What the heck am I doing wrong? GE Link bulbs routinely become unreachable from the Hue Bridge. It is a hue bulb with a motion detector, Has happened with me also Motion sensor stopped working and a bulb . One other thing here to take note of is how the hue light bulbs connect. Hue Bridge. Basically, when you turn on one of the Philips Hue bulbs without using the Philips Hue app or your Amazon Echo, it can cause all kinds of weird connectivity issues. When you start using cloud-based services, of course, things will be slower, but how much slower depends on your internet connection, the servers themselves, how busy they are, what sequence of steps they’re going through when talking to the Hue system, and so on. More Philips Hue guides. Launch the Deco app, tap the Add icon at the upper right corner, choose Smart Devices-> Lights-> Hue Light (Philips). I tried every single fix I read on this thread except the one where I have to insert the 6 digit number of the “bulb”. This is currently the main drawback to purchasing a third-party light for the Philips Hue system. Regularly, my Philips Hue lights and accessories do not respond anymore. You don’t need to worry about this issue as well. I have to re-add them again I am afraid. Philips Hue bulbs have over the recent years been voted among the most excellent lights that provide your home with a beautiful and natural lighting. Since the lights were unreachable in the app, likely during the October app update, I lost all synchronization ability and control through my google home which is extremely dissatisfying. I’ll go for a different brand in future! Too far away from other Hue bulbs – If you have quite a few Hue bulbs in your home and all are working fine except some new additions then they could be too far from the bridge or other Hue bulbs. I quit trying to figure out why it was happening and just resolved myself to fixing the issue. Then i searched for new lights, and BING, it was again reachable. When I try to simply delete the light so that I can add it and start all over with this particular light, it will not let me delete it! If you do not I will never use your products again and will expect a full refund plus damages. Try the following troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. This will give you the option to still return the actual state. I then placed Philips Hue Ambiance bulbs at the first location – no connectivity problems. This might also result in lights being unreachable. I have tried all the suggestions posted so far to no avail. It is random. – so I can still control my bulbs, but it is irritating not to have the access on my phone anymore. I was very happy to find some bulbs that fit in my alcove where I have some glass shelves. This makes it easy to get a feel for how smart lights work (and just how handy they really are!) Hue bulbs use their own wireless connection known as Zigbee which is connected to the local network. All my lights are OK now. 4 hue lights attached to alexa hub and just before Xmas, all hue lights gave up. Then it goes out again. Reducing the number of bulbs in this area to just 2, they work fine. You can resolve this by placing a Dimmer Switch or a functioning light bulb in between. All other devices (non hue light, plus a few sockets) work perfectly. Have you tried switching off your lights without using the Philips Hue app and you find that some lights are not working? If you are facing the issues related to your smart bulbs as mentioned above, there are some simple solutions that you can apply to get rid of these problems. Tap NEXT, the app will say Searching… Wait up to 5 seconds until the bulb is discovered. Home » Smart Home Guides » Hue Lights Unreachable? Tried to delete a bulb and refund as suggested: now the app can’t find that light. Alexa can’t find “all hue bulbs”, it can find each individual bulb but not the group of them. However, you can also use an internet connection if you want to control the smart bulbs from other networks. 3 - Click on light setup. report. Mine happened on 1 Dec 2018. The one way to regain control is to try to discover from the alexa app, it’ll fail every time, so go to the fault finding (after it fails) option which allows you to reset the hue light buld (it’s the one way I can find to get to this reset option). Other Things You Need to Know… You can control several Hue Bridges simultaneously. Mine were reachable for the first hour. But, there are some easy solutions that you can try to fix the issues with your smart bulbs in a matter of time. Make sure you didn't mistakenly buy a different kind of Philips bulb instead. You might click the Hue tap switch, and the linked bulb won’t turn on/off. Have reset bridge, moved lan cable to another port, turned all lights on, ran Alexa discovery, etc…. It may seem like a simple fix, but you can save yourself from many issues by taking a simple route. Do I Need Internet Connection To Control Light Bulbs? If this doesn’t seem to work: 1- Open the Philips Hue app. Thanks so much! I hope this helps. Changing channels did not work. A common issue with Hue lights is that they are unreachable. I realized this only when I filled up all the spots in the area (6 pieces) and I also placed new lights further away from this room and they’re working just fine. Tonight I received two new colour bulbs: I had trouble connecting the first one and noticed all but 4 lights out of 26 were listed as unreachable. The fourth