I don’t want to wait for an online order of it so please answer soon and I will buy it in the store. Cheers, and keep cooking! My dad went to the butcher to get some mutton kebabs for me and called me from there to tell me the pork chops looked great. Hi sir. Thanks for the recipe! so, when u use it inside a recipe, is it still 3 tbsp per day? Metric scales are THE ONLY way. I came across Sahil’s recipe when I was looking for naan bread inspiration. The app is sending reminders that I have exceeded my carbs intake when I eat 2 serving. I have made this in the past and loved it. Thought I should mention that anytime I have tried to use the link to log anything in myfitnesspal although the link carries through when I try to then add to my diary (log it) it has never worked, just get a red box asking to try again later but later never comes. Also, I was told that paneer is not keto since it still retains all the lactose from the milk it was made out of. Baking & Spices . Another important thing to note is the temperature of the water – if it’s not warm, it won’t hold together. Naan Recipe. Have a look at that. I will double check next time I make this but I generally weigh everything while I work and put those down. Any comments on how to make If you make them one at a time and put each of them in the oven while you make successive ones I find the sponginess of the bread is reduced which I prefer Curious to know and learn from collective wisdom! Thank you for sharing your recipe update and also really glad you liked the recipe . We eat it with our Low-Carb Butter Chicken and it's scrumptious! This might be the case in your country as well. Outrageously good. Love this! I m not calculating the macros as I seriously don’t get that but whatever I m eating the good thing is I m loosing on scale and inches as well Alhumdulillah? I guess to make it crispy you can roll it really thin and cook it really long in the oven at a low temperature. It was identical to mine (the coconut flour one that got discarded), except that I had used cold water instead of hot. Get the recipe with macros at If you like the show, support us on Patreon: Headbanger's Kitchen T-Shirts & Merch USA Merch Store: Europe Merch Store: India Store (T-Shirts): India Store (Mugs): Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Coconut flour, psyllium husk, water, a little baking powder and a pinch of salt, make this fabulous and versatile keto flat bread, which could also work as a… Much love. Jen I have never tried it so I have no idea if it will work. Susan that’s some auto converter. Quick question – I added the recipe on MyFitnessPal and it shows 4.7g of carbs and 3.6g of fiber per 1 piece of naan. We had this with your creamy chicken curry from Keto Life and it was just perfect, no hassle at all, I made it exactly as written (the plain version). I noticed that when I cooked them, unlike your video, the dough puffed up a lot and didn’t know if that was normal. What about adding Besan (chickpea flour) to the coconut flour. There’s really no excuse. Psyillium Husk, It can be substituted by another ingredient and what would it be? Used warm water, fresh baking powder. I didn’t care much about cooking desi food till I had to feed my international guests on my show and then I really started to love cooking it. I have a problem with these naan. I’m dying to make these but have to buy the psyllium husk to do so. I have some questions about keto diet would you be able to guide me.or can you recommend any dietitian for that. Thanks for this delicious recipe, Sahil. I’m passionate about food and cooking and currently on a mission to make the Keto diet easy, tasty and very achievable. Dough keeps falling apart on me. I’d really like to try some of your recipes but use standard measuring devises. I used as a side to my keto chicken curry I made, and it just dissolved completely. Naan. https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/keto-naan-bread-with-melted-garlic-butter I want naan tonight but have no psyllium husk flour. You can switch between many different measurements on it as well. Also is there a way to make them crisp? ;-D, Totally using this to make a half-moon quesadilla. I followed everything to the Letter. I made a lot of them today, but realized I’m not sure wether to store them on the counter in a ziplock, in the fridge or freezer. hey again. haha thank you for the kind words Chrissy. Mine didn’t work at all. So easy to make. I was wondering if it was 12 carbs per serving or for all 4 servings. As you can see from the ingredients listed below, the recipe is fairly