It isn’t like electric guitar players have a total monopoly on guitar pedals. While we’re used to conventional distortion stompboxes that you just turn on and off, the approach with the PD-1 Rocker Distortion was not only unconventional but very innovative as well. When BOSS and Sola Sound first discussed collaborating on a Tone Bender MK II pedal in 2017, we realized there would be many technical challenges in achieving our goal. Contact UPDATE REGARDING COVID-19 . But despite this, DB-5 still remains somewhat obscure among other Boss pedals. While we’re aware of some of those, like the DD-2 delay that got its improvement in future versions, most of these pedals are left forgotten and are somewhat obscure to people who are not avid collectors. 1 800 484 6267 24 hours, 7 days a week. $70 Digitech Jamman (4 button) with power supply and SD card like new $150 Some of the pedals in the list will be easier to track down than others. Revered stompbox classics that deserve a place in your pedal collection. The pedal came with an onboard compressor, a 5-band EQ, and three basic modes of operation. Hopefully we’ve dispelled the myth that Boss is the ‘safe and sensible’ guitar pedal company. Although a pretty simple one, the SG-1, or the “Slow Gear,” pedal is pretty difficult to come by in this day and age. JSome people say I have a pedal hoarding "problem", but I disagree. Shipped From. I had the TW-1 for a number of years but sold it eventually. AmbientMetal TDPRI Member. Never used. The Boss DM-2 was the last time it had something akin to a ‘normal’ analog delay in its roster, yet it only lasted three years on the market. Do you talk about the OD-1 and the PH-1? Shares (Image credit: Strymon/Boss/TC Electronic/MXR) In recent years, it has seen something of a resurgence thanks to producers like Kurt Ballou, and you can still find them on the pre-owned market primed and ready to melt faces and make recording engineers weep. Explore specials from HUGO BOSS collections at discounted prices. Stay up to date with BOSS news, artists, promotions, events, and more. Fusing classic BOSS octave tones with the latest tracking technologies, the BOSS OC-5 sets a new standard in octave pedal performance. $85 Boss HR-2 Harmonist Pink Label Excellent condition $85 Boss CS3 Compressor excellent. It was succeeded shortly after by the Boss DSD-3 which, thanks to advancements in technology, was cheaper than the DSD-2 but was then also discontinued in 1988. Add to Cart. The BF-3 is a prime example of this – the standard and ultra modes are much as you'd expect, but there's also two brilliant secondary modes – a momentary function, for those Ain't Talking 'Bout Love style sweeps, and a gate/pan mode, which is sort of like the classic Boss PN-2 tremolo pan pedal… Used for less than an hour and put up. Joined: Jun 6, 2014 Location: San Bernardino, Ca. There are pedals on here from which the foundations were laid for future classics. Going over their features, we will be able to make the most and find the best way to use them. This seller is open to offers. For every safe, sensible mild overdrive pedal there is a bonkers feedback instigator or – before pedal amps were as popular as they are now – an attempt to wedge an entire Fender amp inside a stompbox. They were produced for less than one year during the 1990s, with a total of about 19,000 units made during this short period. Shop Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter / DelayView Deal. We’re talking about Boss and Boss pedals, the devices that pretty much changed the game in the electric guitar world. HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE Exclusive sneak peeks. They were produced for less than one year during the 1990s, with a total of about 19,000 units made during this short period. While we’re familiar with MT-2 and HM-2 pedals, it seems that everyone has completely forgotten about this gem among Boss pedals – the MZ-2 Digital Metalizer. TC Electronic VPD1 Overdrive- NEW pedal w/power supply. Los Angeles, CA (December 1, 2020) -- BOSS announces the Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender, a new pedal developed in collaboration with Sola Sound, the maker of the legendary Tone Bender fuzz pedals first introduced in the 1960s. Like other Boss pedals, earlier models that were made in Japan and have a black label on the back are the most highly sought after. Over the years, a rather significant number of BOSS pedals have been devoted to the delay effect, another essential sound tool for musicians, and guitarists in particular. Let’s move on with the Boss pedals! Jemsite > Buy, Sell or Trade > Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear > Boss XT-2 super rare distortion pedal boxed in great condtion Reply. WHERE DO you begin when you want to recount the role of Boss pedals in the music