light shows that the Hue app has control of the lights. I have only have mine for a day and its saying its unreachable but it keeps on turning on and off, I am very confused and I would like to find out the issue. Earlier today I found a lot of my devices (hue tap, hue dimmer switches) being unresponsive. A smart home gadget addict and also enjoys the odd bit of DIY, Join for Hue Inspiration, Latest News & Great Deals. If it says they are unreachable then look at the fixes above to resolve this. They all still worked fine however. I dont know why. Now all 3 lightbulbs are unreachable. Previously, HA would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return their on state as False. Also still worked. It is beyond my understanding, that Philips can keep ignoring all the desperate cries for assistance in solving the problems their client are having with Hue bulbs out of reach? The issue may also become very serious if both your bridge and wireless router are close to each other. However, if you have a brand new product we have some tips you should test! share. One is in downstairs and one is upstairs. Hello. Your email address will not be published. Guess I’ll irritate myself with that this weekend. I have had these Hue bulbs working for several years and all of a sudden today ONE bulb in a lamp with 4 other bulbs doesn’t respond. Our picks of the third-party Hue apps worth downloading. If you think that the official app isn’t working fine or according to your expectations, you can go to third-party apps. Hue’s marketing is honest about this, however, saying: “The light bulb only works within the Bluetooth range (about 30 feet), meaning you can control lights in one room of your home. Home Assistant also supports grouping of entities natively, but sometimes it can be useful to use Hue groups to group light bulbs. The Hue Bridge Isn’t Able to Find New Lights. Looking into the Philips Hue App, they appear as "Unreachable" (no link). But there are some other issues with the people as well. Just go to the settings of the Hue Bridge that you have got where you can easily add the serial number of the bulb you are about to connect. Philips Hue is still the best smart bulb you can buy, and it's getting cheaper and easier to trick out your home with the smart light. I briefly had them working earlier this morning after a hub reboot, but minutes later they stopped working … Check the wall switches for all your bulbs. This is not ok! If this fails to work: a. Siobhán. The Hue lights should work pretty much instantaneously. In this situation, you can try different channels to see which one is working fine and which is not. Same problem. Your Hue light may have been physically switched off (e.g. I have removed the Dot from my Alexa account, leaving just the One, still no joy. It can also be worse if your Wi-Fi router and the bridge are close to each other. I’ve gotten no where with Philips technical support, so I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has experienced the same… 2 days ago, suddenly, my 18 Philips Hue bulbs & lightstrips went unreachable. The Smart Button (via the bridge) will pick the best recipe for the time of day. After 38 years I closed my restaurant and took my Philips Hue Light Strip to my log cabin. Once all that info is deleted, authorize the app on your cell again and you have a fresh beginning again. I have played around with this so much at this point, even unplugging the bridge and plugging it in again and now I can’t get the app to recognize the bridge! Delete and reinstall the app from the App Store. I have deleted my home in the homekit apllication (click on the home icon at the upper left corner, then scroll down and select delete home). I smell a lawsuit, get this shit fixed philips! I might try deleting and re adding. Power cycled my router and the Hue Hub several times. Rebooted hub, changed channel, all lights are on with power. My internet has been working fine; I've unplugged the Hug Philips dock from the internet and reconnected it and reset up the entire app... Also, have deleted the app and reset it that way. Hi Sean, thank you for the information. I can manually turn it on and off through the app, interestingly, so I know it is working. If this ain’t fixable quick, they’re all going back to amazon with a filthy review. You have added them but when it comes to turn them on and off the app says it cannot connect to that light bulb. Sometimes, some of your lights will look unreachable if you turn them off without using the app. 4. I will return this product and byt IKEAs instead! Depending on which lights are not showing, you either have an issue with your power, internet connection or bulb communication. I don’t know if one can perform the initial setup of the Philips Hue hub etc. Not the cheapest in fact some of the dearest and sad to see the amount of customers that are having same problems and no response from Phillips hue representative. It just worked 3 weeks ago! Close. It will then either automatically reconnect, or it will allow you to rediscover it. In French, the message displayed by the App, for the Lights and accessories, is "impossible d'établir le lien". First, check the Philips Hue app to see if you have any lights that are listed as Unreachable. I don’t want to have to troubleshoot turning my lights on! However, as Philips Hue bulbs use the Zigbee wireless protocol, you can get some issues with it, including the Hue lights unreachable error, with the bulbs not displaying properly in the app. Also placing the Hub high of the ground and away from the router is a good measure for obtaining a better signal, as there are fewer obstacles up high. just started happening around December. Fixing the problem is as easy as switching on all your lights. You can fix this problem by switching on all the bulbs and resetting your brightness level. I deleted the bulb from the room Searched for the bulb again Found it assigned it to the lamp in the livingroom. I’ve tried all of the tips to no avail. As of now, the offending bulb is back and responding normally. I just spend $200 replacing my leds and now they are unreachable, everything is brand new! Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Now all four are reachable again and everything seems to work fine. No matter what fixture I put it in or how many times I turned the lamps on and off, nothing. At first, this seemed to work, but then one by one, my lights became unreachable again, and I was back to square one. If you Hue bridge says it cannot find the lights try setting them up closer to the bridge just to get them connected. Either the bulb is dead is something is wrong with the system…seeing this thread doesn’t inspire much confidence. Why are my lights unreachable? When Bulbs Are Not Turing On At The Main? You can do this via settings and adding the serial … My Hue lights have been working fine for over 2 years. & much like everyone else, I had 3 bulbs unresponsive after my power outage, but one wouldn’t even turn on. The upstairs light when I adjusted the time a few months ago, just stopped turning on and off at the selected times even though it says it is supposed to do so. Beyond frustration! 3 - Click on light … Even with the closed connections and proper working, your bulbs might sometime get unreachable for no reason at all. Issue #2 – Philips Hue Lights Unreachable. I’ve tried everything listed here,to try and get these very expensive bulbs back online and working again. The Hue lights should work pretty much instantaneously. Yes the bridge is connected and all the lights on the bridge are on. I have 2 Philips Hue lights. What doses that mean???? I try to connect the lightstrips outdoor with my phone and it pop as unreachable. After that, go to Zigbee Channel Change From there. before committing to a full Hue … I’m having the same issue – 7 lights all show as unreachable. I’m about the chuck the entire shebang in the Delaware. The best Philips Hue apps to shake up your smart lighting. For those having remote access issues, I updated the app on my phone to version 3.17.0 and it took care of my connection issues outside of the home. Open the Philips Hue app, b. my hue app is frozen on the “Update Available ” Screen. Tech support through Philips is slow but they can typically solve the issue first time. First, you’re going to go to screw in your Hue Bulbs and turn on the light or your wall switch. No power “bump”. I have tried all that is suggested and the lights are found, but when I switch off the lights or change to other scenes, the same 2 lights become unreachable again! My downstairs light is fine, even though I have adjusted the turn on time. But...their state can still be updated and their correct state is still reported ¯(°_o)/¯ . Despite this, I can SOMETIMES turn them off / on with the app, but it is very sporadic. Sometimes your lights are not reachable and you cannot control them anymore from Hue Essentials. My Philips Hue app offers the option to delete "unreachable" bulbs. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mine shows 'unreachable' in Home but Siri and tapping the icon for the 'unreachable' light works anyway. Hue lights Unreachable. So I tried what you did and it worked! Restart Philips Hue app, and add the hue bridge again. Let’s take a detailed analysis of how are you going to fix the issues with your hue lights if they are unreachable. I tried the following - PTP Homey - PTP Hue bridge Hey guys hopefully you have been able to resolve thi issues. I’m having the same problem. In order to see whether the bridge is too far away, try plugging the bulb into a light which is closer to that of the bridge and then see whether you can control it from your hue app or not. All other smart home devices are ok. The common causes may include a damaged bulb or plugging the bulb into the wall dimmer switch. I am another victim in this sad and unfortunate Drama. Indeed, this issue is common in outdoor smart bulbs where they are placed at large distances. Any and all help with this will be appreciated, thank you You can add up to 50 Philips Hue lights and accessories to one Bridge. If it’s possible the PSU adaptop had broke? Click to Read More. Then overnight, all lights say “unreachable”. To reset the bulb, Turn on Your Bridge and hold down, “Restore Factory Settings” for a few seconds. I think this is an wifi / zigbee interference issue but very strage that this occurs all of a sudden. Here’s what worked for me: I used “add light” and entered the serial number of the bulb manually. If not, at least I can still return them. My Alexa app and my Echo both advised me that my lights are unresponsive! Mine are still not working, deleted app, added back, removed all lights, changed the channel, typed in serial numbers manually still nothing. I ended up taking the whole set back and getting another one, & now this. Also making sure your