Item Requests Overview. Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) PC Cheats The PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 released on October 26, 2019. It’s just the usual unlock order these mission become available. Red Dead Redemption 2 – 100% Guide & Checklist, Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki & Strategy Guide, How to Level Up Health, Stamina, Dead Eye, Chapter 2: Money Lending and Other Sins (I, II, III), Chapter 2: We Loved Once and True (I, II, III), Chapter 3: The Course of True Love (I, II, Chapter 3: Money Lending and Other Sins (IV), Chapter 4: Brothers and Sisters, One and All, Chapter 4: Fatherhood and Other Dreams (I, II), Chapter 4: Money Lending and Other Sins (V), Chapter 6: The Course of True Love (IV, V), Chapter 6: Money Lending and Other Sins (VI, VII), Chapter 6: Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow (I, II),  Red Dead Redemption 2 – 100% Guide & Checklist, Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Table Game Locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Homestead Stash Locations, Red Dead Redemption 2 – Stranger Missions Walkthrough, Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Stranger Locations Map, Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Fastest XP Exploit / Glitch, Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough – All Missions, Cyberpunk 2077 Legendaries Guide (Legendary Weapons & Armor). I hope i get it lol. I can confirm this. I could do all bounties just fine after the story. Still, I’ll probably be killing and skinning everything I possibly can, so don’t think it’ll matter too much either way. i thought you would like to know as not many have covered this. There are also more than the 5 bounties that you need for 100%. I tested it and got the trophy/achievement without relying on either Sean or Javier. This trophy is unlocked when beating the story (finished Epilogue – Part II). Thanks for the guide! 2018-11-06: Added remaining Errand item locations & added some extra info to “Grin and Bear it” Reaching Bonding Level 4 (the maximum) will unlock this trophy. I looked at what caused it and somehow my game did it without all that. It’s looks like the “Western Stranger” trophy is buggy. Guess I might just enjoy this game. The “Money Lending and Other Dins III” is already in my mission log. about the mission, Money Lending and Other Sins (I, II, III) – in chapter 2, it only shows III in the mission log, I don’t know if I and II have already been counted. Lending a hand. Just a tip, for the trophy ”HOME COMFORTS” must buy all the flags at one time, otherwise it will not work! Man finding the Western Bull is so incredibly annoying. Instead, when you find one start walking slowly towards it. How to Grow Your Hair Faster in Red Dead Redemption 2 RDR2 features a full hair growth system that finally gives a realistic indicator of the passage of time. you only need 160/178. You can also start working on the challenges. There are multiple confirmations on this. Im at chapter 2 Maybe 30-40h for that, depends on how many you got on first try. The problem is in chapter 3…somebody experienced the same? You can view all horse breeds at any stables). Hey just a quick one PP, is there any way to check the item requests received from camp members (errand boy type) after they have been given? Simply kill a random person, pack them on the back of your horse, ride to Ambarino and wait on the road until someone comes riding along. I have not done anything else in Chapter 3 and in Rockstar Social Club the percentage has increased to 66%. Most time will go into the 200+ Collectibles and 90 Challenges. Leopold Strauss, a member of your Gang, the older loan-shark 🙂. There is one missable lion from a stranger mission but it’s not needed because it doesn’t get added to the compendium. Is it for him I saw after completing all the optional missions or do I need to do something else to unlock this trophy? You can tag multiple times after a headshot to increase your accuracy. Another glith had happened to me, or something alike. So you have a 100% trophy but in the checklist the tasks are very forgiving and not require full completion at all. 91 trophies ( 1 2 17 71 19 ) Legend of the West . I’ll just try to knock out the missable ones and see where I honestly from there, Not 100% sure you have to kill every single solitary animal for Skin Deep. *Note: You can’t go back to the chapter 5 island “Guarma”. =200h. I would like to know, why you put china pig and old pig on the chapter 5 animals list, if china pig and old pig are not Guarma animals, i have found them in regular gameplay world long time before i found them on guarma. Keep sleeping until the trophy unlocks. They are mostly just a sort of progression tracker for having done an action multiple times. Look at it on the map, impossible to miss. Rockstar don't do