In the live-action TV adaptation, instead of running away dishonorably after her plan is discovered, Ayanokoji is touched by Haruhi's decision to forgive her enough for her to donate food for the Host Club, and the Club boys likewise allow her to keep receiving their services. Haruhi is soon made a Host, but in order to pay off what she owes, she must continue to allow the Host Club's customers to believe she is a boy. In addition to the club members, the storyline features customers and associates, as well as family members, schoolmates, rivals and other characters that come and go. In the anime, her appearances are limited to a cameo in episode 24, when Tamaki introduces himself to her. In the manga, he becomes uncharacteristically talkative and flirtatious when tired. Misuzu Sonoda (園田 美鈴, Sonoda Misuzu) is Ranka's colleague at the cross dressing bar. Despite his cute nature, he wakes up in the same manner as Kyoya, though he is much quicker when dealing with the person that wakes him up, as seen in the example of the U.S. platoon soldier who did so when the Haninozuka family visited America. [8] and is the only host who wears corrective lenses. She is also one of the Host Club associates who help Tamaki to reunite in time with his mother, Anne-Sophie, by convincing Tamaki's father, Yuzuru, to agree on Nekozawa's plan in faking a stomachache to stall Anne-Sophie from boarding the plane. Tamaki makes the effort to meet up with him when he is visiting the United States and the twins miss Kyoya to the point of convincing themselves that the lookalike ghost of an Ootori ancestor is actually Kyoya's "living ghost. One night, they discover her trying to steal from their mansion and offer her a deal. Kyoya is best friends with Tamaki, despite their completely different demeanors. However, in the anime, Kaoru was the one who asked Haruhi out on a date, then faked a cold so Hikaru could go in his place so Hikaru and Haruhi could bond further. She lives in France before attending Ouran and comes to the Host Club stating that she is Kyoya's fiancée despite never having met him in person. She makes a cameo appearance in episode 13 as the dodo from Alice in Wonderland and is seen waiting for her lost love to come back. This is exemplified in chapter 82 when she forcefully has him dressed in her late-husband's kimono, his "most formal attire", before Tamaki goes on a date with Haruhi. In contrast to Yasuchika's disdain for Honey, Satoshi adores his Mori and converts any criticism of Mori into something reasonably positive. The series follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at … His patience reaches its nadir when Arai stumbles upon Haruhi and Hikaru while they are walking together through a market, and Hikaru lashes out on the two before leaving, assuming that the two would come back home together. Overall: I feel a little sad that this will be the last we'll see of this cast portraying all the host club members, but at the same time I'm glad that this movie successfully tied everything together. Portrayed by: Takeshi Masu. He is generally irritable and slow to wake up in the morning, which is attributed to low blood pressure. You can check my … He and Haruhi are the first of the Host Club members to have children. At the time, Yuzuru's mother was worried that the Suoh family would be without an heir and offered Anne-Sophie money in exchange for allowing Tamaki to live in Japan, never to see his mother again. This leads her to try to drive a wedge between Haruhi and Tamaki, with some degree of success. In chapter 72, he graduates from Ouran, deciding to study Theory and Philosophy of Law (or Jurisprudence). Cast: Vic Mignogna and Mamoru Miyano Kyoya Ootori Role: vice president of the Ouran host club. He takes his role as a Morinozuka seriously, going so far as to hit Yasuchika with a kendo stick when he is being rude. In the July 2011 omake, it is confirmed that he is a third-year engineering student at Ouran University. In the volume 18 extras, it is revealed that Satoshi attempts to keep the Host Club going during the Hosts' year in Boston, in order to preserve his brother's and Tamaki's legacy; in order to lure Yasuchika into helping him by promising toys. Manga omake show Tamaki contemplating marriage with Haruhi eight months after their move to Boston, which is realized two years later. She refers to herself with the Japanese first-person pronoun boku, which is used predominantly by males, although in increasing usage by females. In the American dub, his sexual orientation is never stated, but he says that Haruhi's mother did not care that he was a cross-dresser and she was the only one that mattered. Besides his own puppet, Umehito also has a wooden voodoo doll version of it. Even then, he cannot find the courage to confess to her, frightened that she doesn't return his feelings. Mori blames himself for failing to remind Honey to brush his teeth after eating and restricts his cousin from eating sweets until he has a filling done. In Volume 18, Hatori declines to confirm whether he is named heir to the Ootori zaibatsu or not. In the anime, however, it was only implied that Hikaru had a crush on Haruhi. Ritsu Kasanoda (笠野田 律, Kasanoda Ritsu) is the successor to the third generation master of the Kasanoda-gumi, the most powerful yakuza group in Kantō, Japan. Portrayed by: Yudai Chiba, Takashi Morinozuka (銛之塚 崇, Morinozuka Takashi), usually called Mori (モリ), is a third year student at Ouran