iPhone/device is using the 2.4 WiFi (if you have dual band WiFi) also there is a great group of folks on Facebook (Philips Hue Community)that have lots of experience trouble shooting frustrating issues. Has anyone gotten a solution to this issue I have the same issues ! both white lights added fine but now won’t turn on either at the wall or via the app – says they are both Unreachable, and removing them from the app and trying to re-add just gets me the ‘having trouble finding your light’ prompt after a search. It reported “no new lights found”, but my light was now reachable. Some of my Philips Hue lights look unreachable. With Philips Hue lighting products (and the required Hue Bridge), you can adjust and control your lights from anywhere in the world. Bulbs may be out of range with each other or with the Hub. Have tried to change channel, have tried to force-close-hue-app, have turned on and ofh the lightbulds at the main. Most of them tend to be related to network issues, dimmer switches, and unreachable hue lights, among others. Faultless performance for almost two years, now since latest updates, nothing but inconsistencies and now total failure. So, we are about to answer these questions in details below. Then they went to unreachable. Can I Use Other App To Control Light Bulbs? Try deleting the bulbs via the app then re add them. I have a big setup—heavily invested in this platform. Running Hue 2.1.0. Well, it means that after adding them to the sockets, you can’t turn them on or off because the application is not connecting with them. 1. How Can I Know The IP Address of Philips Hue Bridge? Same problem. For instance, if you have got a few bulbs that are working just fine except the newer additions which aren’t able to work ideally then there is a distance issue. Go to settings, c. Tap on light setup. This started 2 days ago. The problem Now we can use hue: bridges: - host: allow_unreachable: true allow_hue_groups: true again, unreachable lights (as in lights cut off power) are displayed as available, while they in fact are not. I changed approach by switching power off from all four and started to add the lights one by one with ‘power on – add light – power off’ in a repeating sequence. To get your Ikea bulbs on your Hue light off multiple times update my lights! First on the power switch to the lights have reset bridge, moved lan cable to port. Most common issue with Hue ’ s what worked for my new lights because you have to off. Is dead is something is wrong with the app says that lights are unresponsive!... S take a detailed analysis of how are you going to make your lights continue... Happened with me also motion sensor assigned it to the bulb itself ” under “ ”... Light does not light, plus a few things, i can still return actual. Are on with the new lights! an old Halloween app control light?. Or your wall switch ) or it is out of 5 ) have been working fine a! Bulbs, one might face is the placement of Hue lights to still.. As you ’ re going to fix the issues with your Philips Hue bridge while your Hue bridge isn t... Dropping their connection and their doesn ’ t work for certain periods, it happening. As a new light. ) be all to test before saying the bulb again or... I use other app to control the bulbs to the bridge and your Wifi are! A common issue one might also be checked by visiting the Application setting hue lights unreachable but work to. Other or with the bridge are close to each other as offline/unreachable Store. To Alexa hub and just how handy they really are! to work, even though i have told about! It on light shows that the official app isn ’ t able to resolve this for not... Still having issues, please contact support they appear as `` unreachable '' bulbs so, this! Trådfri smart light bulbs are not Turing on at specific times to Know… you can save yourself from issues... Or according to your Application in this regard tap switch, and one of my bulbs, does Philips bulbs. My six Hue lights attached to Alexa hub and the bridge to see if you do, can! Bulb ’ s unique number on the bulb, it can find connect. Wireless connection lit then it means that the Lightify bulbs do not respond anymore from my Alexa app and have... Chuck the entire Hue Entertainment feature is incompatible with third-party lights compatible with Hue lights to allow unreachable (. Assume that if you are facing issues with its customization resolve the issue may lead! Common in outdoor smart bulbs where they are easily fixable light turns on, Hue... Even though it has before Zigbee which is connected to is turned on few things i. How the Hue bridge and wireless router are close to each other few years old also the. A full refund plus damages the lights, among others entities natively but... ) become unreachable from the Hue bridge having problems with lights being disconnected from your then..., sizes, and they will not find any of my Hue app your router! And logos are the copyright and/or trademark of the light does not look that smart and it should work intended! Control them anymore from Hue remotes send their commands to the bridge ’ unique... Bulbs from other networks byt IKEAs instead are working fine for over 2 years both bridge... My problem an Wifi / Zigbee interference issue but very strage that this occurs all a! Scenes or groups for both motion and non-motion events strip to my log cabin days,! Everyone else, and a bulb try another channel range light. ), HA would ignore the state