things by halves, and Red Dead Redemption 2's PC version certainly isn't lacking for graphics options. Errand boy You definitely don’t need bad honor to start this mission. As with the Tyrant, a trophy of the alpha's head is later seen hanging on the wall above the fireplace. You must keep playing the story to unlock the letter in the tent. Not sure what to do now. I also nearly didn’t do this mission, because I was going to give up after realising I missed one! Do Not Seek Absolution – have popped for me at the end of chapter 5. GOLD RUSH Trophy tip. What About Hand Grenades? However concerning “Friends with Benefits”, doing table games does count towards the trophy only if the icon has the characters initials on it. It seems that some animals, for example horses, can be studied but don’t need to be killed. Pearson – Hunting: Talk to Pearson at camp, he wants to go hunting. I did remember i collected money from a Polish guy, and a farmer, but i cannot remember doing the other one, but maybe i was just tired. I dont think the 5 dollars for abigail counts for the errand boy trophy as i did 5 including that and it didn’t pop (and thats the only one that didn’t say item request on the left for me) just a heads up. Quest for ” Money Lending and other sins IV” I did the 2 locations it said to debt collect even took the lady from his wife and son. You are my hero. I slept til Noon, Evening, Night and there’s nothing from Charles! Otherwise, the only option might be to use an old save and get it back? Do the chapters have timers? I‘m 1/3-1/2 through chapter 2 and haven‘t had a single errand request or a single companion activity in the camp yet…do they trigger at a certain point? You also don’t necessarily have to be on the winning team, either (in team matches). Is there something missing in the guide or is this glitched for some players? I’ve tried loading previous saves at various points in chapter 6, sleeping for days, waiting for days. Reloading check points, eating food, dying, etc. If I remember correctly part 1 and 2 are just cutscenes. If I go to their locations, it says that I can’t do them because of my recent crimes and I should come back later. Now comes the collectibles. You guys are totally right, Dpad left! Give to the poor They aren’t actual animals. You can Go to dutch and he asks to get a pipe gor him. It takes a few hours to reach maximum bonding level. So much stuff to do in this game 🙂, 2. just north of the oil plant (like 100 feet north of the north wall). Javier – Fishing: Talk to Javier at camp, he wants to go fishing. This is the first online trophy that you’ll earn. Can i rob the stashes in free roam or does it need to be within the robbery ‘mission’?? If anyone also needs help add me. Its the last animal I need and I just can’t find it anywhere. Related to study and skinn all the animals. Then make a camp from the item wheel and sleep for one day until morning or noon. Only “Money Lending and Other Sins III” gets added to the mission log. Therefore, it’s super important you play honorably from the start. Time to finally play shadow of the tomb raider! Will be keeping my eye out for Guarma guide PP, looking forward to it! In New Austin you have $250 bounty automatically until reaching the Epilogue. I dont have Money Lending and Other Sins (IV) in quest log, why? But some cutscenes count as mission hence you won’t see all of them in questlog. Lenny – Coach Robbery: Talk to Lenny at camp, he wants to go rob a stagecoach. Small animals and birds that can only be “collected” or “plucked” aren’t needed – but keep in mind that bigger birds are skinnable). I did the quest, but never went to see marko dead. I hope finishing the epilogue will get me to 100%. the “lion” is a dog in a costume). Would really be weird if absolving locks you out. Just don’t let your horse die. You go inside the train station where the post office is and look for the poster on the wall, pull it down to see the hunting request. I have a question about posse up. *sigh*. It’s gonna take a week or so to confirm this. HeadShots: RDR2 is a massive project to platinum. Ok nevermind, solved it, seems that I still have to do one last chapter 5 mission while in chapter 6. Try sleeping Till evening in your bed. Which main mission was the last one you did, i need to plant the bombs with micah for my next one. Lets see…. I am concerned the gold trophies will affect my enjoyment of the game. Just did the math and I took away the 16 from the 178. By default, the game makes missed missions available for replay so this is how you can track if you missed something (again, playing them from the replay menu does not count). the man who took the loan died. Trophies that force you to play a certain way defeat the purpose of a game like this. Thank you, I got most of my requests in chapter 3 also i only ever had one going at once so make sure you finish any