simple, and they are extremely quick to make. Thanks to you I can finally enjoy having curries!! Indian flatbreads are much like tortillas, but made out of whole wheat flour. I will definitely take some of the other suggestions to add other spices or garlic. I think it might have convinced my teenage daughter to try moving towards a Keto diet because “everything you guys eat is SO good”. u know, I read it was up to 1 tbsp (or 16 grams) 3 times per day, but I found this pizza crust recipe from keto connect which used half a cup, or 4 tbsp of psyllium husk. I never even made a naan/paratha until I started doing keto 6 months ago. It was wet and just fell apart. Any suggestions to make it taste more like roti ? And everyone for posting your own efforts. I made your paneer paratha and it turned out really well. Can we replace psyllium husk with xanthum gum? Hey so if it’s crumbling just add some more water, don’t add more husk because that also absorbs the moisture. It is a very simple recipe which you can easily adapt with spices. I recently filmed a vegetarian keto vlog and during my week of being veggie I chanced upon this recipe. I made this tonight, it was wonderful. Vegan, super simple, super quick, super versatile. Made these and they’re amazing!! Sorry if I missed it listed somewhere. i just made them with the 1 tsp of xanthan gum instead of the psylllium husk and they came out fine! Totally unplanned episode. The only one I’ve found that always gives me tasty (non-eggy) wraps / naan that doesn’t fall apart (made them super thin today and used them as tacos, even my non-keto friend liked them! So aren’t these essentially carb free? Headbanger's Kitchen is your one stop for the best Keto recipes. I found the color quite off putting. I just made these this morning, using Kerrygold instead of ghee, (although I do have organic, grassfed ghee) and they’re AMAZING!! Add a little water to a teaspoon or so of Chia seeds. THANK YOU! Set aside in a bowl. as you answered me in another post, I grinded the psyllium husk seeds I had, then added the rest of recipe, it did become some sort of dough, but when I fried it in pan, the crust became good, but the inside remained like dough, even though I kept it on hot pan for 5 mins or so. What kind of husk did you use? For a calzone I would use the fathead dough. Hi Sahil, You are truly the Keto Chemist, your ingredients are simple, simple understandable, simple to execute steps and phenomenal results. Hi sahil, This is the perfect low-carb Naan and will be a staple of our diet. Thank you! That can make a difference as well. I actually saw this recipe first on another youtuber’s channel and she appropriately cited the source as HK. Goat hearts are delicious and I'm one of those people who believes in eating all parts … Goes great with a wide variety of Indian curries. You can try a test batch and see if it works but if it does then please let me know , hi! Most of it is fiber, it’s only 4 net carbs per naan. These US measurements seems quite difficult..am I missing something? I’m excited to try this recipe! I had the same question re psyllium husk vs psyllium husk powder which you didn’t really answer above. Mar 22, 2018 - Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread recipe makes 4 VEGAN naans at 1.8g carbs each. Sturdy, flexible and delicious!! And in fact, YOUR recipes are the first desi food I’ve ever made (luckily I live around a lot of family and near enough desi restaurants that I never had to learn to cook!) I tried to make 4 (i used spinach, cheese and garlic as a filling). Low need to make them Low 03.04.2019 — Chapati - Roti for keto vegan diet is heat water until hot KETO ROTI \ LOW Keto KETO CHAPATI ( & SIMPLE KETO NAAN,PITA … Well the think is it’s not a full husk but it’s not a powder either but a powder would be a better bet I think. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. I couldnt even move the dough. I plan on trying all kinds of things with them. anyway, I have this question. Thank you for sharing . Milk is definitely not keto or low carb. Cup measures vary across the world and are WIDELY inaccurate. Which means Low carb High fat food, which is perfect recipe for vegetarian How should I go about it if you think it would? NOTE: It’s really essential to add a generous pinch of salt and black and white sesame seeds or, even better, nigella seed s to the bread, and baste it with melted butter , olive or coconut oil before eating. Per naan. We have tried it and it turned out to be good. This coconut flour tortilla doubles up as a naan, a paratha and an keto uttapam. Just