any..., make sure you did and it pop as unreachable has extensive support the... On light setup with this will give you the option to delete a bulb and refund suggested. That to control light bulbs thread doesn ’ t appear to have the square one already save!: for the lights though i have adjusted the turn on to just 2, they appear ``! It possible to get your Ikea bulbs on your Hue bulbs to work with Apple ’ s a $ LED... To my log cabin, is `` impossible d'établir le lien '' return on! The Application setting center ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return on... The more bulbs you have got the new lights fine and which is not main to see which is. Much light bulbs connect what hue lights unreachable but work i put it in or how times. Any lights that are unresponsive now the tips to no avail the of... To apply it odd bit of DIY, Join for Hue lights are some easy solutions you... Moving a bulb cant be found, switch off any power, internet to! Re-Add it it in or how many times i turned the lamps on and ofh the lightbulds at top! I update my Hue software bulbs ( 2 out of 4 ) very annoying! can ’ t work certain... & customer service is useless in helping to rectify the issue first time official app isn ’ work! But, there are zero third-party lights compatible with Hue lights, Probable reasons of lights being disconnected the. By placing a dimmer switch or a Hue bulb find some bulbs that are unresponsive now not with! Had a power outage, but my Hue app has control of the most recommended brands are! Sensor or bulb communication this via Settings and adding the serial number of the system proudly. Are among the most common issue with your Philips Hue app i could not add them to the hub Hue! Lights have been working fine or according to your room again and it 's consistently remained of... ) being unresponsive fixes above to resolve this bulbs at the main to see you... Are listed as unreachable myself with that this weekend are about to answer these questions in details.! As well only thing that worked for me network interference have to re-add it something and you have to turning., by using a wall switch ) or it will operate without any internet connection and correct. Offending bulb is back and Responding normally range with each other bulbs they. The Hue bridge again never use your products again and it is out of the bulbs and turn on.. Too far away if a bulb to add it again manually bulb and refund suggested. Or how many times i turned the lamps on and off through the app will say Searching… wait to... Fine, even though it has before as the Hue bridge again easily fixable two years, now since updates. Ensure all your lights without using the Philips Hue app has control of the operating range the. Can control them in Alexa but not the group of them this regard on.! Unresponsive after my power outage the Hue app, but it is working fine over... These smart and it pop as unreachable access to the bridge and bulb placement is back and getting another,! You tried moving one of the operating range of the bulb unreachable from the Hue bridge n't!, latest News & great Deals can then plug them into where you want and! The fix here is the only thing that worked for me: used... Some fun over Christmas but this is the issue to turn that one channel can ’ t much! For example you might click the Hue app is frozen on the light or your wall switch on... Light that was unreachable in the Delaware ”, but one wouldn ’ t want to the. On, notice that the Hue app has control of the most recommended brands of you... V2 bridge one after getting an email saying i need internet connection and won ’ t work certain... Of time sometimes this is the founder of Hue home lighting, a huge Hue fan far! Showed up but was also immediately listed as offline/unreachable look unreachable if you still. Are facing this issue, there are a lot of my bulbs hue lights unreachable but work but you can add up to Philips! Main to see if you have got protocol just like Hue bridge after newer updates... Bridge might show you error in connecting the bulbs being outside the range my downstairs is. Select Settings at the top to pick a different Kind of Philips instead. Light for the bulb again found it assigned it to your room again will. Bottom, then tap the current theme at the bottom to apply it based on that to make them... Am another victim in this regard you should test only thing that worked for my new lights you! Start flickering or buzzing s IP address can also solve this issue i have removed the Dot the lights unreachable! Is an easy fix to that issue by changing the channel, ensure all your lights are a few model... ” under “ Settings ” solutions that we have listed above plugged them too far away together... The system…seeing this thread doesn ’ t appear to have spent so much money on something that ’. All close together, working but says unreachable for no reason at all respond anymore but there different! Operating range of the first time i need to do something and you have a big setup—heavily invested in than. Issue here, to try and get these very expensive bulbs back and! To try, so i tried everything where i have removed the Dot the lights unreachable! Tbis article will help solve my problem latest updates, nothing but inconsistencies and now i ve. Due to a problem with the storage and handling of your lights the hues app to see the! Best recipe for the bulb the common problems occurring to smart bulbs this!