Just imagine their thoughts that you might have a full auto gas blow back rifle instead of a pistol. The good news is that it is compatible with the short-lip or fat-lip Hi-capa magazines from TM. The spring itself is just as nicely-made. or Best Offer. ... Slide Lock / Take Down Lever Part's . TOKYO MARUI Hi-CAPA Xtreme. Now, would you use this as a good backup pistol? Tokyo Marui - Gas Pistol Series . Apart from PGC, you can get existing hi-capa 4.3 slides from aftermarket sellers, especially if you want an Infinity metal slide on it. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. Novelties; Pouches; Protection; Slings; Accessories. Airsoft BB’s; Airsoft Gas/Co2; HPA; Tactical Kit. All guns are to be tested upon purchase, no damaged or defective gun returns are accepted (we have a tech available if needed). When you intend to upgrade the Xtreme, wait until PDI-Japan comes out with upgrade parts, especially for the trigger, inner barrel, and hammer. The gun also says it needs a full metal slide purchased soon after because of the fact that it wears down quick being plastic. Full description. It could have taken him faster if he just typed in his notes with his laptop and clicked the “Send” button. ... as well as a Rear Lanyard Loop and Unique Metal Trigger. This means that you won’t accidentally do a mag release as it takes more effort for your thumb to push it. But overall, other than the looks, the Xtreme .45, profile-wise, looks the same as the 4.3. ฿ 6,800 ฿ 6,800. While you can do the half-cock with the 4.3, which is a safety feature, it is practically non-existent in the Xtreme .45. Based in Japan, Tokyo Marui are the pioneers of airsoft weapons as the market knows them today. In terms of metal slides, there’s already a PGC metal slide that comes with the exact Xtreme slide design. thwack! The recoil of a full auto .45 would just be too bad for my arms and wrists and I would never get to hit any target when using a pistol at full auto. Tokyo Marui - Hi-Capa4.3 Dual-Stainless Top Slide For Hi-Capa GBB Series ... Tokyo Marui - HK45 Top Slide (Inside Metal Part) For HK45 GBB Series. All consumable items are non-refundable if opened (unused BBs can be exchanged for different BBs of equal or lesser value). I have used pistols as my primary in games and they can hold their ground against AEGs in close quarters. … Gotta have one! Accepting orders now!!! For your daily hit of airsoft news, reviews and stories from airsoft players around the world, all in one place. Taking out the spring from the guide rod you will then further notice that there are actually two springs: a thinner and longer one; and a thick and shorter one. Videos. In terms of metal slides, there’s already a PGC metal slide that comes with the exact Xtreme slide design. $99.00. Destockage Games, le spécialiste des Airsoft Les Répliques de poing airsoft Repliques gaz pas chers, neufs et en destockage. thwack! It also helps putting self control to your shooting habits. Filmed with VineTokyo Marui Xtreme 45 with Guarder Slide and Pro-win IPSC magazine. Tokyo Marui KSG is a gas-powered, pump-action shotgun that can shoot either 3 round or 6 round bursts with each shot. It is even a better paper shredder with two pistols firing simultaneously if you have watched one those TM Xtreme videos made by Marui themselves. Angry Gun vs HAO Industries Geisselle MK16 Rail, TrueMobster Airsoft War: First Person Shooter 1.0, U.S. Marine Corps Starts Issuing Suppressors To Infantry Squads, A New Set Of Drone Regulations Has Been Passed By The EASA, Most Drones In The U.S. Will Need To Broadcast Their Locations By 2023, Need Motivation To Vote? Green gas for experienced players.When using Green gas or high power gas on Japanese ABS slide guns, please note the slide may experience wear and tear as indication that you need to upgrade to a full metal slide. Rather than always going rock and roll or “lacing” a sector in full auto with a high capacity AEG, you conserve your ammo and always think of fire discipline. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. Since it’s airsoft, the 6mm ammo ,and the make is Tokyo Marui, it’s a no-brainer. We highly recommend this pistol for those looking for good firepower in such a small package. It’s a wet dream come true for Saicho. FULL METAL CERAKOTE FINISH 310-320FPS P30,000 ***AIRSOFT TOY ONLY*** See More. Full auto .45 pistol anyone? That’s Xtreme satisfaction. Manufacturer: Airsoft MasterpieceModel: OPS SlideColors: Black, Silver, Gray, Red, Orange, Blue, Gold, GreenCompatibility: Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-CapasThe Airsoft Masterpiece OPS Slides are some of the most high quality slides on the market. !” when we saw the first videos made by Hyperdouraku. For us, it’s another keeper. High Quality Tokyo Marui Construction. Tokyo Marui FNX 45 29rd Metal Magazine - Green Gas: Your Price: $59.95 Tokyo Marui M870 Shotgun Gas Tank: Your Price: $49.95 Tokyo Marui 96rds Mid-Cap Magazine For SGR-12/AA-12 AEG Shotgun (No. so Tokyo Marui All Pistols slide/frame is plastic. Before you start hating full-auto, no single shot option pistols, like some people shooting out comments in airsoft forums putting it down faster than the ROF of the Xtreme .45, try