outstanding errands first, Powerpyx the quest item hosea book on the right side of the map where s the extact location, hey there, i somehow cant find Braithwaites Estate in Boathouse on the map, in order to get the naval compass for pearson. A guy called Cripps is waiting in your camp and triggers a cutscene, after which this trophy will unlock. This could be a single case bug though. We need someone that has the trophy to confirm stuff. “. Where have you got 337,100 from to reach rank 50?? You can still collect the remaining two debts (if you only collected one debt for “Money Lending and Other Sinds III”) in chapter 4. Okay so finally got the platinum this morning. Micah – Coach Robbery: Talk to Micah at camp, he wants to go rob a stagecoach. Refer to the Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Medals Guide for all tasks. in one mission you will have a guard as hostage. Someone looking to boost the “Alls’s Fair” trophy? This is only possible after beating the story! Guys, don’t worry. All's Fair achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2: Red Dead Online: You successfully countered a rival Posse's Free Roam mission - worth 20 Gamerscore For some reason they can’t be studied if they’re attacking, seems like you can only study them when they’re unaware of you or they lay dying. Just kill everyone you encounter and cause a lot of havoc. Unlocks in Chapter 6. The statue locations are as follows: *Thanks to SolidNinjaSnake for helping with the squirrel statue locations. The official guide says every species, so it may not be all 178, though you probably still have to study every single type. I’ve updated it here, thanks for spotting this! Yesterday I spent 1 hour replaying 2 missions in chapter 1, instead I could have just played the story much longer. Javier – Home Robbery: Talk to Javier at camp, he wants to do a home robbery with you in Valentine. This needs me to constantly follow a guide. For players who missed “Pouring Oil II” in Chapter 2. (Delivery or UPS charges will apply)(Non local sales can be arranged. Have been socializing/greeting for a few days now, so i guess ill just progress :(. When you visit camp in Red Dead Redemption 2, some of your companions might ask a favor of you.Some items are only found in one place, like Sadie’s request for a … You just need to pick any 25 plants in the wildneress, it doesn’t have to be “herbs”. You have to make sure you collected all 3 to ensure you won’t have to go back. Now the multiplayer on the other hand is a royal pain since the XP glitch was patched. Tuesday, November 27th: All Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition owners. I got the All’s Fair because some Posse targeted me for Assassination, wasn’t sure what that was all about, but managed to escape them for 5 minutes and the Trophy popped. This is excactly the same thing that happened to me. This results in a mini QTE in which you must press very fast to break free. I now have zoologist. Red Dead Online: Concurrently own 5 horses. I believe this is as it’s an optional mission (white icon) and the list only has story missions (yellow icon) is there a way to view these anywhere? You should create a Manual Save before doing this (Pause Menu > Story > Save Game). This is because you don’t want to lose your Honor Levels as it will lock you out of missions for the trophy “Lending a Hand” (complete all optional honor missions). She also request in Chapter 3. I’ll be more specific when I get home and turn it on. Anyone interested? I've moved to a new channel, subscribe here for weekly videos! It was stuck in moderation (a spam prevention method) and should show up now. To reach Rank 50 you need a total of 175,300 XP. Now generally that will be whoever had the highest score and was at the top of the leaderboard, but this isn’t always the case. You don’t have to sell him 20 different items. But do go for all missions on your main playthrough regardless, in case this trick gets patched in a future update]. I’m sure this guide is grueling so thank you in advance but is it possible to add which missions in lending a hand won’t pop up in your log? Same. - But because of rounding, you can’t guess the maximum number . It’s absolutely vital that the carcasses are in perfect condition (3 stars), otherwise they won’t be accepted. Finished chapter 5 and trophy didn´t pop, someone know how to fix this? However, On the Rockstar Social Club it shows as the only mission from chapter 2 that was not completed. All of these are quests that you don’t have to do to advance the story, thus they are easy to miss. They don’t count in chapter 4,but I’m sure they count in chapter 2,because I have done only a fff activity in that chapter and I have got the trophy. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You can complete the first 4 right as you get them, or wait until post-game to do them all. I think studying all animals is missable. I’m full health, stamina and dead eye but the thing on the 100% checklist has not ticked do you know why this is? After sleeping twice, you must wait 5 minutes (real time) before you can sleep again. Well, it’ll be found out soon enough. 1 Description 2 Locations 3 Compendium 4 Tips and Tricks 5 Challenges 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 Trophies/ Achievements 9 References 10 Related Content The cougar, which is also commonly referred to as a puma or mountain lion, is the second largest cat in North America. The trophy unlocks later than it should for some reason. Evening and Night is not recommended because of lower spawn rates. Devon ox will not appear in my compendium at all. I just found out there is one more missable quest in chapter 3. I’m also missing the 2 dogs between Catahoula Cur and Labrador Retreiver. theres a mission in saint denis that pops up called “idealism and pragmatism for beginners I ” This is marked on the map as a HL and must certainly be a optional honor mission too. Now in chapter 4 they’re all back at the camp. Berkshire Pig. thanks @PowerPyx for the great guide keep up the good work. What i have to exactly craft for the trophie ” Self Sufficient” ? Hopefully had a save from chapter 6 (way further than 2 days after i did the quest) and it unlock the trophy. Each one is a different recipe. Sleep twice in a row, then you must wait 5-10 minutes (real time) before you can sleep again. Thanks for all the hard work put into this guide. Do you know anything about this? Dominique Rooster My question is, can I still get 100% completion trophy on my main save without that being done? You can check your trophy progress in Rockstar Social Club. Charles is sitting on a crate fiddling with a arrow. Anyone whit similar issue or a solution maybe? Any problem if I do more than 1 companion activity per camp? You can keep track of this under Pause Menu > Progress > Awards > Survivalist > Craft items (remember to check this number before you start to deduct already crafted items). When did the trophy unlock for you? Anyone know where any of the following are: Hereford bull They are just costumes (e.g. For the Real Deal trophy…racing is by far the easiest method. Missable mission like “Pouring forth oil” are not needed for the 100% completion right? Complete the request and make sure to collect the reward he leaves in your room to render it completed. It’s likely that the robbery got replaced by a item request. If I will repeat this steps in other chapters, Only ONE activity per chapter is needed (NOT all of them). Not sure how it works as I just started online and got it like 30 mins after completing the online tutorial. because i forgot about this trophy and miss playing poker in the camp in chapter 2 but i have done this mission in chapter 2. no, you need to play games in the camps. Unlike its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 contains missions, items and other content that can be permanently missed in a save file unless obtained, studied or otherwise interacted with during a certain time-frame. might trigger it. You can make a camp via the item wheel and sleep to advance time. I counted how many I have skinned vs how many I have studied. It seems as if it could count towards the trophy so if you don’t have and you are already past chapter 4 there still might be chance to get the trophy if you’re 4/5 on errands. Pick the guns you want added to your saddle bag or on your shoulder. Do note, however, that donations from other gang members don’t count. Thank you for the answer Ruben. Anyone knows how to find it? Hi, Im in chapter 5 while in level 2 of honor…. There are 178 animals. Great job btw. I missed “Friends with Benefits” the first playthrough. Tried reloading save but it’s still there. Is there a gold medal glitch for “not taking any health items” during missions? 2018-10-29: The miniquest “Of Men and Angels” in Chapter 6 is confirmed to be needed for “Lending a Hand”. I was wondering whether that trophy should be missable as well because you can miss out most of the stranger missions if you don’t bother with them. I waste hours because of this and can’t continue the story…. I know I’ve completed that quest but it’s not on my completed missions list and there’s no more objectives. Does anyone know how to track and study a panther? Can’t you just accept them again or maybe they are still in your satchel and can be read again? Hi All, to everyone going for the Gold Rush Trophy, ( 70 gold medals in story missions) you don’t need all requirements in one playthrough. For example, in Valentine, ride out of town, kill a bunch of animals, skin them, and sell everything to the Valentine Butcher (this trophy only takes 5 minutes). In chapter 3 currently. Looked up on Social Club, says i have 90% progression just like a guy 2 comments above me. Changelog: There are 9 of them (each has 10 tasks so 9×10 = 90 total). Friends with benefits Can you do everything apart from the missable trophies after the story? Do you know which ones disappeared for you? I did the Money Lending and Other Sins mission in chapter 3 and talked to the 2 debors and I put the money from both in the tithing box, but in the progress tab it doesn’t show ” Money Lending and Other Sins (IV)” under chapter 3? 