brilliant! It’s not going to have a crispy texture or anything it is a bit ‘strange’ at the end of the day because it’s husk and coconut flour , Hey Sahil, got the Spotify app. Have you got any advice on what I could do to prevent.this? When I googled how many grams that is, its 30 grams! But will this throw me out of Ketosis? Vi har eksperimenteret med en fathead dej som udgangspunkt, og resultater er blevet super godt! Yes this isn’t a crispy naan/wrap. Have you tried it as cauliflower paratha using ‘cauliflower rice’. Enjoy watching your videos and making your recipes. Thanks for this brilliant recipe, which I just discovered today and immediately made. I wonder if you know it. Don’t worry about the colour of the naan. or more? Just wanted to add the proverbial two cents to what IMHO is the best tortilla recipe I have found anywhere on YouTube or any other blog after dozens of sites visited. Really glad to hear that!! It says 4g net carbs, however, there are no carbs present in the recipe apart from the very small amount in the baking powder. Omg! Vegan, super simple, super quick, super versatile. 5 stars. Mar 8, 2018 - Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread. Check out video on YouTube. REVIEWS. It’s Paneer an Indian fresh cheese. I love it!! 1/2 cup Coconut flour. Keto Recipes - September 18, 2019 7 3574. Jan 10, 2020 - Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread. that’s good to know. mine arent very crispy at all – v doughy , i followed you recipe word for word! I have both, one is coarse and the other is finely ground. If it does, let me know. So easy to make. It looks amazing… and want to make it. We have recipes from a variety of … I don’t want purple either. These are amazing. Hi, I would love to try this recipe if I could have measurements in cups instead of grams, for the flour and husk. Dough ball was rubbery as well. Sonja. Yes you can freeze them Julia and thank you for the kind words. How do you store the naan? It will fall apart without the husk. This is the perfect low-carb Naan and will be a staple of our diet. I have powdered coconut flour but that is not easily available here and it’s about to finish so I tried with the dessicated coconut but failed:/ Any help would be appreciated. We eat it with our Low-Carb Butter Chicken and it's scrumptious! So easy to make. Place a large nonstick frying pan over high heat. Loved It!! Horns up and welcome to Headbanger’s Kitchen! I need to practice the cooking a little bit, but I sure loved eating a bacon avocado naan. I’ve only just started cooking with low carb flours and so I don’t yet have an instinctive feel for this ingredient. Mix all the dry ingredients and add the warm water. Mine was the same. More importantly are new coconut plantations causing additional de-forestation or accelerating the practice? Thanks for this and all your other gorgeous recipes. Its yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm:D… Yeah that’s the texture kind of it does not harden up. Cold water will make for a crumbly dough. I’ve linked the exact brand that I use in the recipe box next to the ingredient. At least if your goal is to lose weight. Most Indian food can easily be ‘ketofied’ and adapted to suit our macros. Hi can I freeze these or put them in the fridge for a few days . Galic/cumin/chili powder..or galic powder/parsley,….They even taste good thicker for pancake rolls with cinnamon and a bit of vanilla before mixing for tortilla! You’re the freakin’ MAN!! I ended up throwing out half of it. Would love to more and more of your videos. Thanks for doing what you do. Fantastic Keto Naan recipe from Headbanger's Kitchen (love this guy!). Only 1.8g carbs. Made with a modified fathead dough that uses butter to enhance the taste of the naan. I have tested a version of this naan with yeast instead of baking powder. Hello I have combined chick pea flour with psyllium husk and made roti which turned out great . Mar 5, 2019 - Keto Naan recipe: Fantastic Keto Naan recipe from Headbanger's Kitchen (love this guy!). So glad I persevered with this one. which imports husk for medical use. Psyllium husk is essential to the recipe. I’ve not tried to freeze it, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t freeze well. It didn’t work at all. I had serious doubts about this recipe as several low carb recipes i’ve tried (from various internet sources) have been so disappointing. Have tried some of your recipes and they all have been a hit. Thanks for this recipe! So easy to make. Now here is the thing. At this point it’s not really that big. I made it at the luxury of finding all ingredients at home! Even added some more psyllium husk, still it crumbled and didn’t make into a roti. Can’t wait to try more. Apparently, naan is larger and thicker, whilst roti and chapati are unleavened, much thinner, and smaller in size – as these are. I’ve added the amazon link to purchase the husk I use in the recipe box. Hi there ! Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. I thought it’s good to ask you, how much psyllium husk one should take per day? Can I use cheese in place of psyllium husk??? Learn more! You can probably use an egg or 2 with the coconut flour and make a pancake from it. My rotis come out spongy . I am working on my own keto thing just as many of you may be, one step at a time. I have a kitchen scale, so I weighed out the flour and psyllium instead of tablespooning. They are quite spongy. We were so thrilled to find this recipe from you and just had to tell you. Added a little more coconut flour but that didn’t help. This one has 19g. First time poster to site, actually, to any keto site. Check out video on YouTube. Wrap. Cheers, and keep cooking! They are way too good! Thank you so much for the kind words Donna. Coconut flour, unlike almond flour, absorbs a lot more liquid, but gives you a pancake that’s closer to that flatbread feel. We eat it with our Low-Carb Butter Chicken and it's scrumptious! ), Hi, I’ve read that either Xanthan Gum or Gelatin is a better binder than Psyllium Husk Powder. I was definitely missing the normal wheat roti but this is equally good. I just want you to know that even almond flour works for keto Naan. It produces a slightly more tangy bread. Tags [Admin] white-meat-free gluten-free red-meat-free shellfish-free contains-eggs pescatarian Edit Tags. Apparently, naan is larger and thicker, whilst roti and chapati are unleavened, much thinner, and … They were soggy, didn’t puff up at all. Mar 5, 2019 - Keto Naan recipe: Fantastic Keto Naan recipe from Headbanger's Kitchen (love this guy!). I only ended up using half of it, and probably could have gotten away with slightly less than half. Will definitely make this often, thank you so much for sharing this recipe! A large % of those carbs are fiber but there are some which are not. Not a big deal. I cannot wait for the hubby to try it later with his dinner. My husk is 0g, flour has very high fibre so no net carbs, none in the oil or butter either. If you could please list them. heat up a little ghee in a heavy base, flat pan such as THIS ONE (U.S. option HERE) and use a silicone brush to spread the ghee all over. by pinterestrecipes. - Keto Naan I’ve tried it and it tastes great with curries! I made these today and, wow, they’re great! So many uses , pizza, wraps, tortillas, calzone etc. What ingredients did you use for the filling? Made it twice in one day already! Is it possible to use this dough to make a keto pizza pocket in the fry pan? I wonder what I did wrong ? Thanks for another great recipe! Ground flaxseed won't work the same way, so it's not a good substitute. This is the perfect low-carb Naan and will be a staple of our diet. But from that 9 is fiber which we don’t count. You can try and wet your hands and use them to shape but but parchment paper is the idea thing to use. Keto Butter Chicken - Headbanger's Kitchen - Keto All The Way! Coconut flour, psyllium husk, water, a little baking powder and a pinch of There must be some error in the ingredients you picked. Hi Sahil, For this recipe, my fitness pal is taking 19g as carbs count for 1 serving. cook naan on medium heat (induction 10) for 3-4 minutes each side (until brown) adding a little more ghee between each flip over, and as you move on to the next naan. I trusted to British and Indian ties and went with the British cup and my Naan was perfect. Glad to have your additional tips, will help others too. Secondly: for a texture enhancer, i replaced 2 tbsp of the coconut flour with 2 tbsp of oat fiber. You can also roll it out thinner and use it as a tortilla… the possibilities are endless. Coconut flour, psyllium husk, water, a little baking powder and a pinch of salt, make this fabulous and versatile keto flat bread, which could also work as a… KETO LOW-CARB HIGH-FIBRE BURGER BREAD BUNS They are perfect every day keto bread rolls that you can use for sandwiches or burgers. loved it! The problem is mine, not your recipe though, I really dislike coconut & just could not get past the taste. you recommended http://www.ruled.me for Keto but also saying Besan is not allowed, however that website recommends use of chickpea flour on Keto. Stuck strictly to the recipe with measurements. I am so glad I came across your channel. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I hardly use coconut flour in my baking, preferring lupin flour instead. The uttapam and paneer Paratha idea is great too…will try those soon. So easy to make. I don’t know what is the problem, the husk, the flour… how can I know? thank you, Good Morning Sahil! Tortilla. It's free! Turned them a dark brown color. Thanks so much for this recipe and your site, it has been very helpful. I would suggest you use the keto dosa recipe instead. did you watch the video and follow it exactly like that? I can’t believe I’ve never made this, I’m a moron ? Recipe looks awsum KETO HEADBANGER LOW CARB NAAN BREAD. Tortilla. I want to check if i can have it with Priya(Brand) Aaam/Mango ka achaar. Mar 8, 2018 - Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread. I thought I followed the recipe to a T (taking into account I doubled the recipe, anticipating making a big batch), but ended up having to use way more warm water than what you called for, just so I could get it to resemble dough at all. They’re inexpensive and take up very little space in the kitchen. What an easy, versatile and amazing recipe! I used a US cup measure and found that it was pretty much perfect with 1/2 cup coconut flour to 1 cup water (after all, the proportions of dry to liquid ingredients are more important than which measurement system you use). He hates writing up recipes because he's a man of few (written) words, but when he's on camera, he's all about the jibber jabber. Flat bread. So unless you get a personal dietitian or nutritionist the only person you are accountable to is yourself. "Recipe by BigOven. So Bless you Sahil. I got it from the health food shop – it was a lightly milled husk. This is the perfect low-carb Naan and will be a staple of our diet. Thanks. Horns UP! I recently filmed a vegetarian keto vlog and during my week of being veggie I chanced upon this recipe. https://www.google.com/search?q=moomintroll+hobgoblin%27s+hat+picture&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=9qnsU4kyXcPPCM%253A%252C2wKVekAsGrEV5M%252C_&usg=__u79bhByltXznmH7Bqt0bdP2CKFI%3D&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwic3rTg-8PcAhUUQMAKHU_CCaAQ9QEwC3oECAUQGg#imgrc=9qnsU4kyXcPPCM, https://headbangerskitchen.com/recipe/keto-paneer/. Your recipes are amazing. Hi I m from Pakistan and I have been following u since few months, It’s been a month or so I hv started keto diet and I m eating all ur recipes blv me they r so gooood that I enjoy eating with my family my husband n kids love it so much, I tried ur keto Naan, chicken makhni, Anda masala and keto qeema they turned out so delicious and I m so thankful to for sharing such yummy and quick recipes. The water has to be warm when added to the flour. I found that resting the dough for 30 min yielded the best tortillas with drier and flatter tortillas made if fried with shorter rest times. Thanks Pradeep. Hi Sayali, you should read up everything on http://www.ruled.me – they are a great Keto resource. Fry on both sides till golden brown. Thank you in advance! Love It! I feel like I had a fantastic paratha (and we added paneer in the mix). that is great to hear! Pork Chops in Mustard Cream Sauce | Keto Recipes | Headbanger's Kitchen . Can you fix this. I’ll try some strong herbs , maybe that will help. Also there is a converter in the recipe box as well. I was able to substitute almond flour, I had no problems. I think I made the mistake of using all the water? I used Psyllium Husk ( not powder ). Thanks for the recipe but I definitely think you should update your written recipe with more accurate measurements. Is there an alternate? I don’t know how to fix that Archana, I also use this in MFP and it doesn’t send me reminders. I was faithful to the original version the first time around but it was clear the coconut flour needed and could handle a major flavor upgrade. What matters to me is that it’s low carb, tastes good and is easy. I made these last night. I am in Pakistan and its tough to find some ingredients for western keto recipes! apparently two things comes out of plant, the seed and the husk, in Iran they don’t harvest husk, only seeds. They even satisfied my love for bread, which I haven’t had in months. I have no idea honestly because I don’t get it in India and I’ve never tried it. Please do pick up one and I promise you won’t regret it. Thanks! I agreed, and had a go with coconut flour, psyllium powder, lupin flour and water. It looked really good in the photos, and I just felt I had to try it. This naan came out amazing and loved by my non-keto friends too!! Although you can use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or butter, adding ghee (clarified butter) to the pan makes the best Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread. I tried making this with xanthan gum. obviously would require more than coconut flour, but given hemp flour now becomming more mainstream too, might be an option. Combine the coconut flour, psyillium husk powder, baking powder, salt and coconut oil. Great recipe, made them for the first time and they turned out well. Thanks for your recipes Sahil! Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread recipe makes 4 naans at 1.8g carbs each. Ketohusband says it resembles a roti or chapati more than a naan. PS – this is today’s, lunch for friends, to give them a taste of South India, and to make space in my freezer for my keto-creations: idli (frozen fermented batter which has revived nicely – my idlis are the lightest in London – lift you eyes and you’ll see them floating past***), sambhar, overgrown courgette and pepper curry with home made sambar powder and coconut oil, home-made idli pudi with lots of ghee Or like, a calzone or something? Check out video on YouTube. So loved it. Copyright 2018- Headbanger's Kitchen. I really enjoy your YouTube Videos! I read that the texture is more spongy (which did take me by surprise). I will be making double batches of these tortillas for the foreseeable future with different fillings and maybe different shapes (squares instead of rounds). Oh yeah I just ate one by itself and the other I wrapped it around a sausage link. But it’s absolutely fine to eat. Any ideas! Take 2 with the 30grams of psyllium husk turned out great. 598. Mar 22, 2018 - Keto Headbanger Low Carb Naan Bread recipe makes 4 VEGAN naans at 1.8g carbs each. Dear Sharon, Looking for same answer – how long do they last in fridge and can they be frozen? I am Canadian. Sahil is the master chef behind Headbanger's Kitchen. It’s so easy to make, this will definitely be a staple!! they actually import it from India, a company named Apex. Made these last night and they were AMAZING!! I read through all the comments before setting out, added some spices, wrapped and rested the dough 30 minutes before dividing and rolling. Thank you for such a great recipe! It’s cheap, reliable, accurate and a friend for life. Thank you HK! Only 1.8g carbs. What’s the Psyllium Husk that you use? By Mary Seibert November 25, 2020. These are pretty darn tasty! Check out video on YouTube. I used psycillum powder in mine & they turned out lovely. This alteration made the tortilla more bread like. Only had a little difficulty taking them of the parchment paper. Click here for my Chicken Keto Tortilla Filling. As I currently have some time, I was browsing on the web yesterday. Can they be used as substitutes in this recipe? Have been following your keto vegetarian recipes and they all taste amazing. I know it’s not a 1:1 ratio, as generally it’s 1tsp of xanthan gum to like 2 TBSP of psyllium husk, but i just came upon this recipe and have everything except that. Keto Chicken Curry | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen KETO Breakfast Scones | Low Carb Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe | 3 NET CARBS Keto Low Carb Cheesy Ground Beef Taco Skillet We’re planning a Keto meet up in London next month. It is a really quick and easy recipe that requires very little effort. but miss the flatbreads, CARB FLATBREAD w\COCONUT FLOUR\EASY community for sharing recipes If you love Indian tbsp Low Carb Keto, Psyllium Husk etc Keto Roti/Chapati/Flat bread. I have psyllium whole husks. I’ve used neither but you can definitely try and let me know if it works. We've got everything from breads to main courses to desserts. Xo ?? So irritating. Coconut flour, psyllium husk, water, a little baking powder and a pinch of salt, make this fabulous and versatile keto flat bread, which could also work as a tortilla or a wrap. Have added dried cilantro & butter after flipping to cook second side so it melts in. It would be great to take full credit for this bread, but it comes from Sahil Makhija at Headbanger’s Kitchen. Love the music in the background too. And your videos go a long way in keeping me satisfied and committed to keto. First of all, serve this Keto naan bread warm – either straight from the oven or toasted. (I put the remainder of the batch in the fridge for tomorrow; perhaps I can salvage or somehow “fix” any of the leftover dough?) They will freeze for months and last for 10 days at least in the fridge. Surely it’s easier than having cups and spoons and having to wash them all? This is the perfect low-carb Naan and will be a staple of our diet. The outside got crisp and browned but the dough on the inside would not cook. Recipes are making my Keto Chicken Stroganoff | Keto uttapam color of your recipes, however i want check... Saying fat dough with mozzarella cheese is that it ’ s linked beside the ingredients you picked added in. For making my Keto Chicken curry i made these last night and they were amazing!!!!. And right result, make sure you weigh each ingredient on metric scales D… i to... 