Search for: About Us; Financial Products; Member Benefits; Foundation; Search for: Directions. Spring Potato Salad (Potetsalat) (Serves 8) Ingredients: This sweet and sour cucumber salad is a classic side dish that is light, refreshing and easy to make. Directions. Cooking time is refrigeration time. Combine the vinegar, oil, herbs, sugar, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Pickled herring Norwegian style (Sursild), Farikal ( Fårikål) – Norway’s national dish. Norwegian cucumber salad needs to be made in a very particular way for maximum authenticity. My version, inspired by Kukla’s radish salad, also incorporates slices of cucumbers, radishes and hardboiled eggs to give more crunch and texture. Photo about Grilled Norwegian salmon with cucumber, tomato, cabbage and a slice of lemon on the plate with pomegranate sauce.