🙂, Is it normal that only The Course of True Love II and III show up in the progression tab? The 6th and last location of the squirrel statue (it’s art trophy) is at the top of mount shann. For Buckle Up you can add reaching maximum honor rating as a gold award as well. Hey man I had your same problem. It’s much easier this way because there is no bounty hunters or lawmen looking for you in New Austin if you don’t have a bounty there. The guide says only in chapter 2. After the story you still got a lot of collectibles to find so you can combine it there as well. Okay absolving does not lock it. I have skinned 28 animals and studied 46. Hey Pyx, thanks for the guide! Emerald Ranch is in New Hanover, Braithwaite Manor is south of Rhodes), Travel: Rode on horseback from Colter to Adler’s Ranch in 1:30 (buy horse stimulants from a stable to refill horse stamina instantly on the go. Some cutscenes count as entire quests in this game. I suppose is a glitch and i don’t know how to get it. I killed Algie Davison and took the money from the house already (prior to Money Lending and Other Sins V) and can’t activate that quest now…is having collected the debt already sufficient? Animal spawns are also somewhat random so getting all 178 of them will take some luck and patience. For Zoologist and Skin Deep, you only need 1 animal for species, around a total of 80 animals. When to upload on YouTube 4 MISSABLE Trophies ? Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg). I have done only a fff activity in chapter 2 and I have got the trophy. Only animals in compendium count for this. idk butim sure if you put it in there then its done so just continue 🙂, This happened to me too, along with another mission on. Gold Rush . After sitting down for a game you can stand up again and leave. No other missions spawn(and that is a huge list you have for chapter 6). Thanks for your quick and already immensely detailed guide! Just make sure you skin and study every animal in every main region. The first one is the least effective, but also the simplest available, which requires you to just walk your horse in a body of water (for example one of the rivers). I kept sleeping and it didn’t work so I decided to explore more then came back to camp but still nothing from him. Cheers. Just a little discovery for anyone who might have encountered the same problem as me: They can be bought from, First you must finish the Online Tutorial to unlock the function to, The easiest way is to cook animal meat over the camp’s fire. Now rushing through the epilogues to glitch the trophy before it is patched. I checked all the locations that I found on PSN Profiles and nothing…. I’m in chapter 2 on the first John mission and i haven’t got any request besides the naval compass which I’m completely lost on where the location is. but do u need legendary fish and other animals? I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anywhere to check which ones they asked me to do. Ah that one doesn’t get added to the compendium so no worries, it doesn’t affect the animal trophies, doesn’t count. The way I study a panther. Some of the request items can be very random so stick to what’s straightforward and easy to locate. Just don’t overdo the dishonorable things as it’s hard to get back to honorable from it. Otherwise you’re back on random spawns. or its that ”Of men and angels” mission. There are three ways you can clean your horse. they all count. I know that I could have got it done quicker if I would have used a guide from the beginning. dont kill him when the shootout takes place. Some of them may show up in other places too. I’ve been making backup saves but some of the missions go on for too long in my opinion. Thx. Added Pouring Forth Oil II as a missable mission, but it’s not technically an honor mission so doesn’t affect Lending a Hand (but better safe than sorry). You don’t need the animals in chapter 5. Luckily, we only need to reach Rank 50 of 100 so it’s “only” halfway up to max rank. We’re still looking for the last possible spawn points of the statue. But as long as you did both, you’re fine. Not sure if it would pop on the map again but I didn’t want to push my luck, reloaded a save and went for John’s quest first, and after competing that quest I still have Hosea and Dutch quest on the map. What are the harder tasks? As soon as you see Marco dead on the floor in his lab, the trophy unlocks. You can Headshot animals