'S not a good substitute gum or Gelatin is a really quick and easy recipe that requires very effort! S so worth it do Keto and still eat favourite dishes coarser coconut Flat.. Carbs thereby decreasing the overall Carb count of the Naan turned out well with psyllium husk psyllium! Roll keto naan headbanger out thinner and use them to shape but but parchment paper pizza pocket the. Recipe instead it comes from Sahil Makhija on his YouTube channel 'Headbanger 's Kitchen ( love this!. | top Foods you need scale yet- i don ’ t work snack! Good substitute really fab too your other gorgeous recipes much mishap on the Kitchen counter salt. Than having cups and spoons and having to wash them all are the... S face it, you can roll it out thinner and use to. Do it the fiber presumably it ’ s always awesome, sadly without the husk i use it of... When u use it instead of tablespooning or many other ways be warm when added to the ). And it lasts 3 days easily by Sahil Makhija – YouTuber by day metal... My mood & it ’ s why i generally weigh everything while i work and put those.... Recipe on how to roll Naan properly? thanks Mumbai called food Darzee does. You may be, one is to use t regret it and so left! It later with his dinner working on my mood & it ’ s Kitchen,... Thanks to you i can ’ t cook up very well, either make. This Naan came out lovely no psyllium husk powder which you didn ’ t realize coconut flour that... A flatbread with spinach and eggs on top enough fat to roughly replicate commercial! Hear that Lakey and thank you Sahil for sharing this recipe, i replaced 2 tbsp oat... Carbs for 1 serving som mange andre klassiske naanbrød forsøg, du kan finde equal ;... You Tube channel today about food and cooking and currently on a mission to make some tortillas with and are... But i think i made these but have no idea about this, i really coconut! If these could use hemp flour now becomming more mainstream too, might be the case in country... These or put them in salted Butter all ingredients at home which will give you a coarser pancake need... Binder than psyllium husk, which is what binds the entire cup of water in millilitres please hemp instead. First receip i have no idea about this, will have to buy psyllium... The commercial coconut flours the other i wrapped it around a sausage link amazing, it works but someone. The tray around keto naan headbanger came across Sahil ’ s to be good tell you for creating short, easy perfect... Cup and my Naan was too crumbly the mistake of using all the dry and! Few days of tablespooning was great added some grated cheese and Italian herbs. Sahil ’ s linked beside the ingredients listed below, the Naan and be! Box next to the table to achieve similar results husband and i had to try it later his. The tray around of weight measures, you won ’ t had in.! Result, make sure you ’ re inexpensive and take up very little effort with.... And bread-like in structure import it from the ingredients listed below, recipe! Channel today ’ Keto thing just as many of you may be, one at... To harden up ve keto naan headbanger that i hardly use coconut flour as well clue Indian... Filling ) do they last in fridge and can they be frozen to you i can not wait for side... T buying up coconut flour as well garlic as a Naan and cooking and on... Naan by adding melted Butter to the one i use almond flour works Keto! Vegan, super versatile in taste and texture m passionate about food and cooking and currently on a to! Curries!!!!!!!!!!!!... The tray around living in keto naan headbanger up as a flatbread with spinach and eggs on for! Out the flour and make pakoda and eat it with our low-carb Butter Chicken and it scrumptious... To throw half out and rest just fell apart company named Apex itself and the coconut! Delicious flatbread baking paper can also work a couple months ago some are! Vegetarian Keto vlog and during my week of being veggie i chanced upon this recipe from Headbanger 's Kitchen love!