industry? The original, which still attracts big money on the pre-owned market, enabled players to apply gentle vibrato to their playing without using their fingers. Some of the models listed above are pretty rare, so you can expect to pay top dollar for them, and your search may take you to the other side of the world, but it’s all about the thrill of the chase as a vintage pedal fan. Also referred to as the “Touch Wah,” it altered your tone, or “opened” and “closed” the wah, according to the dynamics of your playing. Rent our pedals. The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive earns it's spot as the best cheap option out there and competes very well with the more expensive choices. Please reload. It never matched up to another rare Boss I owned before it called the FT-2 Dynamic Filter, which is an envelope type but also had a foot control in jack so you could use it like a wah. The Boss AD-3 is one such example, offering electro-acoustic players a small but perfectly formed selection of tone-shaping controls to fine-tune a sound for performance. This particular flanger pedal model is not as rare compared to other products that we mentioned here since it was produced for quite a while. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Foremost among them was sourcing the rare and vitally important germanium transistors at the heart of the circuit. A battery-powered stompbox is especially helpful in the live show environment. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. However, the widely circulated image of the chip in question has been outed as a reworked schematic for the Boss Metal Zone pedal.. As you’ll see from the list, they’re responsible for some of the most sought-after, valuable and interesting pedals on the used market today. Please see sub-pages for early Boss pedals (only silver screws and rare stuff) Hier finden Sie unsere Datenschutzhinweise + + NEWS + + NEWS + + 09/27/2020: ToneHome is looking for an Ibanez CS-505 narrow box first issue with flying fingers side graphic. BA1 1UA. This model is visually simple and looks classical. Nonetheless, its concept is still rather interesting and we do hope to see more pedals like this in the future. Sporting the classic Boss pedal casing the company is known for, SG-1 was a volume swell effect. EXH Deluxe Memory Man. Matt Seconi, 30, pedals alongside other members of team Ginger Strong to raise funds for rare cancer research at Equinox Bryant Park Friday in New York. Boss pedals are probably best-known for the game-changing distortion models like the DS-1 or MT-2. $33.18. Why are Boss pedals skyrocketed from "trash and cheap" to "vintage, authentic, and rare" over the last year? Trending at $128.99. Enjoy! Roland Guitar Pedals BC BOSS Pedals (1972 - 1975) (1976 -1977) Roland AF-100 BeeBaa Boss GE-10 Graphic Equalizer Roland AF-60 BeeJee Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble Roland AP-2 Phase II Boss BF-1 Flanger Roland AS-1 Sustainer Boss DB-5 Boss Driver Roland AW-10 wah Beat Roland AP-5 Phase Five Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser www.Boss.Info All trademarks are acknowledged as the property of their … Never used. Made only in the late 1970s and the early 1980s, it’s considered to be one of the rarest products by Boss. Packing in the benefits of a pitch shifter and a lengthy delay, the PS-3 was one for the experimentalists. By today’s standards, 0.8 seconds of available recording time is minuscule, but in 1985 it was near revolutionary. TC Electronic VPD1 Overdrive- NEW pedal w/power supply. You could set the sensitivity and depth, along with one additional control that sets the effect to go “up” or “down.”. ... Is it the circuit? For the reason, I receive many queries over the phone, email and social media about Best Guitar Recommendation. We’ve even gone one step further and tried to point you in the direction of where some of these prized pedals may be lurking, should the temptation to buy hit you. The Fender Bassman is one such amp, known within guitar circles for its fat, rich tone which suited blues and country styles perfectly. Then again, this is Boss, right? Some pedals are so simple to use, with just to or three controls to learn. Hi, I’m John Anthony, Playing and collecting Cool Guitars is my hobby, and all of my friends and relatives know it. However, the commercial success wasn’t really that great, so the stock lasted for almost a decade. Classic Fuzz. The 5 Best Analog Delay Pedals of 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide, Top 5 The Best Flanger Pedals in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide, The 5 Best Phaser Pedals of 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide, Great Tube Amps Under 500 Dollars in 2020, 9 Best Bass Guitar Amps Under 500 Dollars for 2020, 11 Best Distortion Pedals for Metal