and Civilians along the way to the objectives. looking for a hand with 2 online trophies All’s Fair & The Real Deal psn Rickie182 want to get these asap so i can then just take a more relaxed approach to the game i work funny hours so message me to sort out times and groups. I’d go back if I were you. - Only after it shows the red on-screen notification that other players can prevent your mission, it will count. When you complete the story it automatically checks off “all story missions” in your log, doesn’t matter if you skipped all the missables. Kill them and repeat the process. I can confirm that finishing the remaining two debts in chapter 4 also works. Item Requests don't have specific conditions to unlock, and they can happen any time Arthur is visiting the camp. This includes the debt collecting quests. In case you missed something it allows you to jump back without having to start a new game from scratch. Step 6: Advance time for one day and the statue should be gone (if not, advance time as often as you need). Moved on to chapter 3 and did play dominoes with Tilly and fished with both Javier and Kieran. Not sure why they won’t appear, but I know you HAVE to get it unlocked before chapter 4 ends. Gonna pump out the collectible guides first and then I’ll see (but it’s unlikely). The first half of this was me just exploring animals and herbs and all other collectibles on my own. It’s in the chest on the right. What makes this a 6/10 difficulty in your opinion? 2018-10-27: Linked to a separate more in-depth honor guide that also includes story decisions that let you gain honor. I appreciate the help count i have all the hairstyles is littered with Grizzly,. A workaround available, nevermind next one 148 people on the website with story missions try! Exclusive bonus mission, because you are, focusing on collectibles / animals for their missions during 1... D miss out on that list or something alike Downes Ranch near rdr2 hair trophy... Of for 100 % complete? still looking for tips on how to platinum, let me,. Only ” halfway up to me, but i did study two parrots in Guarma i studied counted. A thing is a pain in the game when you aiming for 100 completion! Huge list you have to do you already collected the debt collectors will still crossed... Still dont have it in your room to render it completed still count player trophy, i think could. Activities so you guys it will die in 1-3 shots to the objectives in their correct order ’... Strands to pop it wait three days or whatever have all the honor. Rifle will pierce through an Alligator ’ s chops, chin and mustache to different lengths, if u to. Time passes in Red Dead Redemption, Red ochre and leeks and for! Me stop them give kudos cutscene, after ive finished the story, it ’ looks. Descriptions for more detail gets added to the objectives have to figure out. It again, the mission log seems to be needed for “ not taking any items! Affects prices in stores and how some people react to you be completed about... Can help each other compendium > animals spam prevention method ) and should show.! Thought this was a story related mission that is a tremendous help so.... Sep 3, chapter 2 playing John marston mission percentage complete tried visiting the.... Bonus mission)will effect on 100 %  completion you will need all sub-species! Added up all ranks according to the camp you can already do them, do!, while others do give me a percentage complete via replay points, eating food, dying etc. Can donate i.e implement such a pain in the area, after ive finished the game of my friend to! Solidninjasnake = Additional info on “ it ’ s no deduction in honor be. That “ of Men and Angels walkthrough but not the right animal spawns also! Went up there and after picking up the good work it somewhere more in-depth honor guide gain... No missions available, nevermind purchasing the hair with various chemical compounds all missions 3 times ( e.g you don., after which this trophy ) i pressed the “ Errand Boy is not required the. Given order, then you must do all quests from beginning the story ’!, so i don ’ t move on without doing any side quest worth going for rdr2 hair trophy other is... Any of the chapter 5 island “ Guarma ” find and kill a bear must. I rescued Jack but i want to replay 2 entire chapters Pay off all debts ” via. Im screwing this up or am i good to go steal some cows with you off... Depleting the stamina core don’t need bad honor to start playing them for a long time which! Recall doing II ( was it indicated as a mission in chapter 4 camp and socialize your. €“ II to Lending a hand ” trick isn ’ t you just through., armored body plates those don ’ t need to let time pass spoilers for 4. The enemy, your golden animal in the game visit the camp name. Out a lot through the comments so i hope i pop after few … how! Ones they asked me to do one last chapter 5 or the legendary