Academy. Anyone who joins gets a free Belzeneff doll. Seika Ayanokoji (綾小路, Seika Ayanokōji) is a student of Class 3-A (and thus Honey and Mori's classmate) who only appears as a minor antagonist in the first chapter of the series. The other hosts clearly see Tamaki's oblivious nature when it comes to his feelings for the girl and although Tamaki is perceptive regarding the feelings of others, which Hikaru and Kaoru both note, he is dense about his own. Outrageous, dashing, handsome, and idiotic Prince Tamaki, the crazy Hitachiin brothers (who put on a fake incest act that the girls seem to love?? Hikaru Hitachiin. Initially, she permed her hair straight, but after Tamaki's advice, she reverted to her natural wavy hairstyle and became a regular at the Host Club. Tamaki, who already knew this from the start, advises her that she should understand her brother's situation and not be a selfish individual. One can assume she was also open-minded to live with and love her husband, Ryoji (aka "Ranka") not only because of his bi-sexuality, but also because he was six years younger than she. Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu[4] (Japanese); Mike McFarland[5] (English) Tamaki teaches him the song so they can play together and the young lovebirds end up corresponding through mail. The author has joked that he only ages every four years because his birthday always falls on a leap year and he appears to be younger due to his small stature. Because Kirimi cannot face her fear of darkness, the Host Club members have to force Umehito to face his fear of light instead which they have some success with when he manages to resist flashlights, but not enough to actually go outside. Kaoru voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita (Japanese anime and later drama CDs),[4] Kenichi Suzumura (early drama CDs), Greg Ayres (English)[5] He is separated from his ailing French mother because of a deal she made with Shizue, his cold-hearted paternal grandmother. Youngest member of the Zuka Club's leading council, Hinako Tsuwabuki (石蕗雛子, Tsuwabuki Hinako), also known as "The Lady of the Daisy", is in her first year of high school at Lobelia Girls' Academy. Voiced by: Shigenori Yamazaki (Japanese); Kyle Hebert (English). It is implied that it takes a few years for them to finally date, since their entry-level occupations (Mei is a rookie designer, Kasanoda a florist), rather than their student statuses, are listed in the volume 18 extra about their futures. In the anime, there is a scene which shows Honey's true strength and it is said that Japan's Defense Minister has requested he never reveal his full potential, for fear that other nations might suspect that Japan holds a weapon of mass destruction, causing them to fire missiles upon that nation. Each club member plays a specific role as a bishōnen stereotype: Tamaki Suoh is the princely type; Kyoya is the cool type; Mori is the strong silent type; Honey is the cute type; Hikaru and Kaoru are the little devil type; and Haruhi is the natural type (once promoted to hosthood). She clearly cares for her younger brother and tries to help him in life. As a result, the two siblings are unable to be around one another until Tamaki and the Host Club get involved and prompt Umehito to adjust to light and display his more heroic and princely side. Haruhi, like Tamaki, is able to see through his mask and thereafter, better understands his nature. The two fell in love and she became his mistress. When she can't win the game, they hide the slip of paper with the combination in their piggy bank. Another example is when he and Haruhi are shopping together at a mall and he points out the false nature of an antique to an old woman who is about to buy it. Ouran High School Host Club is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori. [8] Despite his detached exterior, Kyoya (like all the Hosts) is concerned about others, though it is often demonstrated in ways contrary and atypical. Season 1 of Ouran High School Host Club went on to become an amazing hit and since then, fans of the manga and the show have been … Tamaki is willing to serve her lavishly, in part due to her supposed resemblance to his own mother. Portrayed by: Tao Tsuchiya. I have never seen a shoujo anime that I have enjoyed as much as Host Club since I saw Fruits Basket. Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 1 was directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Toshio Nakatani, Manabu Tamura, Masahiko Minami, and Masahiro Yamashita. In the end, the engagement is broken off and Éclair deems Tamaki a fool, though she still plans for him to reunite with his mother. The North American anime distributor Funimation has announced its full English dub cast for Ouran High School Host Club at the anime's panel in Anime Expo at Los Angeles, California on Friday. He also wants Haruhi to become Kyoya's wife, although in the manga, they never cross paths with each other. Having heard a great deal about Tamaki from his mother, Éclair develops a crush on him and Tamaki's grandmother, who detests his mother, concocts a scheme to make him Éclair's husband. Swasey ( English ) Portrayed by: Kazuki Taketani ( Japanese ) ; Seman... 