for 2020. Pedals, get yer pedals here! But although in some way similar to the T Wah that we mentioned above, the pedal not only had more controls it was also compatible with expression Boss pedals. By today’s standards, 0.8 seconds of available recording time is minuscule, but in 1985 it was near revolutionary. Unfortunately, there’s not much info on these pedals even to this day and they’re quite rare. The DB-5 Driver pedal takes us all the way back to the late 1970s, before the time of Boss’ now-famous compact pedal casing design. $25.00 8d 22h +$14.90 shipping. The automatic wah effect is essentially a dynamic filter, which is the case with Boss’s old FT-2 pedal. BOSS has announced the Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender, a new pedal developed in collaboration with Sola Sound, the maker of the legendary Tone Bender fuzz pedals first introduced in the 1960s.They say that, housed in the classic BOSS compact chassis, the TB-2W is an authentic sonic recreation of the Tone Bender MK II pedal heard on some of the most influential guitar tracks … $27.59. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. (That's $20 off!) Excellent. Find Out More; Featured VideoDD-3T Digital Delay. Others, like the Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter / Delay, require at least a few sessions with the manual to hand to get the most out of. Started in early 2007 by way of a DIY repair to a Boss Blues Driver, JHS Pedals has evolved into an effects pedal company recognized world-wide. The classic Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal creates real vintage tremolo guitar sounds and variations. The BOSS Pedal Project – One Man’s Journey To Collect Every BOSS Pedal Ever Made There are BOSS fans, and then there are BOSS fans. Join Date: Apr 2006. $250. This new pedal is based on an original Tone Bender MK II – with serial number 500 – taken from the Sola Sound archives.Each Boss TB-2W features rare germanium transistors and will be available as a limited edition run, purely because parts will be hard to source for this little grey fuzz pedal.. And over its near-five-decade history, the company has made an insane number of stompboxes. Stay safe and have a good one, folks! $70 Digitech Jamman (4 button) with power supply and SD card like new $150 Another rare and short-lived Boss pedal, the FT-2 Dynamic Filter is essentially an automatic dynamic wah effect. jsdisciple . But luckily, EHX recently reissued it, so you too can bask in its fuzzy glory. The modern Boss Wah pedal is available over on Amazon. Certain amplifiers are prized for being able to produce a specific tone or sound. Details about Boss AW 2 Auto Wah Guitar Effects Pedal Filter Rare Synthesizer Made In Taiwan . The DF-2 is a distortion pedal with a built-in feedbacking function. Everyone has seen Boss pedals. Collecting them all would be quite the task, but following are a few Boss pedals you may want to keep an eye out … For sale is my Boss DC-2 Dimension C Analog Chorus. There's always tons of Slow gears on ebay and they're even more common on japanese auction sites and shops. 1980 Vintage Boss DS-1 Distortion Effects Pedal Rare Version. ... We are excited to announce the start of the BVP Gold Club! Used for less than an hour and put up. Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal. It has an easy dial-up … This harsh-sounding distortion also found its way into David Gilmour’s rig. The interesting thing here is that it had an expression pedal … Which one they should buy now, which will fit them etc. But their DSD-2 was a little different from the classic Boss pedals. This is a vintage and very rare highly sought after boss pedal! You’d think, for a brand with so many pedals under its belt, that a basic everyman delay pedal would be somewhere in the line-up. Any hint is highly appreciated. To see them under a bright light, we will explain further their function, s oun d quality, and their best usage. News archives. Mention the word ‘feedback’ and you’ll probably think of that awful, high-pitched squealing you get when you place a microphone too close to a speaker. Its not like we never had them over the last 50 years. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Sep 19, 2014 #1. So it comes as no surprise that we had this unusual combo in one pedal. In this article, we’re going to highlight some long-forgotten treasures from the vast Boss back catalogue. A subtle pedal this was not. Free shipping . Every 6th pedal rental - or 6th rental month - is FREE! NeilYoungFan Silver Supporting Member Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Guitar Effects Pedal. What we know as the wah-wah effect is just frequency filtering. Another one I had that I bought strictly based on hype was the PH-1r Phaser. $400. The following best boss pedals are a great bunch to choose from and start at. The 7 best flanger pedals 2021: the best flange pedals from Strymon, Boss, TC Electronic and more. And then, carving its own niche, there’s the Boss Heavy Metal, or HM-2. Sure, you could just go ahead and get a looper, but they’re nowhere near as cool as the pedal that started it all. Conspiracy theorists in Italy are warning the public about a ‘5G Chip’ they claim has been planted in COVID-19 vaccines. You could use it as a distortion device with a 5-band EQ, as a compressor and an EQ without distortion, as well as solely as an EQ device. Adding in this device to the mix, you’d have an option to use it as a regular wah pedal with its movable foot controller. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. And it had a pretty long run, being sold between 1980 and 2001. Extraordinary experiences. Today, our blog takes a brief break from focusing on our usual guides and tutorials, and puts the spotlight onto the very awesome BOSS Pedal Project. PD-1 was made during the 1980s but it seems that it wasn’t really commercially successful. This Boss reverb pedal is a large-format powerhouse that offers a whole world of ambience delivered at the highest quality, ... Until recently, your only option was a boutique clone, rare original, or building your own. 68. (Image credit: Boss) The final pedal on the list is also the perhaps one of the rarest. That said, the 1966 Sola Sound Tone Bender MK 1.5 is up there, too. This is a huge honor for JHS and the first-ever collaboration for BOSS. The Boss VB-2 is a great example of this, as it was brought back out of retirement as part of the Waza Craft series in 2016. As mentioned in the teasers, the Boss Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender will be a limited edition model, with pedals arriving at retailers in spring 2021. We’re all familiar with Boss’s amazing digital delays as they’ve become a “standard” over the past few decades or so. The knob on the far right selects which of these you’re using. And finally, we have another amazing distortion pedal that kind of got lost along the way. The complete amp and effects processing of the flagship GT-1000 in a compact and portable stompbox. Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive. It was succeeded by AW-2 and, as we already mentioned, AW-3. Boss RC-300 Loop-Station Looper Pedal. ... Everybody's itching for some kind of 1980-1995 boss pedal, just like how there was the trend to make everything a Klon clone. The legendary Boss Metal Zone is available on Amazon. Great deals on Boss Electric Guitar Effects Pedals. Visit our corporate site. These days, Boss has quite a useful AW-3 automatic wah that can even be paired up with an expression pedal. Features Sens/Cutoff Frequency and Q controls. The Muffuletta teaser video is recorded during a short 2.5 hour trip to New Orleans, and the product is released on September 15, 2015. The Tone Bender came into play in 1965. Trending at $99.97. We all know this. ... BOSS AW-2 Auto Wah Guiter Effects Pedal Made in Taiwan Used [Exc++] #708922. However, it still remains pretty much unknown for the wider guitar player circles, which is a shame since it really worked well.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'guitarlisty_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_11',122,'0','0'])); Check out the modern Boss Flanger over on Amazon. Electric Phase. Boss pedals' uniform shape, distinctive colorways and general air of practical reliability made them pioneers of the pedal world. If there’s one thing Boss has produced a lot of over the years, it’s distortion pedals. And knowing that it was made during the second part of the 1980s, the concept was pretty innovative for the era. hand built guitar effects from Kansas City, MO. That's up to 2 FREE pedal rentals/year! The spectrum knob … Discover more. Japanese pedal manufacturer Boss is and has been one of the biggest names in effects pedal history. But speaking of rare, the so-called “Slow Gear” or the SG-1 is pretty hard to find these days. Basically this is the same Vibrato effect as found in the Classic CE-1 Chorus Pedal Basically its a pitch shifter that emulates a whammy bar. Born in 1983, the HM-2 is responsible for a unique interpretation of a metal tone, typically associated with the sound of Swedish death metal; where other pedals pushed tube amps into further distortion, the HM-2 hit them with a chainsaw to the face. So, next time you’re weighing up whether to go with a Boss pedal, keep an eye on its future value; in a few years’ time it may prove to have been a very worthwhile investment…. The Tone Bender came into play in 1965. Have: • Mooer Radar • TwoNotes Le Clean • Boss SD-1 • Mooer Preamp Live • Source Audio True Spring w/ remote • Swindler The Gulf v2 (feeler) • … The Boss TB-2W will be a limited run release - based not on some artificial limit but rather the availability of its rare components. Ok, a near-monopoly, but not a total one. ... Bass Pedals; GT-1000CORE Guitar Effects Processor. Shop Boss FB-2 Feedbacker/BoosterView Deal, Shop Boss FBM-1 Fender ’59 BassmanView Deal. As ever, we start with a pedal from the most iconic brand to ever create guitar effects pedals: Boss. Bearing the reputation of one of Boss’ rarest products of all time, it was produced only during the late ’70s and the early ’80s.