it first before you make conclusions. The Xtreme .45 has a good range, typical with TM airsoft guns. thwack! See All. Features Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA Xtreme .45 (Auto Only) : Reviews: Most of the consumer reviews state that the Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA Xtreme .45 (Auto Only) are high quality product. Japanese Airsoft handguns are all designed this way with no exceptions. The pistol features a silver polymer slide, alloy frame and black polymer grips. But this has to do with the fast slide movement and ROF. Arrival is on Last week of Aug Any Tokyo Marui Pistol and Magazine only. Explore Range . I hope his writing is legible for you. Please do provide us a link if you have made a translation and included the corresponding credit to the original author. Anyway, knowing Saicho, he’ll do the opposite thing. En af de mest populære og pålidelige airsoft pistoler markedet, her i en flot sølv udgave. Great deals on Tokyo Marui Military and Adventure Action Figures. – Shooters Design Real Pistol Grip for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 ( Custom Color – Yellow / Orange ) USD 102 – Shooters Design Metal Slide for Marui Hi-Capa Xtreme .45 ( 2-Tone ) USD 136 – Shooters Design Metal Slide for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 ( Kimber with Rear Sight / 2-Tone ) USD 156 Dimensions: 199mm (long) 94.5mm (Barrel Length)Weight: 875gMagazine Capacity: 31+1 (Use Tokyo Marui, WE and KJW Hi-capa series magazine)Package Includes: HI-CAPA Gun, Magazine, manual, BBBuilt Material: Durable ABS with Metal Frame, Hammer and Safety.System / Fire: Gas blowback. But when using propane to save on costs, make sure that you will always clean the pistol right after use with silicone oil. If you are a left handed shooter, then this might not be to your taste, unless you can live with it. (Full Automatic only) / HopupMuzzle velocity: 210~270 FPSGas: 134A gas. All used gear is not eligible for return. £39.98. Tokyo Marui Xtreme 45 Full Auto in slow motion.... P8,000. Other TM Hi-Capa models do not have this feature. What I love about this pistol is hearing a fast “thwack! Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License unless specified otherwise by their respective authors. Now back to CQB games. Or you can just stick to the TM Hi-Capa 5.1. But you won’t get far with just two magazines, only in the movies (this page contains a movie snap shot, but it’s not what the Xtreme .45 Hi-Capa is based on. The hammer is crisp and nicely made. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Free shipping. It does not slide back to the maximum extent to keep up with the high movement and it doesn’t lock for purposes of higher Rate of Fire (ROF) so if you just keep on squeezing the trigger, it will continue on sliding until you run out of gas. So it’s a bit more for right-handed shooters as the safety is on the left for right handed shooters. Screws (Misc) Explore Range . Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of airsoft guns and toy cars located in Adachi, Tokyo, and are famous for pioneering the design of battery-powered airsoft guns. Though tests give you approximately 25-rounds in a single burst. Speaking of the plastic slide. The gun is manufactured out of plastic, yet feels dense in the hand with a superb balance thanks to the weight distribution. £8.99. Comes Suppressor Ready Includes Suppressor. Therefore it means you need to have more magazines. [1] Their products are principally sold in Japan, but are also exported worldwide. Pistolen har metal løb, metal ramme og slæde i abs plast. Regular price $10.00 shipping. Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 Xtreme 45 Full Automatic GBB Pistol Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Do read the his notes. I had mine ordered from Elite Airsoft Essex, which they had the last one in stock. Tokyo Marui Submachine Gun SMG P90 Personal Custom. Clocks in around 300-330 FPS with .20g bbs and green gas. Please click here to view our Order, Return and RMA policies. Metal parts included : front and rear sight, hammer, safety, magazine .. ... Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA Xtreme .45 (Auto Only) It's been a long time coming and it is finally here. 0 bids. You can use propane, green, 134a, or red gas (Freon22). Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA Xtreme .45 Full Size Full Automatic Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol. You can get more daring and try to be like Christian Bale in Equilibrium and go for a two-pistol assault. The Xtreme .45 is manufactured by Tokyo Marui, based on their Hicapa 4.3. The short stroke disables the slide lock, but increases the rate at which the Xtreme will fire. For USA high power gaming, please consider purchasing full metal slide pistols. Material: Durable ABS with Metal Frame, Hammer and Safety. is all we can say (together with the TM M4 SOPMOD Blowback which we shall post here next month). The short stroke disables the slide lock, but increases the rate at which the Xtreme will fire. ... Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 Fixed Slide Full Set Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake. ... Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 Fixed Slide Full Set Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake. Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Xtreme .45 OptimusPrime. Apart from PGC, you can get existing hi-capa 4.3 slides from aftermarket sellers, especially if you want an Infinity metal slide on it. All Pistols with metal slide/frame are illegal for sale in Japan. It’s called a Grammation Cleric sidearm.). Subscribe to the ModernAirsoft.com Newsletter Today! The shorter and thicker spring also acts as part of the stopper mechanism to absorb the shock. Tokyo Marui slides GUN QUESTION So I have a Tokyo Marui high capa Xtreme and I've been using the plastic slide it comes with ever since I got it and was looking for a metal slide, but I can't find them. 15. Tokyo Marui MEU 1911 .45 SOC Gas Blowback Pistol. But offer me a .45 full auto airsoft pistol, I would be glad to, more happy than you know it. Elite Force Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol Gas Blowback Gen4 Umarex, Elite Force Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol Gas Blowback Gen3 Umarex, ASG CZ P-09 Suppressor Ready CO2 and Green Gas Airsoft Pistol - Flat Dark Earth, Umarex Walther P99 C02 Powered Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Pistol with Extra Magazine -Black, ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow Airsoft CO2 Gas Pistol GP-50084 - Black, ASG STI Tac Master 1911 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol [GP-ASG-50024] - Black, ASG High Power STI Duty One High Powered CO2 Airsoft Gas Pistol [GP-ASG-50017] - Black. But after some texting between me and Saicho, I decided to give him the honour of owning it. Only those who have tamed the power of .45 in full auto while maintaining or increasing accuracy were able to do it not in a pistol form, the TDI KRISS is just one example. Any weapon can be put to good use, it’s just a matter of your creativity. This means that in the heat of an airsoft battle, you will experience dry firing episodes without immediately knowing that you have ran out of ammo. In 1992, they created the first modern AEG, the FAMAS F1 replica. Magazine Parts . $170.00 Only the Xtreme .45 Hi-Capa sports this feature, having two springs rather than one spring, and explains the faster slide movement and higher ROF. Please attribute content taken from this website by linking to us. Though use red gas at your own risk as you may just push the pistol to its limits in stock condition. For those who love to accessorise whatever guns they can lay their hands on, this pistol has an integrated rail system for you to install lights or lasers. The rest of the parts are standard 4.3 Hi-capa parts, nothing much to discuss here. … for 1+3, enter 4. Must have valid defence under VCRA act to purchase this item. If the item is defective or you receive the wrong item, please contact our customer service at. Just proceed with the pistol takedown. So there you go, our short take on the TM Hi-Capa Xtreme .45. To start with, the Xtreme Hi-Capa .45 is not a 5.1 variant, but rather the shorter 4.3 Hi-Capa. With the Xtreme .45 Hi-Capa, even much more fire discipline. As mentioned earlier that the pistol will keep on firing even after the magazine has been emptied as long as your finger is on the trigger. TOKYO MARUI XTREME 45 PISTOL. Livraison gratuite à partir du 2ème article acheté. E.g. For us, it’s another keeper. Precio base 204,01 € Precio 179,01 €-25,00 €-25,00 € Vista rápida TOKYO MARUI Glock 26 Advance. Tokyo Marui - Gas Pistol Series; Tokyo Marui - Gas Pistol Series . Translations of the stories of Popular Airsoft to other languages are more than welcome. Which can be a subtle ploy from Tokyo Marui to make you purchase their magazines more, rather than being stuck with just around two or three pistol magazines. thwack!” on the OPFOR’s vest at close range without being able to inflict much harm at a lower velocity of 220fps. Personally, I would decline if I get offered one for a very good reason. I am guilty of this mistake with my Hi-capa 4.3. Look At These Raffle Prizes To Be Won, Perun Improves On The AB MOSFET With The AB++, When You Need To Be Light & Fast: Helikon-Tex Training Mini-Rig. 223) Your Price: $59.95 Tokyo Marui USP Full Size Magazine - Green Gas / Propane: The primary colour is black, with the The slide doesn’t lock when the magazine’s empty for reasons that will be explained later. Available The short stroke disables the slide lock, but increases the rate at which the Xtreme will fire.Just like the 4.3 Hi-CAPA, the Xtreme is capable of holding up to 31+1 rds, with a fully adjustable hop-up system.Â. As it says, it’s a full auto airsoft handgun. La plus grande particularité du Hi-capa 4.3 XTREM 45 Tokyo Marui est qu'il ne dispose que d'un mode de tir full automatique. Just be gentle with trigger, you might still have a chance for a second blast of bbs leaving the barrel. Tokyo Marui. Tokyo Marui DT.45 (Silver Slide, Brown Grip) ... Hi-Capa 4.3 from Tokyo Marui. It’s a good decision, I don’t want a pistol slide flying to my face in case it decides to decouple from the rest of the handgun. We tried shooting at between 10-13 metres and it can hit a human size target properly.