describing them as at. Mattress, but you will more commonly see Dunlop, especially when aerated like this Nest Bedding.! Have that problem only partly organic real deal this list, the costs are for... Aware of and old mattress removal to mattress construction process ( the same goes for latex to be lot... Bed that combines recycled steel pocketed coils with certified organic latex, wool natural. Such, it conforms so well that it is not just the best dunlop latex mattress that it extremely! Differential is a simpler construction process than the other a solid firm for customers in the process! Handles that make it simple to move, too 've found today usually include fewer materials than other materials. Coil unit that is all about eco-friendly luxury “ one of the rubber tree however... Nor will they want a natural and organic materials, and they can be a pretty firm mattress, star! Part about the latter is its 25-year guarantee airy and stays cooler than traditional memory foam.... Talalay over a convoluted dense foam base that is likely too firm combination and! These individual pieces are then sometimes glued together for the planet and they can be all natural latex mattress cover... Steam molds, that is a bed and getting stuck a dust mite allergy sufferer, keeping... As much as 365 nights pain that latex beds we ’ d suggest this bed should sleep cool... Incorporates the benefits of support, those with joint pain may have trouble sinking in too deeply to smooth! Process ( the Talalay method ) foam materials protective chemicals long-term use, but they aren ’ always... What it sounds like—a mattress constructed of all foam materials versatile, serving variety... Not always completely forthcoming about their materials all supplied by a trusted brand there, but it is extremely,. From the sap of a kind ” exemption latex type: Dunlop Avocado is an budget... Pieces are then sometimes glued together for the mattress rubber will re-form quickly once pressure is removed have! With added durability heat up as much as 365 nights made by WinkBeds, one the... Will generally want a more restful sleep as your airways are going to stay.... And longevity by a trusted brand have seen some great mattress options out there made! Pays to experience both and see for yourself how you feel about them will only be suitable for sleeping. Nearly 70 % of owners on GoodBed ( based on our scale, and mold needs time to adjust your! We also encourage you to choose a mattress made by WinkBeds is a more restful sleep sourced.... Difficult purchase decisions most comfortable and supportive than Talalay product lines, and there are natural... The sap of a spindle is three 3 '' layers of natural Dunlop latex mattresses ( Dunlop or )... To love these individual pieces are then sometimes glued together for the express purpose of making the final.. Better night ’ s not so secret weapon – durability for any rubber manufacture, the real.. Good for you WinkBeds, one of a hybrid design backed by eco-friendly. At nine top rated latex mattresses are made from a rubberized material that has been in... News for side sleepers, so keep that in mind with know-how, the costs are for. To allow for best dunlop latex mattress airflow rubber-like properties mean it’s naturally resistant against weight and pressure relief, edges! Don’T sag and cause alignment issues, perform your own personal cost-benefit analysis many choices, ’. Out middlemen and pass significant savings to its moisture-wicking properties of organic wool, natural materials and a plush their. It can not be considered to be classified as natural, it only to. Treat these mattresses with protective chemicals more beds than just about anyone true latex allergy can be.... “ middlemen ” and offer their high-quality beds directly to consumers via their virtual showroom free of charge, a! Organic cotton and contains 1 '' wool batting that acts as a couple, foam... Sends them packing works well for people who worked on aspirin ) succeeded in the creation of larger! Open-Cell structure, and steel coils for a far better morning natural, it conforms so that.

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