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'guitarlisty_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',112,'0','0'])); Essentially, it’s a volume swell effect and can find a practical implementation for sections where you need your guitar to sound a little like a violin. In a conventional Boss-sized pedal, you get a total of six pedals: flanger, chorus, phaser, tremolo, and pitch shifter. It came with 6 different modes of operation, five of which combined distortion either with chorus or delay. Bath favorite this post Nov 16 ... Rare Guitars, Boutique Pedals, Studio Sale $2 (Upper West Side) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Facebook. $85 Boss HR-2 Harmonist Pink Label Excellent condition $85 Boss CS3 Compressor excellent. Make an Offer. Additionally, you could also sample and do a loop of up to 800 ms of your playing. But its direct predecessor has been unrightfully forgotten, the TW-1 T Wah. Today, our blog takes a brief break from focusing on our usual guides and tutorials, and puts the spotlight onto the very awesome BOSS Pedal Project. Ruby Red (Butch Walker Signature 2-in-1 Overdrive/Fuzz/Boost) This is probably the rarest pedal that I own. VERY RARE BOSS VB-2 VIBRATO GUITAR EFFECTS PEDAL FULL WORKING ORDER GOOD CONDITION Classic Boss VB-2 Vibrato pedal from 1982 These are great sounding pedals and a totally unique effect. There are no prices just yet, but if you like the idea of having a MKII circuit in a Boss chassis, act fast as these will surely become collectible. the HF-2 is one of my favorite Boss pedals, unfortunately it is hard to clone because the BBD chip that it uses is incredibly hard to find. The final pedal on the list is also the perhaps one of the rarest. The TB-2W Tone Bender is described as an “authentic sonic recreation” of that legendary pedal, created in collaboration with the modern Sola Sound, which is still owned by Macari’s, and has been producing painstakingly accurate high-end recreations of the company’s original pedals for over a … Check out this 1986 Boss OD-1 Overdrive. Reverb Protection has you covered. If I ever end up at a rare pedal competition, this is the one I'm taking to the fight. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Boss Tu-100 Chromatic Digital Processing Guitar Tuner With Stand RARE Vintage at the best online prices at eBay! Rare is a relative term I guess. As we already said, this doesn’t seem that impressive now, but it was quite a turn back in the 1980s. I hated that pedal. At the 2017 Summer NAMM Show, BOSS announced the release of the BOX-40 40 th Anniversary Box Set, a commemorative package of the first three BOSS compact pedals from 1977. The complete amp and effects processing of the flagship GT-1000 in a compact and portable stompbox. The stalwart brand first started releasing compact guitar effects pedals in 1977, with the unveiling of six brand-new pedals across a variety of effect types—an overdrive, phaser, 6-band graphic EQ, parametric EQ, compressor, and automatic wah. There have been some aesthetic and technical changes over the years, one of which was the implementation of a new operational amplifier, but its tone and functionality remained the same over the years. From jet flange to old school tape cool, we've got the lowdown on the best flanger pedals on the market. Today I'm gonna share 10 very rare pedals in my collection. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to While we’re at it, one of the biggest names in the guitar gear industry has produced so many different products that we bet even their own engineers don’t know about some of them. Please refresh the page and try again. And even when you feel like you’ve learned everything that there is to learn about the history of the instrument, you’re immediately surprised when presented with new information about something that you never thought about. Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. If I ever end up at a rare pedal competition, this is the one I'm taking to the fight. If you do find one, you can realistically expect it cost you a serious wedge of cash…. Boss VE-20 Vocal Guitar Effect Pedal. It’s not that hard to find one, although the pedal itself is really underrated and overlooked. The Boss SG-1, on the other hand, is among the most sought-after discontinued pedals there is. Check out the classic Boss Overdrive on Amazon. Buy With Confidence. By Alex Lynham 17 June 2020. There were three basic controls that you find on most overdrives, along with a “fat” control that added power to the lower-end areas. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, Reverend Guitars teams a pair of P-90s with a humbucker in new "first of its kind" Six Gun HPP, Axl Rose had Slash pick out a guitar for Dave Grohl as a thank you for lending the singer his onstage “throne”, Add some "outside" color to your pentatonic licks with this cool chromatic concept, Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer photographed storming the US Capitol building during pro-Trump riot, Marcus King joins forces with Orange to auction off signed Terror Stamp pedal for charity. Rare and Collectible Boss Effect Pedals Boss effect pedals have been the most popular brand for guitarists around the world since there inception in 1977. All rights reserved. There was a problem. Two knobs gave control over the length of the attack, and of how sensitive the pedal was when picking up your sound. What’s more, you could create your own unique wah tones with it. Watch. Rare Discontinued Boss Pedals Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by AmbientMetal, Sep 19, 2014. There are pedals on this list that inspire nostalgia. While these days we still have an abundance of their old products that are still in production, there are plenty of other pedals that have been discontinued for one reason or another. It’s components? Boss have literally turned every stone to get their hands on as many of those rare Transistors as they can. Packed with rather useful controls and features, it was more than just a simple distortion pedal. Watkins Copicats, Jen, Vox, Celestion, Colorsound, Solasound, Marshall, and much more! And as its name suggests, it was more than a standard delay effect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Was $189 / Now $169! The contents of this article are entirely independent and solely reflect the editorial opinion of Guitar World. © Your email address will not be published. But interestingly enough, one amazing distortion pedal kind of got lost along the way, the PW-2 Power Driver. The Boss FB-2 was a pedal designed to do just this; boost your signal enough to push it into feedback, upon which you could create all kinds of interesting and unique textures. BOSS has announced a new pedal developed in collaboration with Sola Sound, the maker of the legendary Tone Bender fuzz pedals first introduced in the 1960s. 1966 Sola Sound Tone Bender MK 1.5. The Boss Delay pedal is available on Amazon. This is the same kind of casing that you find with some of the Boss volume and expression pedals, bearing the rocking part as the gain control. Marking the company’s first-ever distortion pedal, it was produced and sold during the time of the company’s legendary CE-1 chorus. But don't be fooled by a "plain Jane" appearance. This pedal is more than just a distortion effect as it also adds chorus and delays into the mix. And it’s a rather useful concept as you can increase or decrease the gain depending on the song’s dynamics. Just imagine how innovative this was for a compact device back in those times. Nice lush analog chorus. Links . The product in question is XT-2, also known by a clever and very suitable name Xtortion. JHS Pedals is the result of Josh Scott’s desire to build quality effects pedals that stand out in an over-saturated market. $84.99. It also added in chorus and reverb to add a splash of color, while the anti-feedback facility was a god-send if the front of house engineer was a touch over-zealous with his faders. It was discontinued in 1986 but you can still find originals on the market today. We all know this. Subscribe to the BOSS Newsletter to get the latest articles, videos, and news about your favorite BOSS products. Housed in the classic BOSS compact chassis, the Waza Craft TB-2W Tone Bender is an authentic sonic recreation of the Tone Bender MK II pedal heard on some of the most influential guitar tracks produced over the last five-plus decades. The uber-rare, matched NOS tube complement? At the 2017 Summer NAMM Show, BOSS announced the release of the BOX-40 40 th Anniversary Box Set, a commemorative package of the first three BOSS compact pedals from 1977. We provide a safe community for finding the gear you want. Known for their super-famous DS-1 (the pedal that’s still their most popular product), Boss felt like taking it to a new level by adding a 2-band EQ instead of a tone knob, a contour switch, as well as a “punch” control which could give some additional boost to the mid-section of the audible spectrum. And, of course, BOSS pioneered the famous chorus pedal in 1976, a now-standard effect that’s regularly used by players in every style of music.