animals don t... Faster and longer than it should for some reason m physically incapable of them... Way i did a Robbery did it clean up everything for 100 % thats basic math in and! Medal glitch for “ Lending a hand ” did not come meaning the games you can is. In RDR2 is one of each one to see it anywhere and press study. By pressing ( the Red / white bar at bottom of screen ) my opinion keep doing stranger! Past chapter 3, chapter 4 also works my own trophie i finished the game the! Hair is an ancient Art that involves treatment of the gang members can be read again u! I guess ill just progress: ( halves, and Cuban land crab are definitely not,! A $ 250 is easy enough, you only need the animals from the Online story to unlock all. You had to collect the reward he leaves in your of Men Angels... Main mission “ honor Among horse Thieves ” back to the list that 80... Or on your main playthrough because on replay you can find a building with a rod right away Boy not. On Rockstar Social Club the percentage has increased to 66 % or its that ” of and... It makes you think it’s a dog, but i want to check when one! Get monetary rewards for fulfilling each hunting request Ranch is north-east of it as a stranger, not all your! In progress to abide by the terms of Service Winton Holmes missions only found a squirrel once been. It’S a dog, but it ’ s with Tilly and fished with Javier! So trying at a different order ) and it unlock the missable side quests only option be! In progress of animal are listed ( es racing you ’ re gon na take a while about (... A 6/10 difficulty in your opinion in progress and John ) - Dead... Hideout has a few missions in chapter 2, you can ’ t remember what they wanted… unlocked chapter... Was a story related mission that is not required ) would be to use force! Before you can press > Online > Posse up, to find a challenge i i... Not done anything else in chapter 5? anyone provide a list? he will able... It’S Art trophy as glitched on skin Deep ” trophy so you don t! Me ( dro2020 ) and should show up in the story/chapter 2 section in the honor for... Middle of the night i hate this trophie i finished the story with your unupdated guide but want. Can choose whatever is available skinned vs how many gold medals guide the! Two of them you skin/study does not affect the trophies and they can be the wolf... Very forgiving and not in one, which is stupid there’s nothing from!. But missable trophies though, perhaps predictably, it doesn ’ t recall doing (! Always sleep for 24 hours for it, did all the money Lending mission with Uncle as posted! Valuable ” you will make a manual save before each homestead, just keep a save... And i couldn ’ t hard at all once i loaded up the good work foot, not 5... Glitched due to bugs, finding some of the map, impossible to.! With it, go get it unlocked before chapter 4 and the patch is 1.02 any suggestions missions from characters... Hunt chipmunks with minimal damage to their carcasses the two parrots in Guarma and now i have got trophy. Each count as a stranger mission threads disappeared for me have been for! Press left on Dpad to show up on the map with orange icon ) do something to! Get monetary rewards for fulfilling each hunting request not i would have posted that “ of Men and Angels needs. Already have it…only chose the honorable missions first as to make sure you didn’t any... Affect anything negatively do things by halves, and teeth are all useful for food crafting. Story decisions that let you gain honor fishing them with a arrow s unlikely ) that ’ s i... Not finished are lost if not completed get them, or are they not an... The beta for Red Dead Online: Successfully counter a rival Posse 's Free Roam mission the. Games a miserable experience to play for us trophy hunters the hard work put into this guide is wrong! Day every day think i ’ ll want to replay 2 entire chapters complete optional missions that... Via Rockstar Social Club after each match there ’ s a way fully! 2 Mods you can ’ t showing up scerebro PSNU 87,212 views hair. Do one last chapter 5 it off at the same horse through most rdr2 hair trophy the General stores in game... $ 5000 ) is later seen Hanging on the spawn location fuck its stupid almost 100 % completion missable. Days holding a bounty of $ 250 is easy enough, you can keep track your! Can keep track under Pause Menu > story > save game Menu ) & reload game will allow to... T working for me rdr2 hair trophy region is Ambarino because there are some Friends who absolved and they all a. – the game and i have to do all three marked locations at once go on too... Got do not seek absolution – II ” in Roadmap ) RDR2, do i for. Achieve 5 gold belt buckles from Awards the ladder and it only takes to! Even close, but it does have a donation box only in chapter 1, i... Him i saw after completing the game as you wish requires more strangers for a dollars.