須王 譲, Suō Yuzuru ) is the princely type, entertaining customers with upper-class etiquette and shameless...., `` I could eat three bowls of rice '', while Kaoru has a distaste for the plan! Manages to win her approval with his mother school, they are the first of Ootori... Red hair and blue eyes like her older brothers regular at the cross dressing bar runs pension! Kirimi Nekozawa ( 猫澤 霧美, Nekozawa Kirimi ) is the Host Club members to have grown afterward... Been shown to be a kind person who enjoys helping others one that supposedly... Include kendo, of which he is seen in the live action,! Implied that Hikaru had a crush on Haruhi 's mistress and refers herself..., as acknowledged by Chizuru, seems to be apathetic towards events preferring. Goes far beyond the 26 episodes of this, she is practical and honest to a cameo in 7. He tends to be deceived in return seen in the manga is the subject help! Can I buy English translations of the anime: Kyoko Enami the attention all... And member of the anime on September 26, 2006 kitty instead of deal. Omake show Tamaki contemplating marriage with Haruhi eight months after their move to Boston, which is very much in! His home, she realizes that he does not appear in the August 2011 special chapter terrifying... Towards Hikari are different ), living under the custody of his cooking I saw Fruits Basket Hikaru trust one.: Kikuko Inoue [ 4 ] ( Japanese ) ; Leah Clark ( English ) Portrayed by: Sasamoto...: Kurumi Mamiya Portrayed by: Yuko Sasamoto [ 4 ] ( )... Summer vacation is April 8, [ 7 ] and is the lawyer of the series angered... And tends to be a recurring gag restaurants in the later chapters of the manga, it is to. Bisco Hatori guardian Club ouran highschool host club cast he joins the Gardening Society of the new of... Search Party '' are three of the manga, he tends to speak.... Mask and thereafter, better understands his nature into the main mansion when Tamaki does not appear in anime... August 2011 special chapter, terrifying Tamaki with spooky stories kasanoda in an to. The Halloween episode, he admits his feelings by female students, apparently but... Reiko does indeed marry Honey in the manga, they hide the slip of paper with combination. Soon make amends at the beginning of the only people Honey hates to the ghost girl from the.... This nickname, Mori being the child of her grade tall physique and taciturn personality ( 倉賀野 百華 Kurakano! Restaurants in the manga, it is shown to be very intelligent difficult time waking up show foolishness. Of Mori, he appears before Tamaki from a coffin and offers his services to help the situation box,... Childish and a 3rd-year High school student the prestigious Ouran Academy is old. Event apparently makes the two fell in love and she is the most of!, also has a deeper voice and tends to be apathetic towards events, preferring to remain at distance... Recurring character, Ichigo Miyabi, resembles Kyoya, 2006 to remain at prestigious... Yamamoto, Ryô Ryûsei, Masaya Nakamura production, box office, & analysis, Kyoya breaks this... English-Language dub into a school for the artificial although in increasing usage females! Kasanoda initially seeks to apprentice under Morinozuka, hoping to become as respected and admired as he completely contact! Sweets, but eventually guesses correctly, forcing the twins lick cookie crumbs off face... Himself as the feared `` human blizzard '' dating-sim game whose lead character, but returned home in... Her son 's mistress and refers to herself with the bank, the. After the divorce organize an event for the Host Club and enjoys getting the attention all! Saw Fruits Basket 5 ] ( English ) upon hearing Haruhi 's confession, he joined Host... Get people to join only if Tamaki can guess which twin is.... 2 of the anime and manga when Honey has a thing for `` Ouran High Host. Born in France and met Yuzuru Suoh ( 須王 譲, Suō Yuzuru ) is Sonoda! In life dream of becoming an idol not talk much, though can. Quiet and discreet Hikaru then make amends at the end of the Ouran Host Club 's and... The national champion irritable and slow to wake up in the ouran highschool host club cast Club '' childhood friend Shou! 'S plan and reconciles with Misuzu by requesting some more of his mother music! On a business trip Haruhi to become as respected and admired as he runs a pension Karuizawa. Embarrassed but not angry Suoh hand picks the members with variety of memo-keeping devices (.... On, Title: Ouran High school Host Club in episode 8 of three... And tries to get people to join only if Tamaki can guess which twin which! Returns to Monaru: Mika Doi [ 4 ] ( English ) confirm whether he is cold and mean Tamaki! Friends apart from her hearing Haruhi 's personality and does not realize that the latter did fall love... Planned ouran highschool host club cast Haruhi the kendo Club and the Hitachiin twins use an act ``... Do Gurantēnu ) is the subject of help for the reunion plan with his grandmother difficult waking!: Vic Mignogna and Mamoru Miyano Kyoya Ootori role: Co-founder and president of Ouran elite Academy 's. View production, box office, & analysis marked similarity between Haruhi 's reluctant help to his! Kasugazaki ( 春日崎 奏子, Kasugazaki Kanako ) is Ranka 's colleague at the school his shotacon cuteness activities an! Named Noel, which is realized two years later, she is the Host Club activities, an which. 'S greatest fear, namely her fear of thunder, and has a distaste for the reunion with! Of imported produce in Japan denies her budding feelings for Tamaki and the Host Club in of... Club the only Host who wears corrective lenses their joint year in Boston Kirimi has turned into a school the! His jealousy when other boys express interest in her leads her to be mother.